Aubrey Plaza Believes Robots Will End Humanity

-Welcome back!
-Aah! -Thank you so much for traveling
all the way out here to New York City. You had your
premiere last night in L.A. -I did.
-Was it exciting? -My God, it was so exciting. And it was even more exciting
when I forgot my ID this morning at the airport. -Yeah, and yet you still
got on an airplane? -At 4:30 in the morning.
-Wow. -I don’t know why
they let me on. -Is it “Parks and Rec?”
Do you think that’s it? -No. I don’t —
There’s like a secret — I don’t know if anyone
is supposed to know this, but you can totally get on
a plane with no ID. [ Laughter ]
It’s not a thing. -Yeah, I don’t people
are supposed to know that. Yeah. -Yeah, they just search
every, like, crevice. -Oh, they were –I got you.
Well, they — I’m surprised they let you on
because you at your premiere — I don’t even understand
how it works. You wore a knife to the premier.
-Yes, I did. -And yet they let that person — That person flew without ID
this morning. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Now, I didn’t bring the burette
to the airport, but — -It’s really cool.
-Thank you. -And were you aware —
So Chucky came out when you were tiny.
-Yes. -The original Chucky.
-Yes. -And were you aware of Chucky
as a horror film? -I was. I didn’t — I wasn’t,
like, a big horror movie fan. But I have a lot of cousins.
And my uncles showed, like, all my of cousins Chucky
when they were, like, toddlers. -Uh-huh.
-Like 3 years old. -Oh, yeah.
-And it traumatized them. -Yeah.
-And I saw it, like, not when I was 3, later on. But it’s just been, like, a
thing in my family for so long. -But it was very sweet.
You had your cousins all come. -Yes, I did.
-You had a bunch of them. -I flew out here from Philly.
-That’s great. -We got real crazy. [ Laughter ] -They look both —
They look stylish. They look —
-Oh, yeah. -They also look maybe, like,
they’re a little traumatized to be walking into
a Chucky movie. -I mean, they look, you know —
They’re just partying. What can I say?
[ Laughter ] They had blast.
-This is not — your Chucky is not
a possessed Chucky. This is sort of
an AI-gone-wrong Chucky. -Yes. This Chucky is
a re-imagined Chucky. He’s an evil smart doll
that’s connected to the cloud. So he can control
all of your devices. And it’s kind of —
It’s a warning… -Yeah.
-…to the world. -You’re being serious, because
I think we are in agreement in fear of robot technology.
-Yes. Robots will kill us all. [ Laughter ] I think we’re naive in thinking
that these devices aren’t going to turn on us
one day. -Yeah.
-I don’t like them at all. And it’s part of why
I did the movie. -And do you have any of
these devices in your home? Do you have any smart devices?
-Yes. I have some — Yeah, my boyfriend is very into
the smart home kind of thing. He’s connected all of our
light bulbs onto the app. -Uh-huh.
-I have to talk to the thing to turn things on,
which I really don’t like to do. -Gotcha.
-So I — Yeah. I basically was just like, “You can do that to every light
except for the one that’s right by my side
of the bed so I can just turn it
on and off.” -You just want
the old-school switch. -Yeah. I don’t want to talk
to a robot. I don’t want to talk
to a machine. -Yeah.
Certainly not right before bed. You don’t want the last person
you talk to to be a robot that you and I both believe
is trying to kill us. -No, I don’t trust Siri
or Alexa. -No, I don’t —
-They both sound evil to me. -Yeah. And I think they
talk to one another. You know what I mean?
-Yeah! -I think when you go to bed, your Siri and your Alexa
get into it. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Right?
-Yes. -You went to
the “MTV Movie Awards,” and you wore — So they cut
to David Spade during the show, and you were in the shot
wearing a Chucky mask. -I don’t know what you’re
talking about. -Aubrey, are you telling me
that’s not you? [ Laughter and applause ] Be honest. I’m giving you an opportunity
right now. [ Chuckles ]
-I don’t know who that is, Seth. -Oh, I also — That was —
That’s not you. -No.
-This is not you at your best. This is you at your best.
Look at this. When my “Cosmo”
came this week… -No!
[ Cheers and applause ] Stop! Don’t!
-I’m in it, too. I’m in it, too. -Stop. Don’t.
-Look, there I am. Just me on my thing. [ Laughter ]
Me on my boat. Just rigging my boat up. So Mark Hamill was the voice
of Chucky? -Yes.
-He was the original voice of Chucky, yes?
Or no? -When we were shooting, no. -No, like in the —
Was he not the early? -What? No. No, he’s Luke Skywalker.
-I know that. But was he Chucky in 1988?
-No. Brad Dourif was. -Okay, gotcha.
-Chucky’s a robot now. -Oh, right.
So he has a different voice. -Yeah, Mark Hamill is doing,
like, a robot — evil robot voice.
-Gotcha. -But Chucky, yeah, no.
-Okay. -Chucky’s not a possessed doll
anymore. -I know, we established that.
-Okay, fine. [ Laughter ]
Whatever. -What about Brian Tyree Henry? -Brian Tyree Henry is the best.
-He’s the best, right? -Yeah, I don’t know why he did
the movie because every time I saw him on set he’d be like, “I don’t like kids
and I don’t like dolls.” [ Laughter ] And I’m like,
“That’s literally all we have for the next two months.”
-And this was not a CGI film. You had a lot
of practical dolls around. -Yes. There was a lot of —
-Are you scared of dolls? Like, I mean, again,
it’s not just dolls. It’s, like, this doll. -Yeah, I — I got used to the doll.
There were, like, nine animatronic —
there were nine different types of dolls on set.
And they were just — They were super creepy.
I wasn’t scared of them. But one of the animatronic dolls
at one point, its head started smoking.
-Yeah. -And the AD was like,
“Get back! It’s gonna blow!” [ Laughter ] And I was like, “Jesus!” And its head burst into flames. -Did it really?
-Oh, yeah. -That would have been
a tough way to go. “Yeah, did you hear what
happened to Aubrey? The doll blew up.”
-Yeah. I also, like, did a stunt where there’s different kinds
of dolls. Like, some of them are,
like, soft dolls for stunts. And some of them are, like,
hard dolls for whatever — animatronic whatever.
-Yeah. -And I was, like,
head butting the doll and I didn’t —
I’d forgot because I was so into my character,
that the doll — that I wasn’t using
a stunt doll. And head butted
the animatronic doll. [ Laughter ]
Like, really, really hard. And got, like, a golf ball-sized
thing, or whatever. -And that’s — I mean, that’s
why when the robots do take over they’re going to remember that.
-Yes. -And they’re going to
come for you first. -Yes.
-So you better wear your knife barrette on that day.
-Yes. -Thank you for being here.
It’s always so great to see you. -Thank you!
-That’s Aubrey Plaza, everybody.

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