Asking People About Life In Kuwait

so are you all up for it? I’m making a YouTube video about
what it’s like to be in Kuwait… live in Kuwait… can I ask you a
couple of quick questions? I mean… we can have you
both in… let’s both… yeah? what do you think of the country what do
you think it Kuwait did you like it um yeah it’s first impressions kind of
crazy why tell me um it’s a very small country yeah you don’t have touristic
stuff young you can’t visit the tower you can’t visit towers no you can’t just
now us who can’t do anything the only thing is the park to Beach okay and
something downtown but said are you saying there’s not a lot to do is it
north there’s not much to know okay so right here for a few days
three day it’s enough it’s enough okay so three days and I can create yes salam alikum alikum insulin win
most most most choose my cookie it’s me Ali Ali Muslim well but time and
if you’d quit the camel imma what do you think about living into eight what’s it
like to live here if you like it yeah yeah it’s better in that it’s better
it’s better winter it’s in the summer how hot does it get crazy hot I think
it’s a simple sixty sixty something yeah Wyatt Wyatt heart yeah well hi what are
your names Ali Ali Tyler Tyler Amira Amira my Karma
so there’s Arab names where you’re from Lebanon you’re from Lebanon okay and are
you working in Kuwait or do you live here no our students your students
you’re studying it on like a temporary placement or is this like your permanent
this is your home okay your parents live here work here yeah okay you can sit
down as well but we sit like this it like you have to speak your English will
I can help you can help case your matera Jim where you guys from Afghanistan oh
well oh you speak Pashto okay wow that’s cool I’m from the UK nice to meet you
too so you can I just ask you like straight away first of all what’s your
name maybe maybe yeah from Afghanistan go for all objects and what’s life like
in Kuwait would you like it here yeah oh yeah why not exactly right how
is q8 different from Egypt well what are the differences between q8 in Egypt
have many cultures many variety in culture because you know yeah oh yeah
because people come from all over the world to work with wait yeah in Egypt
okay we have a different culture but it’s originally from Egypt
yeah itself so you got more like a you’ve got a rich culture in Egypt but
it’s it’s all Egyptian culture whereas here there’s a variety
yeah hill of light from all over the world you do people not coming from the
different country yeah yeah we have lots of people from different countries in
Egypt okay but with not the same variety oh sure
so what’s the what’s the best thing about living in Kuwait everything is
closed everything is closed yeah cuz it’s a small city so you can get around
Italy it’s very safe yes it is very safe yeah restaurant so food safety very much
do you guys drive or you too young young okay legally but you can maybe drive in
the desert yeah so in Afghanistan you say Salam alaikum would you say
something different for greeting no it’s so same you same sorry what’s the best
thing about living in Kuwait no I think the law the lawyer okay the fact that
it’s strict and the fact that it’s Jimmy if you can they can always take your
rights if you right yeah so it’s a very free and what’s the word it’s a very
open country yes it’s yeah it’s open and welcoming
your feel safe yeah it’s a safe country yeah I totally
agree I think the same it’s it’s a very safe place and you feel it when you’re
here don’t you how is Kuwait different from Lebanon
like did you know each other in Lebanon or did you meet here or might we just
call happen to be living yeah okay so so how is Kuwait different from Lebanon
I’ve never been to Lebanon otherwise otherwise weather-wise how is the
weather here much more like everything everything people drive at 16 it’s here
it’s much more la-based like everything is based on the law okay so he
restricted yeah it’s the rules are stricter yeah but it’s safer yeah yeah
what’s your name which so whatever Mustafa yep okay from
Afghanistan Afghanistan only from Afghans who can you teach me some Farsi
Farsi Salam Salam hello hello it’s me how are you – Tori hmm satori shatori
Satori Satori and how’d you say thank you merci merci
merci merci like French you say to Shepherd there’s
a that’s like Turkish in it’s a show get him or something how long have you been
great yeah I’m doing up here oh you’ve lived here a lot yeah for 27 years
awesome and must like in skint fear food great how many years 27 27 okay we’re
similar age yeah no 29 oh yeah nice cool anything else you want to save my
audience about Kuwait who maybe have never been here before you have to visit
great truth but better to visited in winter or starting from October
yeah come October November January because you can go out if you came here
after a parade or after me I think I don’t think you can he had to go from
the car to the mall carton yeah you know as you will always use with car you
cannot walk yeah too hot right sure and what are the other big differences
between Lebanon and Q AIDS anything else comes to my culture in Lebanon people
are very free riot more conservative acquit you know conservative okay what
you miss from back home everything really how I do all the work
really you’re going back could you go back over the holidays yeah
okay so you guys so I actually used to be a teacher here when it’s called at
BSK really I see my videos okay really yeah
so which school you guys are area American American a is okay cool good
school yeah better than bsk I think so yeah
can you tell people three things about q8 that may they might not know anything
at all the people the people the people is very nice and cue 80s or the people
