Welcome to Planet Earth, you are the new
soldier in our war.n ow all you have to do is to choose which form you want to
take on this planet, to scan them Okay, what kind of weapons do they have here? Hm, several but we kind of choose to go a
different way… Different way? Yes, cars, you can transform into cars So people go inside of you It’s kind of weird for the first 50 times but then we almost get used to it Okay, what car options do we have? Ice cream truck, colorful beetle and Ambulance Right, but what about these
police car, army car, Air Force fighter jet with missles? Yes, these are the villains, for you these are the options Perhaps you would like this Tesla or
this super hipster food truck? Are you telling me that police cars and military cars are the villains? Yes Why? I don’t know, I don’t really feel like the good guy while fighting guys who have a badge I mean, whose idea was it to leave the
fighter jets, war tanks, military helicopters to the villains while we get
all these cute and colorful vehicles It was Robbie’,s he thought it would make
sense if we were cool cars in sync with the Earth’s youth and he was right, there
was always a different boy going for a ride in it He loves putting on trendy
music and doing choreography he learns on YouTube to attract them Oh got it, Damn it, the despisercons arrived again Oh No, he..he… did he just transform with
that kid inside him? It’s like a trash compactor, only cute! Oh boy, not again

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