Belgrade Residence Inn donating used appliances to Habitat for Humanity

PROFESSOR WITH SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL EMPHASIS What a person has to do when they see something like this, is take a moment, take a breath, and look. Check with officials. Oftentimes that is as easy as clicking on the Twitter account of your local police. AUGUSTA MCDONNELL/ REPORTER Law enforcement agencies will keep you informed of threats to public safety, they often use social media accounts to do so. SOC THERESIDENCE INN BY MARRIOTT WILL UNDERGO SOME RENOVATIONS THIS FALL. MTN S KAITLIN CORBETT TELLS US HOW THEY RE USING THIS MAKE-OVER, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Out with the old, and in with the new. The Marriott Residence Inn is getting ready for renovations this fall. And they re starting by updating all of the appliances in their guest rooms. But instead of tossing those used microwaves or stovetops,Veridea Group, who owns the hotel, is donating them.. to Habitat for Humanity in Belgrade. “Our company Veridea Group is very involved in the community and wants to be known as a community leader, and in discussing with them opportunities of where we might find use for those, Habitat for Humanity came up, and we were able to reach out to them and they were open to the opportunity of taking the appliances. The habitat for Humanity Restore has received over 270 refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and cook tops from the hotel and they expect to receive about 150 more. And all of the proceeds from these items go towards contributing to their bigger goal. “And with their help and a lot of the communities help, we can maintain our mission here to be able to sell these items at a good rate, and to give the public a good price on them, and to be able to put money towards these homes being built for other people.” And it s not just appliances; The Residence Inn is also donating couches, chairs and other items that still have some use left in them. The remainder of the items will be donated over the next few weeks. In Belgrade, Kaitlin Corbett, MTN News, THE FULL RENOVATIONS ON THE HOTEL WILL BEGIN IN OCTOBER.

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