At least 44 more people onboard ‘Diamond Princess’ test positive of COVID-19

the number of confirmed cases continues
to rise on our pastures on board diamond princess quarantine near Euclid port the
Japanese government plans to start transferring them to temporary
accommodation altering its previous stance on managing the crisis Kim Jiyeon
tells us more Japanese authorities said at least 44 more people on board the
diamond Princess cruise ship currently in quarantine near Yokohama have tested
positive for the novel coronavirus authorities are testing people on boards
starting with those that have chronic health problems as well as passengers
who are 80 years old or older among the 3,600 people on board 700 have
been tested so far and at least 218 I’ve tested positive for the corona virus
before being transferred to a medical facility with rising criticisms of
belated measures to prevent the spread of the virus Japanese authorities have
changed as previous stance which was to keep all passengers inside the vessel
until next Wednesday they will now allow those who have tested negative to
disembark as early as this Friday those that leave the vessel are to be
transferred into a temporary lodging facility during the virus’s incubation
period the vessel was put under quarantine after a passenger who
disembarked in Hong Kong was found to have contracted the corona virus South
Korea’s foreign ministry said there were no confirmed patients among the 14 South
Korean nationals on board and that none of them have so far requested to
immediately be the vessel the ministry added its closely working with Japanese
authorities to support medical supplies and basic necessities Kim Jiyeon Arirang


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