Avatar The Last Airbender: Burning Earth All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (X360, PS2, Wii)

we have traveled far since joining him
on his journey as the avatar and have fought many battles we have met many
people some friends and some enemies under my tutelage Aang has learned to
water and although he lacks discipline his
skill is already great but before he is ready to face the Fire Lord and must
master the remaining elements of earth then fire and so we find ourselves once
again flying toward the great Earth Kingdom in the hope that Aang can find a
master earthbender to teach him bless you offer I’ll find somewhere for
I’m gonna get a drink and where I can get some phone well I’m glad that
winters over I won’t get so many colds there must be someone I am general Fung
leader of this earth nation base we’ve been expecting you avatar aang this is
not a very warm reception it is not without reason guards
increase your numbers do it avatar aang call forth the Avatar state you can end
this war I can only do it when there’s real danger to myself or my friends I
thought as much well let’s see if I can put you in real
danger myself you I’m sorry that was dangerous but perfect
now if we could just tell anyone ever got a problem with that do you still
want an escort to Omashu actually I think we’ll manage okay
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually looking forward to seeing
Omashu again we’re almost there friends I present to you the earth Kingdom city
of O oh no this is horrible but we can’t risk being captured we have to move on
there must be someone else besides Bhoomi who can teach you earthbending
Aang this isn’t about finding a teacher anymore my friend needs my help besides
I know we’re secret way into the city you get a secret passage why didn’t we
use this last time it looks like you have chicken pox so don’t you mean Penza
box okay I have to find somewhere to hide Appa I’ll catch up with you two
inside the city be careful hey what are you kids doing here
wait what’s wrong with your friend why is he covered in spots
um yes pentapox sir it’s highly contagious oh it’s so awful I’m dying
and deadly i think i’ve heard of pentapox
didn’t your cousin Chang die of it we better go wash our hands and burn our
clothes Wow being attacked by sewer-dwelling face suckers was actually
helpful yes sir pentapox we sawed ourselves is covered
with it pentapox I’ve heard of that this is serious
soldier return to the city and inform the governor immediately yes sir you
stay here alone and guard this area while I Patrol somewhere far away from
here make sure no one gets out of the sewers yes sir I’ll just stay here alone
with the head of cocks nearby please stop who are you how did you get into
our secret resistance camp we’re friends of King Bumi we have to find him is he
leading your resistance of course not the day the fire nation invaded we were
ready to fight for our freedom but before we even had a chance King Bumi
surrendered it doesn’t matter no we shall fight to the death without him you
know there’s another alternative you could leave Omashu without fighting but
there are thousands of us here how are we going to get them all out you’re all
about to come down with a nasty case of pentapox
pentapox the marks from a Penta plus make you look diseased if the Fire
Nation thought there was a plague amongst the citizens they would send you
all out of the city without a fight it’s a good plan we are going to need
lots of supplies though and lots of Penta pie the Penta pie should be easy
they live under sewer lids around the city the supplies will be harder the
only supplies available are stored in the fire nation barracks nearby and it’s
heavily guarded leave it to us we need to find Bumi but we have to get everyone
out of Omashu first we’ll get the pen supply and supplies and meet you back
here look there’s one of those little feed suckers now we have to find a way
to get them we’ve been infiltrated stop the intruders we gotta keep moving here are the
supplies and all the pens up high we need thank you this will be enough hey
guys opera is hidden and happy what did I
miss we’re faking a pentapox outbreak so we can bust all the citizens out oh and
Bumi’s been imprisoned ever since he surrendered whoa I’d say I missed a lot
then oh it’s never a dull ride when you’re around the soccer why don’t I
teach the people to look sick while you help Aang find Bumi our intelligence
reports King Bumi is being held at the construction site above the palace come
on Katara let’s find my friend avatar it’s three years to the day since
my father banished me this time you’re mine I will have my honor imagine my
