Bean Boozled BETRAYAL – Higher or Lower!

P: Hello Dan and Phil Games Highs and Lows P: What are ya doing?
D: I just I’d pull the switch up then I’d go down P: Oh
D: But this is already fully down P:That’s how tall you are
D: Well that was a look of sudden disappointment P: And speaking of which welcome back to Gamingmas! *yay sound effect* D: Where appropriately the lights on our Christmas Present Boxes™ have started to slowly dim.
P: Awe, it’s slowly dying D: As if the closer to Christmas we get the less life they have P: It’s because they don’t want to be opened.
D: Just like some John Green book or something. D: And welcome back to the higher and lower game. D: So this is our fav of the Google based games
P:Yeah D: That takes all the info that’s kind of creepily collected P: Everything that you secretly search
D: About what we Google and turns it into a game D: By saying “Hey what does humanity care more about McDonalds or
P: This– D: Freedom?” and it is always disappointing.
P: –or this? P: So last time we tried to get to 10 with the aim of eugh-ble-ble-ble-bleugh -earning some Haribo. This time-
D: That was your idea P: We’re going to push the envelope a little deeper into the postbox D: Okay sure
P: Should we go 12 or 13 as our goal? D: 15
P: 15?!?
D: Yup
P: You mad lad D: And what are we competing to eat today? P: Well, I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. But for your entertainment (D: What, cheese or something?) if we get to 15, we’re gonna get some Haribo D: We have Tangfastics?
P: Yes
D: Where did you hide these? P: They were in a vault I just found them D: I don’t believe that at all… but okay sure and what else? P: And if we fail, we both have to eat a Bean Boozled jelly bean D: No- why- why- no one would care if we didn’t do a forfeit
P: But this means we *have* to try. P: We’ve got spoiled milk, stinky socks or skunk spray P: so hopefully we won’t have to do this D: Skunk spray? How do you artificially create the taste of skunk spray? P: Though some of them are nice flavours, so you don’t know what you’re gonna get
D: Ah they’re not gonna be nice ones D: Okay.
P: Let’s see what we’re doing
D: Let’s jump in ahwoooo D: Ok. One of the best movies of all time
P: The Shawshank Redemption D: Or the Beaver Stadium?
P: I’m gonna go with… P: The… P: Why am I guessing? What do you think?
D: I think Beaver Stadium because like D: People have seen the movie D: But like sports fans will probably be like
P: Sports! D: Tickets to go see The Sport™ P: At old Beaver Stadium. Okay. Go for it. *fail* P: *laughs*
D: Well… P: Good game D:Adverts?!
P: Uh? Hello? D: No I don’t want to farm and sell crops! P: We’re not ready for that. You know what that means Dan! D: No, surely like at the end. It’s just at the en- No. Oh God. Okay
P: Okay D: Apple D: Banana
P: *chuckles* D: Happiness
P: Do you want to pick one?
D: No. Just okay there we go, we got two. P: I’ve got it. Okay. So, you either got spoiled milk or coconut. P: And I’ve either got P: Lawn Clippings or Lime
D: Lawn clippings?! D: That’s not even that bad! P: That’s what I’ve got!
D: It’s basically green tea
P: Cheers! D: You knew that
P: I didn’t know that!
D: You gave you the green. *fail* *Phil laughs* P: I’ve got lime!
*Dan blows raspberry* D: Lost or Uber? P: Oh… P: Okay. We’re talking about a TV show that was so popular D: And it’s got a high search rate
P: Now, this year, everyone’s been talking about Uber P: For various reasons
D: Do they wanna use it? Should they not use it? P: Uber!
D: Uber D: Yup rekt D: Yup. Wrecked-acudo.
P: 13 Million, I mean… P: 13 Million P: I mean…
D: One! Fine P: I don’t think much is gonna beat Uber now D: This American Life? I’m sorry. P: Lower
D: Boom D: Right, let’s just wack through these and then get the Haribos P: Starry Night. Lower P: Oh! Wait! Ooh! Ah! P: ♫ Oo! Ah! A little bit more ♫ P: Uhhmmm…… P: What is This American Life? D: This American Life was a weekly radio program. Okay. Sure. Uhhh… D: Or the most famous painting ever?
