Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Uplay Win

pegida total hello assassins this is gabe graziani community developer for assassin’s creed brotherhood today i’m going to show you how to unlock you play win rewards for ac Brotherhood on your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 first off to get to you play you need to be connected to the Internet and have access to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 or Playstation network on your ps3 let’s get started once you get past the title screen and into the main menu you want to select the you play option once you’re in you’ll be asked for your you be calm login info just input your UV comm username and password in the required fields and login if you don’t already have a you be calm account you can get one by selecting the register now option and going through a quick registration process after logging into you play you’ll be taken to this screen just scroll over to the left to get to the wind’ tab and press a on xbox 360 or X if you’re on ps3 here you’ll see a list of rewards you can select they include an AC brotherhood theme Florentino bullet ire armor of Altair I’ll tie ears robes a gun capacity upgrade for single-player and the hella Quin multiplayer character one thing you may notice here is that a CV includes more Awards than previous you play games to unlock a reward you need to have enough you play units you can see how many you play units you have on the top of the screen right next year you play login name these are earned by accomplishing you play actions you can use units earned in any game to unlock rewards this will be important because there are more rewards in ACB than you can afford so you’ll either have to choose carefully or find another you play enabled game to earn points from let’s unlock the hella Quin a unique multiplayer character who can use her two daggers to make sure her audience grins from ear to ear hello that description all you have to do to get this deadly character is select the corresponding reward and press a on Xbox 360 or X on the ps3 confirm your selection and the reward will be unlocked once that’s done exit you play and go back to your game next time you start up a multiplayer match you’ll see the hell equip available for selection this works the same way for all other in-game rewards Plus don’t forget that you can also use the uplay website to unlock rewards for more details on you play be sure to check out WWE play calm

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