last burning both my brother and the avatar on the same day father will be
pleased back off Azula he’s mine dongsu go can I win at this time there
are too many no get the avatar I’ll take care of my brother you go
yellow I’ll go blue Oh fun they’re pretty good whatever wait hey where are we lost but at least
we have each other but sir a governor we have searched your
city from top to bottom all the earth Kingdom citizens are in the courtyard
ready for expulsion good my city of Omashu will be best without them open
the gates and flush them out but don’t touch them with what I’ve heard is right
this pepper box is highly contagious and deadly Bumi hey is that you where did you come
from so this is aim the mighty avatar governor is that you where did you come
from quiet you let him go he’s the king of
this city how dare you lock him up I rule this city now the king is dead long
live the king I’m not dead quiet you that’s it
I’m tired of talking guards destroy them both
you’re safe now Bumi we’re gonna get you out of here who me I don’t understand
why didn’t you bring yourself why did you surrender when Omashu was invaded
what’s the matter with you Bumi and why don’t you wait and listen
I’m waiting excellent now you’ve got it you’ve always been a quick learner what
are you talking about Bhoomi the key to earthbending is listening and waiting
for the right moment to strike that’s why you surrender isn’t it
yes and it’s why I can’t leave now I guess I need someone else to teach me
earthbending your teacher will be someone who waits
and listens before striking okay Bhumi I’ll trust you take care old
friend yep I know this is gonna sound weird what I
think the swamp is calling to me should I land I don’t know there’s
something ominous about that place katara mother
I I miss you mom yeah a village Momo perhaps the people there
have seen the others let’s go sir there are only a few women and children in the
village all the men are away fishing perfect today we will rid the swamp of
this filthy waterbender village once and for all attack us look like you could
use some help jet just when I thought things couldn’t get worse it’s ok Katara
I’m on your side let’s finish these guys and then talk so what are you doing here
jet have you come to cause trouble for more innocent people Katara I’ve changed
where I was a troubled person and I let my anger get out of control but I’ve put
that all behind me why should I trust you you’ve lied
before I don’t even have the gang now they’re all helping the refugees from
the village we flooded I’m heading to Ba Sing se in the earth Kingdom to start
over we should find the others let’s start cutting through here
wait Sokka I don’t think we should cut anything this place feels strangely
alive there’s a path let’s hope the others are on it too hey there’s a girl and some sort of
flying boar it’s just a trick of the light or swamp gas huh we hit our heads
when we fell down here and our imaginations are playing tricks on us Sokka Sokka Saka
I think the swamp rod is here for a reason sure look the fire nation has
been here and it looks like they use this place is a dump that waste is
blooming the whole area we’ve got to help you eh no this is just a swamp
trick it can’t be real Sokka I miss you you eight please I
don’t go guitar oh hey guys nice of you to show up after the
fighting is over even Jett beat you here we did fighting I’m a warrior
sheesh Katara did you mention Jett yes but he’s changed I think it’s a long
story he’s gone to Ba Sing se to try and make
amends for his past well everyone deserves a second chance
even yet egg I’m worried about Appa some of the villagers said they saw a big
animal flying north most of the men went to hunt it they’re
going to trap Appa you have to stop then they had to get their boats first we
should be able to catch up with them if we leave now there’s a path not far from
here which goes in that direction come on reckons I could have me one of
them drum sticks though the drum sticks bigger than your whole self do we’ll eat
half each first let’s catch that big tasty critter haha hurry boy get out of there hold on
boy you’re a waterbender me too
it’s how I move the vines I’m a waterbender – it’s an avatar thing the
Avatar golly I thought you were with those firebenders in there machine are
you the swamps protector I guess you could say that but it’s about more than
just this swamp the swamp is all joined it’s one organism and it shows us that
everything else is connected – sometimes it gives visions of the past the present
and the future here avatar touch it feel the whole earth I think there’s trouble
headed for Ba Sing se Y Aang what happened I’m not sure but I think we
