Assassin’s Creed Origins – Founding the Brotherhood | Final Tribute (SPOILERS)

Aya: Bayek, Caesar has been assassinated, Septimus is also dead. I have founded a bureau in the middle of Rome. Yet, no one knows of our existence. Like Amun. We are the Hidden Ones. The irony of freedom, we are free of each other yet it brings me no happiness we must move forward remain in our tempest of blood poetry. Despite it all we dance, and they die. From darkness we have come and in darkness we shall stay. Humans are not meant to last forever, but this Creed will. The Creed is the only immortal thing in the world. Bayek: We are… Something has come of all of this and it starts right now. We must continue the fight and defend the free will of the people and no matter how small our Brotherhood is the only hope and our Kingdom needs no crowns. But we believe in our values our Creed, will unify us. Aya: We could never have been everything has told us our love is impossible. Bayek: You’re right, Something bigger has called us. We must sacrifice our personal lives for the greater good, all this darkness was for a reason. Aya: I was wrong to be so reckless in public without killing. We must work in the shadows. Aya: When we assassinate, we assassinate only those who deserve it, the few sick souls who try to control us. But they will never know who we are. Cold, calculated, poets of the kill. Bayek: I am fine with this. I am not a father anymore, I am not a husband, I am not a Medjay. I am a Hidden One. Aya: Yes. We are the Hidden Ones. Bayek: We sharpen our blades and pull what hope is left from this foul earth. Sophia: This is where your order began? Ezio: It began thousands of years ago. But here it was reborn. Sophia: You mentioned the Creed before, what is it? Ezio: Nothing is true, Everything Is permitted. Mary: This is the world’s only certainty.


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