AT FIRST LIGHT Official Trailer (2018) Stefanie Scott Sci-Fi Movie HD

– Okay, do it again. – Do what again? – Just do what you did. – Damn it, I thought that I had it. (gasp) (shrieks) – I was under water. There was something with me. – I can still feel.. (The sheriffs department is trying to locate 17 year old, Alex Malaney.) – Sean? – You got to see this! This girl, she has like crazy powers or something! – Hey! You’re Alex Malaney, right? – There are people looking for you! I’m not talking about police. – Who are you? – I work for them. – So you’re saying, those are like spaceships? – Not spaceships. Just lights. We called, and they answered. She’s the proof. – Let’s go! – Are there others? – None of them survived. Until you. – We have her. She’s on the move. – I’m making you sick. – You’ve been exposed to radiation. – Sean! – Let her go! – She’s stable? – She’s different from the others. – I don’t want to hurt you..


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