need to go to galilean first I think I just felt my earthbending teacher’s
presence we need to leave this swamp sounds good to me
this place gives me the creeps no offense none taken
gives me the creeps too sometimes upon Momo should be fine out there and
you guys should be fine finding a new earthbending teacher right so if you’ll
excuse me I’m going shopping for a new bag see ya I’ve known him all his life
and I still don’t understand him hey you kids like earthbending you like throwing
rocks then check out master yu’s earthbending academy who knows Aang this
could be the earthbending teacher you’ve been looking for the Academy is right
ahead you can’t miss it in my vision the girl went that way too
okay but let’s be careful we’ve never been here before
hey lady you like throwing rocks you’re possible don’t take it too hard we’ve
had a few scuffles in our time so I guess you two should start on your free
training you guessed wrong I said whoever’s left standing at the
end of the fight I would train for free yeah and you are clearly not steady you
cheer don’t worry Katara he’s obviously not
the teacher I’m looking for wait what’s this that’s it this poster is the same
as the one in my vision my teacher must be there earth rumble 6 let’s go Oh what
welcome to earth Rumble 6 I am your host Shen foo yeah wow these guys know how to
put the hurt into dirt yeah I can see this is just gonna be a bunch
of guys throwing rocks at each other I’ll leave you to it
whoa some of the contenders have withdrawn from the competition do we
have two brave souls in the audience with the courage to face our champions
we will um hey actually my boomerang arm is a little sorted new fighter fresh
from the Fire Nation it’s Fire Nation man my heart fills with pride of joint
vampires fighters prepare fight final-round the moment you’ve all been
waiting for the newcomers versus your very own
champion the blind burned it to make things a little more interesting I’m
offering up a sack of gold to the newcomers if they do the impossible and
manage to defeat the blind bandit what’s your real name
twinkle toes and antsy pants and why are you relaxing she seems dangerously
condescending I’ve heard that laugh before she was in my vision in the swamp
I think she’s the earthbending teacher we’ve been looking for are you ready to
fight newcomers Aang I think you should fight now talk later or you’ll be
talking to her fists fighters prepare fight congratulations newcomers win bring out
the next fighter here’s a new fighter ready to defend the mighty earth Kingdom
Trumbull for the molder little people get ready fight impossible I mean we
have a winner here’s your prize the earth Rumble
championship belt and the bonus sack of gold yeah one visit more like blind
bandaged this belt is gonna look great with my new bag wait I think you’re
meant to be my earthbending teacher leave me alone
we need to talk to the blind bandit do you know where she lives the blind
bandits a mystery she shows up to fight then disappears no
one knows where she goes or who she really is
maybe it’s because we’re asking about the wrong person in my vision I saw a
girl in a white dress with the pet flying boar know anybody like that well
a flying boar is the symbol of the BEI Fong family who live on an estate just
outside of town there are the richest people in the district a flying boar is
good enough for me thanks let’s check it out
the boulder does not believe the blind bandit could lose to such scrawny kids
she’s never lost I agree she must have thrown the fight I’ll bet they made a
deal to split the prize well nobody cheats Shan foo we’re going to get that
gold back come on let’s find the blind bandit just one more step yeah hi um
where are we you’re now prisoners at the gowling
mercenaries gang they are probably going to sell you or worse I’m Aang and this
is Sokka I am an engineer from Ba Sing se
do you know professors Hey I was supposed to help him with some Fire
Nation plans we found machine plans Fire Nation machine I saw one in my vision
where are these plans mercenaries captured me and stole them probably to
sell on the black market I think something bad is gonna happen in Ba Sing
se Singh I feel it too can you find those plans and show them to professor’s
a keep the honours way to the misty Palms Oasis by now we’ll get those plans
to the professor but first we have to find a way out of here you came back did
you find those plans sure did and we found your key good luck we’re saving the world we’re
all counting on you come on in I’m sorry I beat you in front of all those people
I didn’t want to fight you at all I just wanted to talk you’re the avatar aren’t
