Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – VideoDex #3

Hey there Assassins,
it’s time for another VideoDex! I’m your ComDev, UbiGabe Let’s first talk about the upcoming DLC,
which will contain both multiplayer and single-player content…
finally, right? We’re offering brand new single-player
called The Da Vinci Disappearance in which Ezio must solve the mystery
surrounding the kidnapping of his good friend and personal gadgeteer
Leonardo Da Vinci. In order to solve the mystery
and find Leo… Ezio will have to work with
Leo’s assistant, Salai. And visit Lucrzia Borgia in
all-new locations, including… Belriguardo, a castle in Ferrara
and the Pythagorean Temple. Being an Acheivement/Trophy hound myself,
I am delighted to announce that… The Da Vinci Disappearance will come
packed with 10 new ones, specifically for single-player. So you’ll have more opportunities to
pad your gamer-cred with this DLC release. But wait, there’s more! hehehe We’re putting a new gameplay feature
into the Thieves’ Hideout. It’s a dice game called Hazard that is
actually from the 16th century. We also have some good news for the
completionists among you, because… The Da Vinci Disappearance come packed
with the Harlequin and Officer multiplayer personas. As well as the Helmschmied Drachen armor. We’re even going to unlock content
that was previously only available in the Collector’s Edition:
Trajan Market and the Aqueduct. And before you pre-orderers and CE
buyers get all cranky… Be fair, you’ve had that content for months!
Let’s let everyone have access to it. You think we’re done?
Far from it Assassins! Because I haven’t even gotten to the
multiplayer updates, which is our largest update yet! First, Animus Project Update 3.0 will
introduce a new map: Alhambra. Alhambra is located in an especially
lush portion of Spain, and the map balances multi-leveled
outdoor and indoor areas. If you thought Pienza had a lot of
nooks and crannies, well… hehe you haven’t seen Alhambra yet. Second, we’re packing 4 new multiplayer
characters into APU 3.0… The Dama Rossa is a lethal beauty,
a deadly Black Widow spider who kills quickly and quietly… The Knight is an armored brute wielding a
titanic greatsword to fell his enemies. The Marquis takes his costume advice from
The Mercenary, and his murderous methods as well. Finally, we have The Pariah, who hides
his disfigured face behind noble finery… and a porcelain mask. Third, we are pleased to offer two new
modes with Animus Project Update 3.0… Escort and Assassinate. Think of Escort as a kind of mobile
Chest Capture where one team attempts… to protect a VIP target from another
team, hunting that target. Points are awarded for killing the VIP,
with additional points for extra style, and for getting a VIP to their
assigned destination. Meanwhile, Assassinate charges 6-8 players
to identify and execute other Templars, who are marked on your compass
as potential targets. The twist is that you must lock your
target in order to secure your contract in this free-for-all mode. Of course, all of this great DLC does
not come without cost, so The Da Vinci Disappearance will run
you 800 Microsoft Points or 9.99€ on PS3. The Da Vinci Disappearance is slated for
release on PSN on March 9th, and for Xbox Live on March 8th. See you soon Assassins!


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