Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Summary

Moving on to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
The message is delevered we are gone now from this world, all of us we can do no more, the
rest is up to you Desmond. What, who is Desmond. Ezio goes to take the staff minus the apple
but can’t. Give it to me. You can do with it as you will later. Bene. Shortly after
you give the apple to Mario the villa is attacked by Cesare Borgia. The pope told me about you
and your little group of assassins. And this. He steals the apple and kills Mario. You wake
up from the Animus having traveled to the Villa and set up in the basement. Skipping
forward a bit you steal the apple back and use it to escape. Skipping forward again he
hides it in a vault. We’ve got it. The Colosseum. You travel to the Colosseum and find a lift
in a church nearby. Desmond opens the vault to find Juno another one of those who came
before who controlls you when you pick up the apple. You are forced to kill Lucy and
fall into a coma.

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