P: Uhh, I think the most famous painting ever. D: Not that it is, but it’s a very beautiful one.
P: No! For that’s- this is 2017! I think more people might be searching for this thing. D: Are you sure? Art students? Art fans?
P: Yeah P: I’m going for This American Life D: I will only click that if you do the Bean Boozled by yourself if you lose. P: What?! No! Oh fine! You – you go with whatever you think P: Oh fine! You – you go with whatever you think *fail* *Dan laughs*
P: I thought it was- now, we’ve got to watch the stupid farming advert! D: Fuck off famer!
*Phil groans* P: *groans in despair* P: Alright, we’re doing the same one now. This is either Stinky Socks or Tutti Frutti P: Alright, we’re doing the same one now. This is either Stinky Socks or Tutti Frutti P: It-it may not… P: *laughs* I’m hoping for the best… D: *Mmm* *Fail*
*Dan laughs* P: I’m not finishing that!
D: Mmm, gum! P: Ohh! It smells like you’ve walked into some horrible locker room that are these unwashed boys.
*Dan laughs* P: I never knew they could emulate the scent of an unwashed boy.
D: You don’t want to know how they did it you know… D: Okay, Boots or the Bible?
P: The Bible!
D: lmao P: It’s gotta be the Bible
D: Four million, that’s quite a lot. P: I don’t wanna do another one! D: I mean, we have to. This was your idea
P: Ohh… D: Unless-unless you wanna go back to *my* idea
P: What’s your idea? D: which was at the END of the video
P: Right D: which was at the *end* of the video
P: Right D: We’ll see whether we got 15 or not, then we do the bean challenge. *Then* we do the bean challenge. THEN we do the bean challenge P: *groans* P: Ohh.
D: As apposed to every time. Yeah? D: Come around to my side all it took was you gagging on a sock. D: Okay, let’s do this. D: OKAY P: *adorable angelic giggle-snort* D: The Seattle Mariners or Frechies?
D&P: Frenchies. D: Yes! Well done priorities. Okay.
P: Yes, we’ve got it. P: Exactly a million.
D: Also- oh shit, it’s the dog showdown. P: Chow chow. I mean, I think more people will talk about french bulldogs. P: Chow chow. I mean, I think more people will talk about french bulldogs. P: I mean that counts! We’re fine. P: I mean that counts! We’re fine. P: Now, is Fergie –
D: Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait D: We didn’t react to Boots vs Bible P: Yeah.
D: I just want to say…lol. D: Okay, Chow Chow vs The Black Eyed Peas P: Uh it’s mhmm uhh P: Is Fergie or a Chow Chow more important? D: I mean Fergie is very relevant now. Got a new album.
P: This is all based on 2017. D: Black Eyed Peas is still very iconic. I’m going to get ahead…
P: Black Eyed Peas. Black Eyed Peas. Oh yeah! *fail* P: Oh yeah, let’s listen to the Chow Chow Peas!
D: Really?! D: Really google? More people are googling ‘Chow Chow’ than ‘Where Is the Love’? D: Really google? More people are googling ‘Chow Chow’ than ‘Where Is the Love’? D: I’m actually surprised. D: I’m actually surprised. D: Now Phil (P: What?), umm I feel like there has to be some kind of rule here.
P: Yeah? D: We could just film for five hours until we get fifteen and do it.
P: True, okay. D: So what’s the time limit, or like the round limit?
P: Well, how about we have five goes? P: Five goes, from now.
D: Let’s do it. D: Okay. Ironically; easter, or KFC?
P: Easter. *laughs* P: Two kind of (D: Egg based?) chicken and egg related thing D: Uhhh… I think KFC has more
P: KFC P: Everyone’s all “oh where is KFC”
D: sorry Jesus D: Sorry Jesus.
P: Four-milly. D: KFC or Doctors Without Borders?
P: KFC. D: Amazing international charity that just want to– lower! D: -amazing international charity that just wants to- LOWER D: That’s humanity for you. P: Is this app trying to each us about humanity in a bad way?
