Atheist Interviews with Andrew Rogers | The Preaching Humanist 01.30.2

Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David Oliverio that is I. Remember that
love is not necessarily or Christian or biblical virtue but it to you later we’d
only to God to know what love is no we don’t need Jesus we don’t need God we
don’t need to be able to explain love Nord to experience life we have it
within us as human beings and I’m proud to be human I’ve got into Rogers again
my friend with me my cohort my little troublemaker and Sunday morning to waco
out we talked and we talked to Christians and we try to help them
because we do care about people don’t we give them dignity respect their fellow
human beings were not mad we’re not angry at you Christians we don’t hate
you are not trying to kill you even though you’re probably told that
sometimes we actually don’t we actually love people and humanity whatever you
missed but we really want you to see the light of reason and in light gold
superstitious mythologies which Christianity sorry it’s in there so I
let it continue with Andrew for just a few more moments to talk about two
different topic but it kinda late and you take off here faith people of faith and christians
versus we do not believe in the supernatural lot of the populations and
assertions that you my dear Christian friends would make about people like us
is all your arrogant you think you know it all and so forth because you don’t
believe in the Bible you use the reason over faith well we don’t really think we
know it all got a lot of things we don’t know and we will admit that so let’s discuss that and really talk
let’s talk about how a lot of believers actually think that we’re very arrogant
and I want you to explain that it’s funny how it with so many things Christian the reality is is like the
exact opposite of what the way they presented you know atheism is is in a
sense lately the the lack of parents in that we are humble enough to admit they
we don’t know the how everything’s started we that’s what Sciences for
Sciences for finding that out and we’re learning stuff as we go along and what
Christians do is they they say no we already know who this is this is this is
it this is the fact and we don’t have to learn anymore this is this God did it
that settles it I believe it whatever it and that is the definition of if you
know if you can admit that you don’t know and I know something is to wait a
minute then that just means you’re an agnostic that doesn’t mean you’re
atheist they misunderstand the definition of
those terms most atheists are also agnostic they’re two different address
two different things like not your agnostic ignacio Gnostic is just
addresses what you know and Gnostic because I don’t know the origin of the
universe you know how we got here atheist because I don’t believe the
theists explanations for that because they they are obviously just made up
stories they aren’t they theists didn’t arrive at their belief
through legitimate scientific you know testing they just made it up you know
because so if we don’t know something that doesn’t mean that you get to just
make up a story as they could call it the god of the gas filling in the holes
but made up story that doesn’t mean it’s true or I should believe it we should
investigate we should use the scientific method should use critical thinking and you know i guess i secretions
understood that a No the arrogance isn’t coming from us it’s
coming from someone who claims to know when you really don’t you know you
brought up something did I wanted to dress on quickly when you said that you
know we’re not we’re not out to get you wouldn’t want to kill you or anything
like that again is it reminds me very common myths amongst Christians it we
atheists we want to outlaw Christianity were waging war on you want to make it
illegal for you to go to no no not at all please understand you are allowed to
believe anything you want you can you you know I would never take away your
right to believe and say anything you want but you just shouldn’t have the
right to force that on the rest of us that’s why we are in the accuracy just
as the founding fathers were anti theocracy and when you say what you want
with your beliefs I think they’re stupid I have a right to tell you i think
they’re stupid so all we want is a fair open exchange of ideas we don’t want to
suppress you had that before several people tell me you need to be good today
I get a social setting my big mouth and someone begins to talk about religion or
God I’ll do it was Socratic method which you’re probably better than I am I’m a
little more of a preacher so I remember one gentleman tell me what tommy was a
Christian he said now when you go to this party there’s gonna be a lot of
people like me there David so be good so I thought that was very interesting that
in other words you say that’s bad for me to voice my opinion to speak using free speech it’s okay for
believers to talk and so forth so it should go away pretty quickly go on to
another topic sure let’s talk about sexism in the Bible I know many you
christiane all no no no no there’s no sexism in the Bible there’s no misogyny
the Bible actually your old and new testaments filled with scriptures
females being second-class not only real Christianity many many religions
Hinduism Islam and many other religions females are more of a second class
citizen so if you want to enter just touching yeah it it’s always amazed me
how you know someone who has who have had some experience in progressive
activism working on progressive campaigns politically and I’m always
amazed at how I will meet fellow progressives who are are Christian and
it’s like how can that be because his heart you know it seems pretty evident
you know that the Bible is completely incompatible with progressive
enlightenment values and one of the ways is on the issue of sexism and a lot of
people out of progressives will say over the Old Testament is it that’s even an
argument with the system is still there and your Bible and he didn’t air it out
you still use it as part of the Holy Scriptures but but the thing about
sexism is what’s interesting is that went on that topic the New Testament is even worse the Old
Testament Algeria couple of verses got him on my show share couple of quick verses from the
New Testament this is from 1st Corinthians 14:34 235 let your women
keep silent in the churches for it is not permitted under them to speak but
they are commanded to be under obedience is also say if the law and if they will
learn anything let them ask their husbands at home for it is a shame for
women to speak in the church also from first corinthians this time chapter 11 verse II 894 the man is not
have the woman but the woman of the man from either was the man created for the
woman but the woman for the man isn’t that nice ladies you’re just our
playthings you’re made for our enjoyment you don’t have any age unless of course
you know science this is from a season’s 522 24 wives submit yourselves on your
husbands as unto the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife and