you if it took the avatar to beat me that’s not so bad
are you really blind how do you find your way around I was born blind but I
see with earthbending it’s kind of like seeing with my feet I wait and listen to
the vibrations in the earth and I can see where everything is
you wait and listen that’s what Bumi told me I think you’re meant to teach me
earthbending we’re being ambushed Wow you kids owe me if you want to see your
friend again I suggest you return to the arena with my money
before nightfall oh and just so you know your loan has accrued interest you now
owe me two bags of gold great where are we gonna find another bag of gold before
nightfall what are you talking about we won’t be
paying those weaklings anything i evening before now do it again come on
boomerang boy here’s your money now let go are you stupid I said two bags of
gold besides the deal’s off the Fire Nation
will pay ten times that price for the avatar now get out of my ring okay but
you’ll have to make us how is this happening
I am the pikey Shampoo you’re not bad for someone who can’t
bend you’d be surprised what you can do with the boomerang we’re keeping this
the deal’s off hmm I’ve decided to teach the kid
earthbending after all it seems like he needs all the help he can get
that was great Rumi let’s go down the nail shoot again hmm
Aang’s training will have to wait for now we have to find out what these Fire
Nation plans mean we should go to the misty Palms Oasis and find professors eh why have we stopped we need to get to
the misty Palms Oasis I was hoping I could start learning or bending today
what move will you teach me first top rock a Ledge the trembler sounds like
tinkle toes is getting antsy well I guess earthbending lessons should take
priority okay go learn Sokka and I will fly to the
Oasis you guys can catch up later I’m impressed you’ve done well that’s it
what about the raka Lynch the trembler they’re too advanced fancy pants
what’s the matter tov scare them already better than you better Lou you’re in for
it now Twinkle Toes I challenge you to a duel first drop that Panama will fetch a
good price from the black merchants in Ba Sing se hey get away from my bison
this animal belongs to you how much do you want for it
opera is not for sale now go away I think you will like our second offer so
much less you haven’t seen the last of me kid what happened out here just a few
sandbenders nothing we couldn’t handle you’re an air Nomad your professors day
I thought all the air nomads were gone are there any more of you
no I’m the last one have you seen the Fire Nation plans yes it looks like
something big but I can’t tell what because it’s only one part of a set of
plans look which of the air temples do you hail from the southern temple do you
know where we could find the other plans the Wan Shi Tong library would be the
very best place to look it has everything what was the primary
agricultural product of your people different buys counties agricultural
products where is this library can we go there yes I know the general direction
though no one has been there for many years now have you seen the northern air
temple no no I had friends there when can we leave
oh okay no more Oasis juice for you guys shouldn’t we be getting to the library
or something guys you’ll be back avatar and something
tells me we’ll meet each other again very soon that wasn’t easy he’s tough there it is the spire of one she John’s
live there finally the building must be buried by
the sand you guys stay down and mind Appa he’s exhausted Toph and I will find
a way up to the window but I’m not going in
give me sand over books any day Toph is gonna stay outside with Appa reading
isn’t really her thing how are we supposed to know what to look
for here um maybe we can ask him nice birdie I am one Shi Tong the knowledge
spirit and this is my library humans are not permitted here what do
you have against humans humans only bother learning things to get an
advantage over other humans but if you promise to use the information for good
you can stay if you contribute something of worth to my library we gain these in
our travels please accept these items as additions to your library mmm very nice
enjoy the library but remember your promise we better find the rest of the
Fire Nation plans it’ll be quicker if we split up
Momo and I will take the levels below here you guys take the top and we’ll
meet up later that’s it a solar eclipse the date was
right it’s literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history when firebenders
lose their power if this calendar is right there’s gonna be another eclipse
very soon come on Momo we have to tell the others on second thoughts let’s get