D: In an eggshell. Yeah and here we are again. D: A real thing that everyone should be paying attention to, or flat earth? D: A real thing that everyone should be paying attention to, or flat earth? P: I think conspiracy theories because everyone is talking about the illuminate, and the illuminate.
D: Cone earth. P: And cone earth.
D: That’s my fav one. P: Do you believe in flat earth more, or cone earth?
D: I- I want to believe in cone earth more. D: Okay.
P: I’m part of cone earth. D: Conspiracy theories or Red Hot Chili Peppers? (P: Chilies!) See this is just like the Black Eyed Peas.
P: Oh right! Yeah. D: Where I guess- I mean they’re a bigger band. They’re more legendary. More people probably still listening to their music now than Black Eyed Peas, but what… D: Where, I mean, I guess they- they’re a bigger band, they’re more ledgendary D: This is hard.
P: Look, every time I’ve guessed we’ve lost. So you-you-you take it away on this one. P: My heart is saying go for Red Hot Chili Peppers. But… Black Eyed Peas failed me hard.
D: Monthly searches… D: Monthly searches, again D: Again; I don’t believe in this game. Where are they getting these stats from? I think that more than 240- thousand people around the world in a month would search for chili pepper songs. D: I don’t believe in this game D: where are they getting these stats from D: I think that more than 240,000 people around the world in a month P: Search-
D: Would search for Chilli Pepper Songs P: C’mon, like, let’s do it.
D&P: Yes! Both: YES! D: Wow the Black Eyed Peas were under performing
P: Feels good. D: Or Visa, okay.
P: Visa. Everybody is like ‘Okay, my visa’s not working and I can’t do my visa’. P: I need a visa to go to India. P: Oh! (D: Yes.) Quite close though.
D: That’s Visa as in the company that does cards and everything. (P: Riiight.) But still. P: Reincarnation.
D: Umm, sure, okay.
P: I think more people are talking about creditcards. D: Anything remotely related to spirituality or religion is always very unpopular, so I’m going to go lower.
P: Oof! P: What do you think that guy was turning into? It looks like butterflies. D: Yes, or maybe he *was* a million butterflies being reincarnated as a person (P: Yep.) Also I think that’s a woman. P: Okay. Jeannne Calment, or the Samaritans? I think Samaritans.
D: Samaritans. D: Yes, okay. Good, good, we’re getting there.
P: Nice. D: The Wolf of Wall Street. I feel like that’s still quite an iconic movie of Leo’s.
P: I think a lot of people want to see Leo in that.
D: Yep, okay. D: Yes, yes. Okay guys. I’m getting the buzz, I’m feeling this.
P: Okay we’re doing well. We’re on nine, we’re on nine. D: Sports, ugh.
P: Sports!
D: Are they a big team? Are they a crappy team?
P: I don’t know. Less, less. I have not heard of it. *fail* P: Nooo. We were doing so well then. D: Never underestimate sports!
P: It’s just trolling us. D: Okay we got two goes left.
P: Right. Two goes. Two goes. D: And you’re either eating that vomit bean (P: No.) or you’re getting some tang. P: Bank of America…
D: Or Jaws? Well that’s 16 million, so… get wrecked sharkie.
P: Bank of America. P: There’s lots of people still searching for old sharkie box. D: Chinese New Year? I reckon more.
P: Higher. P: You need to consult with me! Although I was going to say it as well though.
*both laugh* D: Alien or Plato?
P: Ugh. D: This is why I love this game (P: I don’t know.). Lots of people should be listening to Plato (P: Lower.). I don’t think a million are. D: Okay.
P: Listening to? What are they listening to?
D: His wisdom.
P: Oh right. D: Potala Palace (P: Lower), don’t know what that is. Lower. Okay. P: Alright, please go slower, you’re stressing me out.
D: Nah mate. Nah-nah. D: Athletics, higher. Okay cool, right.
P: Higher. P: Alright I’m taking the mouse.
D: Move, no you’re not (P: Let- no, I am), you’re going to miss-click. You’re going to miss-click! You’re going to miss-click, you’re going to miss-click!
P: You’re doing it. I’m not! I’m not! I promise, I promise! D: Right! What is widely considered the greatest movie of all time by dusty critics P: Citizen Kane.
