Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood — Q&A UbiGabe 4-02 Getötete Assassinen

hey assassins gabe graziani or calm dev on a CD here with more YouTube Q&A s let’s get right in the question from anime craze 4610 who asks you said in a previous video session you send out on a mission could die so how do you know that they’re dead please answer well here is your answer each mission has a pop-up indicating the completion results for that mission if your assassin dies you’ll be informed that things didn’t go so well and you’ll be clearly informed which assassin didn’t make it back this is indicated especially to make it super clear by showing a picture of the assassin and then there’s a little X in the corner indicating that they died it’s kind of sad but that’s the answer I hope you’ll join me for a future qas I’ll see you then

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