out of here when first talk later professor we found
all the plans strange it looks to be a very large and powerful drill machine
though why anyone would want to drill this big is beyond me a drill Oh No I’ve
seen this before in my vision I think the Fire Nation are gonna try to drill
through the walls of Ba Sing se if that’s true we have to warn the king
we should leave for Ba Sing se right away if we’re quick enough we might be
able to find a way to stop the drill before the Fire Nation attacked humans
are so predictable and such terrible liars you betrayed my trust no one will
ever abuse it again and you can never leave he’s sinking the building we’ve
got to get out of here now come on professor
I can’t I have spent too long trying to find this place
there’s not another collection of knowledge like this on earth I’m not
leaving just go we don’t have time to argue with you why is it I’m sorry Appa professor say he didn’t want to be saved
he chose to be buried with the knowledge he loved but we found out about the
drill heading for Ba Sing se and that there’s a solar eclipse coming soon the
fire nations in trouble now where’s Appa Oh
Aang I couldn’t save him the library was sinking you guys were still inside
santander snuck up on me and took him they took him what did you do
where did you take off and then we’re gonna take him to Ba Sing se that store
owners there will pay highly for such a beast fucking sing fast the price is more than the animal is
worth be thankful we pay you at all the Dai Li will take the avatars bison
from here agents take it to Lake laogai wine this place is huge it’s good to be
in the city after all that walking in the desert op is here I can feel it
someone must have seen I’m gonna find a printer to make posters and put them up
all over the city yes someone must know something I’ll
head to the slums and talk to every trader there I can find will meet up
with you guys later okay Tom next stop the palace when the King sees
these Fire Nation plans it’ll be all systems go and we’ll finally have a
chance in the storm there is no good and there are no plans carry on as you were
citizens speak took the plans come on top I am long thing grand Secretariat of Ba
Sing SE and head of the Dai Li and believe me you’d better have a good
reason for barging in we need to speak to the King we have information that
could defeat the Fire Nation we found out about a solar eclipse that will
leave them defenseless there’s also a huge drill heading for the walls of Ba
Sing se right now and it is the strict policy of Ba Sing se that the war not be
mentioned within the walls the earth King has no time to get involved in
political squabbles the king has to know you can’t get the truth from everyone
I’ll tell them I’ll make sure everyone knows I see perhaps a short vacation
will convince you to be more compliant agents escort our friends to Lake laogai
I feel ridiculous uncle the city is a prison I don’t want to make a life here
Zuko life happens wherever you are whether you like it or not our new job
selling key are a good start I know your fire nation and don’t prove it yet
how are things going what are you doing Katara I was thinking of getting a job
in this tea room to start my new life how are things with you not so good
we’ve lost Appa we think he’s being traded somewhere in Ba Sing se wow that
makes sense now just this morning I saw a member of the
Dai Li with the sack of gold enter that alley he came out with no sack but a
handful of white fur if only we could budge that door it looks too heavy for
the likes of us agreed it would take a seriously talented earthbender luckily I
know one he might need a little incentive
but it’s worth a try he’s not far from here let’s go thanks to you all the
people of this city can now enjoy a refreshing bath not just the rich or
corrupt step aside young uns great work Katara it was a team effort
now about that favor I promised good luck kids what’s going on why are you
fighting the Dai Li ask him he sold Appa to them
you sold Appa where is he what did you do to him where is my bison it wasn’t me
it was my boss he sold your bison just this morning – longfang leader of the
Dai Li they took him to the same place they take everyone Lake laogai Gazzara
head back to the palace and get the others jet come with me we’re getting
Appa welcome to Lake laogai avatar and jet it’s good to see you again what are
you talking about I’ve never met you before my life oh but you have don’t you
remember no of course you don’t I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this though the avatars girlfriend I thought they
were just friends love always blossoms is ring like their Lotus Zuko wait so