family in this is just for examples I could give you four more in it from the
New Testament as well this is from 1st Timothy to 11 and 12 let the woman
learned in silence with also objection but I suffered not a woman to teach nor
to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence now I’m thinking okay what
self-respecting modern liberated woman would ever stand for that if it was
coming from someone today you know if somebody came along today into that kind
of stuff you would rightfully condemn them is the worst kind of bigoted
misogynist and yet for some reason when it’s when it’s in this ancient you know
Bronze Age you know you know text you know where traditional you know Holy
Scriptures you give it a pass I’ve talked to a few female progresses about
this and they they will twist themselves into logical pretzels trying to explain
it away and I’m sorry that it doesn’t work it you know and I look at its funny
how you know feminist today you see modern-day feminists who just get you
know just really upset at you know video games or pop songs you know in matching
sexism in those media but here you have a case of blatant in your face yeah and
I don’t hear them say anything about a good book so if this is if this is you
know this is Paul I think it all four cases I think Timothy is Timothy but the
other three were Paul wrote that and so this is the founder of the church and
you know this is so obvious old according to Christian teachings is the
inspired Word of God he was preaching what God wanted so you can’t be a
feminist or even anyone who believes in gender equality and still be a christian
you don’t get to have it both ways you don’t get him to pick one side one or
another yeah that’s what happens all the time you have a large population of
individuals that believe a particular philosophy or belief system such as
Islam or Christianity Hinduism but within that group of believers you’re
gonna have many many many various opinions thoughts and so forth from
there that one that one scripture and that one primitive book so yeah you
would think that this would make people actually come to their logical fallacy
and look at this but this is a powerful thing that psychological discomfort we
have what we have two conflicting views on our mind and and I think the
religious people are very good at that and you know that some stuff can’t be
true but you cannot divide that and compartmentalizing as well so you want
to touch anything else on sexism or you know that that was basically that’s
that’s it just you know there’s plenty of other ways that the Bible is
incompatible with progressive enlightenment values obviously you know
I got you think if God had time to tell us not to mix fabrics in her clothing
and not to eat pork you you’d think he could have somewhere in there you
could’ve said you know what slavery don’t do that you don’t hold other
people is slaves but no instead of that he’s he tells people how to have slipped
described that with his finger on the 10 commandments thou shalt not my last
little children now show rate and we both of us know if this pure absurdities
but the way we look at it my dear friends we use reason over faith we look
at a book like the Bible or the Qur’an or any other book of religion and we
apply the critical thinking we apply the test of truth and the filter of raising
all you believe only the beliefs that are true get through that filter so we
think things out we look for things that make sense or consistent without any consider reminds me of one more thing
I’d like to add you know what to say to Christians that you know that atheists
are kind of elitist and snobby we think we’re you know we like to think were
superior to Christians well the thing is I can’t speak for all the yes but I know
myself I know that there are a lot of Christians who are just as smart or
smarter than I am under my high school dropout you know I’m not I’m not some
super genius I know that most Christians are capable of understanding that the
same stuff that I do they just I don’t think they do they just hadn’t thought
it through all it takes there’s plenty smart decisions all it
takes is just think the stuff through logically you know take the time to do
it and and and I know there’s there’s that there’s a discomfort you know the
you know you don’t want to lose your faith I understand that I went through
that as well but I don’t look down on you I don’t feel superior to you I want
I want you to be just as knowledgeable as I think you’re capable of it and
that’s why I’m here that’s why I’m talking to David why talk to Christians
not to be superior but to you know hopefully share you know some knowledge
you just might not have thought of yet and that’s the way we look at it as well
we are actually trying to help you when we go out and talk to Kristen’s we’re
not doing it because we enjoy fighting who were trying to make you look down
trying to put you down or thinking that we are more intelligent than you by no
means I’m much like you I mean I I did barely graduated high school I slip my
way through high school and you speak watch through high school shooting
people that’s the kind of character I wasn’t school typical preachers kid but
I went to college for maybe year year and a half and I dropped out as well so
I would identify myself as a average IQ man but there’s a difference some of us do thinkers we think
therefore we can we look for it I could say a wise man proportioned or
wise one person proportion to their key leads to what we care about so does not
always require high intellect IQ they cannot again I don’t know if I see
myself as intelligent probably more than average IQ person is being so that’s why
I have various guests on your I think you’re very intelligent just because you didn’t finish high
school doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent it just is what it is but
there are various types of unbelievers and I want you to see my dear friends we
come in all shapes and sizes we come from different backgrounds we just have
one thing in common the conclusion of the matter is this now fear God and keep
His commandments like sold it said includes ESDS the conclusion is there’s
no ever training supernatural we find happiness in life fulfillment without
God so and I know we’ve been going for a long time and I hope that the interviews
with andrew has helped you viewers Christians Muslims Hindus delayed years
anybody they believe in the supernatural and also some of our fellow three
figures out there that might need to be a little bit encouraged you get out
there and talk to people and show them that you can be good and loving without
a gun so thanks again for watching the pregame with us with a tall of Ariel and
I want to thank Andrew once again and it was a blast David thanks and Andrew now
will be meeting once again tomorrow morning under the bridge to pass out
food and clothing to hungry human genes and by the way we don’t believe in Jesus
our morality comes from just being human we care and we also will be going out
talking to people encourage them to think in the
supernatural so have a wonderful day

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