D: It’s lower. Surely; it’s old as heck.
P: It’s going to be lower. P: Yes! D: Right. I really don’t want you doing the mouse.
P: I feel better now I’m in– no, I feel better, I feel better. D: Sports.
P: Sports, higher. *fail*
P: No! P: Why is that stadium so much less popular than the other stadiums? Ohio you’ve let me down. P: I’m going to remove my nose and I’m going to post it through someones letter box, I’m feeling so stressed. D: You could say nooooooo…
D&P: –se. D: Is that it? Is this over?
P: No, it can’t be over! I’m not satisfied. P: I think… we’ve had too many beans. We’ve been this far. I really want the haribo.
D: We’ve ‘bean’ this far. *rimshot*
P: All or nothing. D: *laughs* This isn’t a Dan versus Phil.
P: I know. So we’re gonna have (D: One last go!) one try.
D: We get to ten, we get to pallet cleanse with a tangfastic.
P: Yeah. P: Sherlock (D: Boom!) or sports? D: Shawn Micheals Phil, from WWE.
P: It’s gotta be… P: It’s gotta be Sherlock, right?
D: It’s gotta be Sherlock in this day and age.
*Phil hums ‘Sherlock’ theme* P: No.
D: Though not after the last season. *oinks*
P: C’mon, c’mon lads. P: Lower. P: Yes! Alright. P: We’re onto it (D: I’m tense as heck), nine to go. P: Loads of people want to visit the Golden Gate Bridge than see a wrestler. D: Take a photo, travel through it (P: Yeah.), studying engineering (P: I think…), surely Shawn Michaels, surely. P: That’s gotta be–
D: This icon is–
D&P: Higher.
P: I bet more than a million. P: Oof, okay. Maybe not. More people need to search that. D: I will be so–
P: You- your senpai. D: I have personally search for Kanye (P: 301’000 times?) 301’001 times this month. P: Alright.
D: So I am absolutely clicking–
D&P: Higher. P: 4-milly! Thanks Kanye.
D: Yes. Yes Dad. D: Or Bob Dylan? P: Ohh.
D: Sorry culturally important icon of music; not relevant.
P: I think Bob Dylan in 2017 is going to get less searches. D: Than Kanye.
P: Yeah. D: Of course.
P: Still a lot of searches though. (D: Still a lot of searches.) I mean, that’s not to be sniffed at. D: Bob Dylan or cancer?
*Phil laughs* P: I think cancer’s going to get higher.
D: Gotta love this game. P: More people are going to be searching for cancer. P: *laughs* I’m just saying.
D: You should all be searching for cancer (P: Yeah). Feel your bodies in the shower. D: Right!
*fail* *Dan gasps* P: Betrayed by cancer of all things! P: I’m never playing this game again. I’m flipping the table. D: That is… BULL shit!
P: I don’t believe it.
D: That is– Bull! Shit! (P: Alright…) Only 800’000 people in the world are googling cancer.
P: We’ve all or nothing-ed. P: It’s either liquorice or skunk spray.
*Dan sighs*
P: Here you go. D: I am legitimately (P: Yeah?) never playing this game ever again.
P: It’s over. P: Cheers.
D: Swap or no swap?
P: Swap. *Phil laughs* P: I’m going to get skunk spray now. This one ’cause we lost, gotta swallow it. D: What the fuck is wrong with you? (P: Just because–) Is it liquorice?
P: Liquorice or skunk.
D: I don’t even like liquorice! P: Just swallow it. Three, two, one- go! P: Liquorice! P: *laughs* You got the skunk spray? *fail*
P: I swapped! *spits* D: I’m not even doing the fucking end screen. Bye.
*Phil laughing* D: I’m not– bye.
P: Mmm, liquorice-y goodness. P: So– are you really leaving?
(off-screen) D: Yeah. P: Come back! P: So give us a thumbs up for our suffering please. You can subscribe by clicking subscribe. Our channels are down there. P: I’d probably check out mine though to be honest, not that other guys. And also our last video is over there with a lot less disgusting beans. P: Don’t ever do this challenge. That game is terrible. P: Clean behind your ears. Goodbye!


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