the rumor is true the city’s newest tea makers are Fire Nation spies well let me
show you a bussing say we’re spies we cannot allow that I li to know our true
identities and we don’t stop him we will be forced to leave the city who then
will make these good people tea we don’t really want to fight you
we are Fire Nation it’s true but as you can see we just want to live a peaceful
life serving the best tea in Ba Sing se are you sure this is what you really
want even if I wanted to let you go old man I couldn’t long thing would soon
find out and Dai Li traders are not treated kindly the only way out of this
is to duel this is my chance to stop the avatar from ever flying again Zuko
we can’t hurt such a noble beasts especially when he is so helpless the
only honorable thing to do would be to free him don’t you agree yeah that is much better
we have done a good thing today Zuko such a Noble Beast I don’t know it
doesn’t feel right jet no jet I could use this isn’t good
don’t worry about me I’m going to be okay he’s lying I can feel it the king
will have healers who can help jet yes and we have to tell him about the Fire
Nation drill and long things betray I don’t care about Ba Sing se fools
anymore we will do whatever we need and get in
and see the king I missed you boy I am indebted to you avatar Long Feng has
been arrested and my guards are now clearing the hidden base at Lake laogai
the Dai Li are finished there’s more to tell you I’m afraid the war with the
Fire Nation is not going well right now there’s a massive drill on its way to Ba
Sing se if we can’t stop it it will break through the walls and the Fire
Nation will defeat your city just as it defeated Omashu show me what do we do there’s only runway we
take it down from the inside okay I’ve checked out the fire nation’s plans
there are pipes that carry all the slurry the sludge and rock from the
drill at the front to the outlets at the back the weakest points of the whole
machine are the bracing columns that hold up these pipes Eng yes captain my
captain you and Katara will need to cut through these braces to weaken the pipes
gotcha Momo will then need to find the slurry
valve so we can redirect all the pressure backwards and what can I do
besides look adorable Toph will need your spending skills to
block the outlets at the back of the drill this will back up all the pressure
to the weakened pipes I work best under pressure I’m in oh and one last thing we
probably don’t want to be inside the drill for long once we’ve sabotaged it
let’s get moving that’s the last one now it’s up to
hanging control let’s get back and he’ll talk now that’s more like it nice work
boomerang boy well no point looking at it see you’re
spending thing let’s get out of here before Flo’s carnation stop this huh we’ll have to be quiet
this machine is crawling with Fire Nation I don’t know how quiet we can be
cutting all these struts they look much bigger than they did on the plans top
told me one of the keys to earthbending was not to use all your energy on a
single task maybe we should do that with the columns we shouldn’t have to destroy
all of them well let’s get started that close one looks good ready for some team
waterbending huh I’m on the bracelet ever been cut
through seems you’ll get your fight after all come with me hey we did it
I don’t know guitar he’s gonna back you you know things are gonna get a whole
lot worse fun you’ve had enough fun for one day I
the ride into fossils you can’t win a zoo lock and can
Earthbend now you don’t have what it takes to defeat the both of us five
dozen Strix have mice I’m impressed avatar your fighting has
improved since I last saw you wouldn’t you agree Prince Zuko Zuko I thought you had changed my
brother is a lot of things but he is not a traitor
what is friendship when he can have both his honor and our father’s love Zuko
play with the nice people I want to prepare something special
Zuko there’s good inside you I know it Zuko
take care of them you anyone need a ride you Thank You avatar without your help our
city would have fallen we are in your debt we were happy to help I only hope
it was in time we want a victory today but we have been inactive for too long
as long as this war continues the Fire Nation will continue attacking they will
never stop but we know about the upcoming eclipse then they will be
powerless for a debt we know their weakness yes there is hope and now that
I’m a master waterbender and the master earthbender I think we’ll all be just
fine hey I was kidding come on brother this isn’t over yet fire
suffer indignation lightly the world will pay dearly ah


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