AT’s czech and english gameplay – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer #1

My favourite character is Officer, but Marquis is also cool. Wow, someone used a elevator… Heh, my target is coming… Surprise! Ha ha! Yay, courtesan will be the next corpse. Oh shit! Noooo! Hey! That hurt, man! Ahh, I must kill this renaissance hip hop guy again… Slowly, slowly, nobody’s chasing me… WTF? Not again… Ahhh, damn runners! Find and kill this hobbit. Dammit, enemy behind my ass! Ha! Follow me now, amateur! Banzai! Successful escape! Hahaha! And there is hobbit! Goodbye! And say hi to Gandalf from me! Who’s next? Hmm, Noble… Let’s kill him again. Come close to me, I’m your death! Gotcha Oh! It’s my pursuer! I must run for my live! Ahh, wrong way! My another pursuer kill the innocent, ha ha! Nice, I’m successfully escaped. Uhh, hobbit’s revenge… Wow, I’m still first, it’s great! Okey, Captian is next. OMFG three pursuers on me! O__o One of my perusers kill the innocent again. Loser! Come on! Where are you, Captian? Ohhh nooo! That bitch killed me! She must be a brothel security guard… Ha ha! Still first. Ahhh, damn you Captain! Noooo! I’m third now.>__


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