Assassin’s Creed Origins – Lore Essentials EP 2: The Assassin Brotherhood

while the Creed the rituals and the symbols of the assassins Brotherhood have existed for thousands of years their precise origins are still unknown their iconic white hoods red sashes and hitted blades have spanned across millennia from the bloody Crusades to the Golden Age of piracy their fight for free will and Liberty has endured the constant onslaught from their eternal nemesis the Templar order join us as we take a leap of faith into the history of the assassin brother [Music] [Applause] [Music] it is suspected that byuk of cielo a Magi living in the ancient Egyptian era was the founder of the Brotherhood as we know it the word assassin did not even exist in by its time however it would not be coined until centuries later during the Crusades the word actually derives from the Arabic hasha Sheen the hasha Sheen were members of a secret order during the 11th century in the Middle East they were led by an old man named al mualim under al mualim’s leadership the assassins lived in isolation eschewing romantic or familial relationships in favour of rigid structure and discipline their Brotherhood was defined by the three tenants of the assassins creed the first tenant decrees stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent the goal of the assassins is to ensure peace in all things unnecessary killing goes against the purpose of the Brotherhood and endangers its very existence the second tenet is to hide in plain sight the assassins must hide among the crowd unseen and unsuspected until they can get close enough to strike choosing a moment when one’s target is most vulnerable creates opportunities for highly public assassinations that would send a strong message to the assassins enemies it also brings the power of ordinary people and the Brotherhood closer together in a symbiotic relationship the third and final tenant never compromised the Brotherhood this ensures the safety and survival of the Brotherhood and its ideals an assassin should never do or say anything that puts other members of the Brotherhood in harm’s way even when facing death one of al mualim’s best students out there even LOD came to know these tenants very well Altair recognized the contradictions contained within the Creed and created the three ironies the assassins promote peace but commit murder the assassins seek to open the minds of men but require obedience to rules the assassins seek to reveal the danger of blind faith yet practice it themselves these ironies serve as wisdom for future assassins warning them to remain ever vigilant and conscious of their own thoughts and actions along with these tenets the assassins adopted a maxim that encompasses their belief system in a single phrase where other men blindly follow the truth remember nothing is true where other men are limited by morality or law remember everything is permitted we work in the dark to serve the light we are assassins while on the surface it may appear to encourage people to abandon all sense of right and wrong and do whatever they please for most assassins that could not be further from the truth what the maximum actually suggests in their eyes is that sense the laws of man derived not from denied vanity or nature there is no single absolute truth or moral authority the people of the world including the assassins must discover morality on their own terms and bear the responsibility of the results of their actions as Altair phrased it our Creed does not command us to be free it commands us to be wise the belief structure of the assassins not only inclusive the choices they make and the acts they commit but serves as a basis for their symbols weaponry and attire while the exact origins of the assassins symbol are unknown there are some theories that may hint at its roots this abstract mark with a pointed top two diagonal legs and enclosed by a rounded Crescent resembles the Roman letter alpha as well as the English letter A it is also reminiscent of the underside of an eagle skull which features a similar shape eagle’s holds special meaning to the Brotherhood and is another major symbol for it a similar symbol that closely resembles but does not amir the assassin symbol can also be seen on byuk shield suggesting that its origins may predate the founding of the Brotherhood the symbol is also a reminder of the assassins iconic weapon the hidden blade a short elegant weapon used to strike enemies by surprise it’s stealthy design allows its wearers to carry a weapon into any environment without arousing suspicion it’s spring-loaded mechanisms draw out a blade with a flick of a wrist allowing the wearer to strike at close range without warning and often leave the scene unnoticed its first use was in the 5th century BCE by Darius who used it to assassinate the Persian ruler Xerxes it has since evolved into a multi-faceted tool which can be used to inject poison shoot projectiles and traverse great distances for a time use of the hidden blade require the user to cut off their ring finger allowing the blade to move without harming the hand and ensuring the commitment of the wear eventually the design is modified to become more practical and less demanding while the assassin’s arsenal has often expanded to include swords knives shields bows guns and explosives the hidden blade has remained constant before they can deploy their hidden blade the assassins must first locate their target this can be difficult in a large crowd so they often stick to the rooftops leaving elegantly from structure to structure their incredible strength and speed allows them to ascend buildings quickly and when they have identified their target from our perch position they often dive down the street level again performing what’s known as a leap of faith not only do the assassins share the skies with the Eagles but many share the keen eyed predator sight this special sense known as eagle vision provides a boost to intuition and knowledge allowing the assassin to quickly discern important information about their environment and distinguish friend from foe although the assassins often go unseen those that do catch brief glimpses will note their common attire a red sash wraps around their waist symbolizing the blood they spill and their passion for the brotherhood a hood covers their face hiding their identity and often resembling the beat of an eagle their robes are often long and flowing style to fit in with the crowds around them in range in color and style but most where the color white symbolizing goodness and freedom a blank slate the ability to choose one’s own destiny the assassins fight for peace through violence and promote freedom but require obedience they are a contradictory and diverse Brotherhood their ancient beliefs and rituals have span cultures and generations aiding them in their fight for freedom and liberty against their eternal enemy they have dwindled in size but still maintain the Creed and the Brotherhood’s tactics to this day 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