Benefits for Humanity: The Sound of Life

>>[Music] For generations,
we dreamed about a place to live and work in space. A place where life up there
would benefit life down here. Today, that dream has come true. Research on the International
Space Station improves lives all over the world. The Station’s benefits
for humanity grow everyday and they can be told by the
lives that have been changed. [ Music ]>>[Foreign Language Spoken].>>Minas Gerais is
a large state. Our territory is about the
size of France and we consist of 853 units and municipalities. There are large distances
between our communities and many very isolated
rural communities.>>[Foreign Language Spoken]>>We are using new technology
that impacts the quality of prenatal care and
the diagnostic capacity of the primary care doctor in the situations involving
distant isolated communities. [ Music ]>>Providing medical care for
people in remote locations like distant rural communities or the International Space
Station can be difficult because trained medical
perssonel are not always available. NASA research teams
developed techniques that enable astronauts
aboard the Space Station with minimal training to operate
an ultrasound device using a simple printed guide. The ultrasound images are
transmitted in real time to a doctor back on earth who
can make medical decisions without actually being
aboard the Station. These same techniques
have been adapted for use with portable ultrasound
devices in communities where expert medical care
is not always available. [ Music ]>>[Foreign language spoken].>>My name is Joaquim de Diniz. I’m a doctor in the
town of Manga. In Manga people live
with a particularity and that is isolation.>>[Foreign language spoken].>>We have a geographical
barrier that is the Sao Francisco
River which is both a blessing for the region but
it also isolates us.>>[Foreign language spoken].>>We live in a region where
financial resources are few. People do not have a lot of
work but they are honest, good people who do not
have much opportunity. So there are many needy people
who need these resources and rely only on
this institution to provide assistance.>>[Foreign language spoken].>>This is a technology that
helps us solve many problems. [ Music ]>>[Foreign language spoken].>>There was a case of a
patient who came to the hospital with severe respiratory failure and the people realized
she would die in just 20 to 30 minutes. We ran and we talked with Dr.
Prazelli who was training us to use the ultrasound. He came and applied
the ultrasound and discovered large
amounts of fluid around her lungs and heart. We performed a procedure
and drained a lot of fluid. In 20 minutes, 10 minutes the
woman immediately experienced an improvement and in half an
hour was already walking. It was like a miracle. Arise and walk. She was dying in front of us without people knowing
what was happening. This ultrasound was instrumental in saving the life
of that patient. [ Music ] [ Silence ]

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