Being Human In 100 Years

– What will it be like
to be human in 100 years? (electronic music) The futurist Ray Kurzweil
made an amazing prediction a few years ago. He said that advances
in computer processing, artificial intelligence,
robotics, genetic engineering would all lead to a transformative moment in our history as a species. It would happen around the year 2045 and things would start
changing so quickly, that it would be impossible
to define the present. Moreover, we humans would
use these technologies to transform ourselves
to become trans-human, maybe becoming cyborgs, maybe
genetically engineered beings. The important thing is,
we would evolve millions of times faster than the
process of natural selection would allow. Now I was thinking, 2045? (scoffs) I wanna know what
it’s gonna be like to be human a century from now. What would it be like in 2116? And first of all I have to
say, I don’t fully agree with Kurzweil’s timeline. Now don’t get me wrong, he is a smart man, smarter than I am, I’m
sure, but the fact is, a lot of these different
fields of study don’t progress at the same rate. So maybe some areas will go way ahead and others will linger way behind. For example, the Human Genome Project, it finished ahead of schedule. We were able to map out
all the base pairs of DNA in the human genome but
we don’t fully understand what they all do or how they
all interact with one another and it may take quite some
time before we get there. Similarly, the human brain
is still kind of a mystery. We know how neurons interact
and we know in general what different sections of
the brain are supposed to do, but beyond that, it’s still
largely unknown to us. It may take decades
before we get much further in our understanding. Heck, even with robotics we
have made amazing advances in machine learning, but our
robots still have trouble opening up a door and walking through without falling over first. Now I think that by 2045 standards, the people of today will
seem a little primitive, maybe a bit quaint but I
don’t know that we’ll quite reach the realm of trans-human. But 2116, that’s a different story. By that time it’ll be
unheard of for a person not to have access to
whatever is the equivalent of the internet and you
might not even need a device to be able to tap into it. You could communicate
with anyone in the world at any time or tap into the
massive amounts of knowledge that are online and the
idealists say this will lead to an unprecedented era of peace. Personally I think it’s
gonna take more than that to actually achieve
peace but I hold out hope that it is in fact possible. Advances in robotics
and genetics will mean that illness, injury,
genetic disorders will become a thing of the past. They’ll either be curable,
preventable or treatable in such a way they make no impact on the people who have them. I think the journey to this
destination might be a little slow, not just because of a
gap in scientific knowledge or technological barriers
that might be in place but because there are
also some social norms that we’re going to have
to work our way around as we reach this future. Speaking of which, will we
become super robo humans by 2116? I’m not sure, I know
that robotics are going to play an important role
and they’re gonna allow us to enhance our senses well
beyond what we can do today. But I don’t know if we’re
going to reach a point where people will give up
their fleshy, biological limbs for robotic ones. There might be people
who are willing to do it, but I think social norms
are going to prevent that from happening even a century from now. One thing that I think is
a certainty is our average lifespans will be increased
dramatically by 2116 and perhaps more importantly,
we’ll live healthier, longer. Meaning throughout our
lifespan, we will be healthier for a greater percentage of our lifetimes. That, I think is a future
worth striving for. And I’ve got a question for
all of you guys out there. Do you think I’m way off base? Do you think I’m being too conservative? Do you think I’m being too ambitious? I wanna hear what you think
human beings will be like in 100 years, let me know
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