BCH’s Boulder Heart Clinic: Lifesaving Services, Compassionate Care

Heart disease is the number one killer
for both men and women. Fortunately, survival rates are improving as
technology gets better. Boulder Heart is a leading cardiology
clinic that provides life-saving treatments and the personal care people
need when dealing with major health problems.
Boulder Heart offers award-winning cardiac specialists and locations
throughout Boulder County.>>We have a special mission, which is to care and
create health in our community. We’re independent, we’re part of the community
and we want to care for it directly. We have the best technical care. We’re kind
of a small to middle-sized group with 15 providers.>>We treat a number of cardiac
disorders from arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation to complex structural heart
problems like aortic stenosis.>>We have the specialists in structural heart
disease, we have the specialists in heart failure, we have specialists in coronary
artery disease and stents. In order to take care of our community, we really
feel an obligation to meet you where you are and so we have offices in all of our
communities in Boulder County. In Longmont we have a wonderful office, we
have a new office going up in Erie and then obviously the main ship here in
Boulder.>>At Boulder Community Health, we offer some of these new cutting-edge
technologies but we also like to make it clear that we’re talking to you, the
patient, on a one-on-one basis. Each person’s an individual and each therapy
should be individualized. Thus, this procedure may be right for
some patients but not right for all. At Boulder Community Health, our goal is to
make sure that you, the patient, have an individual choice and preference.>>We take
a personal interest in the people we care for and their lives and not just
for an instant in time but for their whole lives and we’re really interested
in caring for them and their families too. We have an obligation to provide not
just standard of care but really cutting-edge care.>>There are a number of
new technologies that we are now offering here at Boulder Community
Health including TAVR, which is transcatheter aortic valve
replacement, as well as something called WATCHMAN, which is a procedure for
patients with atrial fibrillation who cannot tolerate long term blood thinning
medication.>>You know, we have a lot of great partnerships: we do research with
some of our local companies as it relates to new diagnostic tests, we are
bringing research as it relates to heart valves, we offer some of the
latest and greatest technology that, you know, it’s surprising for a hospital and
a community our size but it’s what we demand.>>For more information about the
full range of cardiology services available at Boulder Community Health,
visit bch.org/heart or call 303-442-2395.

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