Bertualang di Human Body Adventure @ SDC Gading Serpong

Hi! we are going to Human Body Adventure We will come in to our body replica First, we go in through the tongue We have to climb this part of mouth’s replica now we are sliding in to the throat. In this section there were an explanation about the part of the mouth In this section we have to follow a small tunnel and it’s quite dark. next, we’re step in to larynx, this part can produce a sound. after that, we go to the lung. this is lung area this is the place of artery blood vessel and vein Our cloth will be glowing, because it’s dark in here. And now we go to virus tunnel in this tunnel we will get an illustration of how our body deal with bactery and virus attack that could make us sick. And then this is our brain it’s our nervous system The most interesting in Human Body Adventure is the mind part illustrated by a glass room. After this we will through the stomach part and digestion system. But, because i’ts very dark, i can’t recorded it. This is the last part, and now we will go out. That’s the exit door, I’ts fun right?

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