Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’s Final Truth Cluster

Compiling subsytems. Infrastructure. Tendons. Heart. Voice. Subject 16? Yes, Subject 17. Youre dead. I saw your blood. No time. It is far later than you know. Too late to save them. Who? She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope to become,
everything you hold dear. Its already gone. Explain. Please. Eden. She…in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA… Tell me! I cannot…The sun…Your son…Too weak…Must replenish energy… Dont go. I am with you until the end. Find me in the darkness. – -B -BY -BY Y -BY YU -BY YUD -BY YUDO -BY YUDOP -BY YUDOPP -BY YUDOPPL -BY YUDOPPLY -BY YUDOPPLYR -BY YUDOPPLYR-


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