just equate what’s the weather like here too hot too hot too hot
alright for us is normal but for other people it’s not a bit too hot I’m pretty
hot now yep and I’m just I’m not even doing anything normal here and now it’s
too cold for us yeah what kind of things are there to do in Kuwait what are your
favorite things to do like on the weekends evenings where’d you go
sorry time free time going around with my friends and there’s a whole crowd there’s like 20 20 people but you’re the
bravest right how’s that hello nice to meet you what’s
your name Allah dear was it our model magic I let
them Hussein ahead good name solid name that’s a good solid name yeah and where
you from from Egypt from Egypt yeah intimacy yes hey what’s your name
Lena Lena where you from Lithuania okay you live in Kuwait I do what’s it like
here interesting interesting go on
elaborate it’s very different isn’t it it’s very different from every Nia yeah
I had a chance to live in ok ok ok seekers you know that ok and how long
have you been in Kuwait for three months three months okay so so what were your
first impressions when you arrived here off the plane you would have arrived in
late July August yeah it’s hot right you can’t describe the feeling for people
who are watching because it’s hard to put into words right I really like what
either said when she got off the plane what was that
you keep on walking and you expect that the heat will disappear because you
think that you stepped out in front of a an airplane turbine engine and
don’t just keep on moving in the X we added the yeah will disappear because
not because the turbine turbine hesitant turbine but it doesn’t disappear it just
States everywhere you go it’s Innes inescapable isn’t it it’s inside here
what’s your name my name is ruins where you from Spain Spain and even q8 yeah
for about four years already four years in Kuwait yeah do you like it here I
don’t like it and listen it’s about to know the right people I know my people
the cultural shock is it’s it’s a thing to consider to move here right like the
things in Europe are completely different that ok it’s a kind of
cultural shock chakra we talking what’s the the mosques these notches the way
they live the way they understand family really 8 where calls is completely
different the lifestyle that you have too much outdoor activities or it’s not
that open-minded dancing cultures you’ll find that here yeah lots of things but
it’s about to know the right people yeah and find in your your place your to
do think wait so it’s about finding a lifestyle which works for you which
actually ok definitely it is to find what you’re passionate about what’s the
meaning or reason to be here that something that fulfill you yeah by day
okay and then finding the balance to always having the chance to travel where
it is a very nice spot in the middle of the earth to jog around
yeah you can you have access very quick to Asia yeah the north to you up to
so it’s a very Hugh yeah yeah ah yeah it’s a good hub so where do you like to
travel to from who ate I’ve been already in Asia like Thailand and Cambodia and
definitely go for it on like Philippines and a like China Japan all of that okay
like must nice mister one Oh enjoyed see one okay
and how much of that have you lived in Kuwait and how much you’ve you lived
I live in Kuwait from maybe a g6 from 1986 okay well a long time so
yeah 30 years yeah so this is like your second home duty and my orchid each
other your teacher that is such amazing segunda to school
Wow okay that’s not too dissimilar for me because I teach Ashley in a country
school science so ya know yeah I know sometimes yeah yeah nice so the heat’s
what are the big differences are there between lithuanian q aids what brought
you here if you don’t mind me asking it was at work or yeah work you so you came
here to work yeah that’s quite common isn’t it lots of people come here to
work yeah chances of yeah any idea how long you
think you’ll stay and q8 but you like it here overall I enjoyed winter yeah where
are we now enter yeah if it doesn’t feel like winter does it seem strange to call
it winter anything you missed from back home so the second begins different was
different so you think they’re cultural shock yeah how do you mean like the
cultural shock what’s the culture well just because there’s lots of yes
unless yes yeah life isn’t the kuwaiti squirrel I’ll go into a part of that
sale entries there is a bit of a hierarchy isn’t there exactly and who’s
the top naturally you can speak Arabic if you like as we caught up with you yes
thank you there’s my good it’s been mic my mic memory Tanja what’s the single best thing about
living in Kuwait’s if you could narrow down to one thing but anything you miss
from back home in Egypt so much to good nobody like this yeah it’s mostly good a
couple of things no you’re lucky you like Egypt you like to use that by
Aleksey you see what’s the best thing about living in Kuwait the best thing
they sound every day Sun every day it’s so good isn’t it where are we now we’re
in a Shahid Park is a very nice green space they’d be like three years ago
and you are keeping expanding it yeah and it’s like a must thing to visit it’s
really nice isn’t it I should hit Park Ave you be learning yeah I used to run
here and it’s something like really in the middle of the city and a green spot
and you can breathe and yeah I came to do anything you missed from back home in
Spain hispana amazing thanks so much
my pleasure whoever’s the break that should be stand here and then thank you
so much great to meet you thank you have a great day enjoy the run thank you sir
good cool we’ll enjoy your run nice to meet you thank doing it Thanks
thanks for a wolf great to meet you thanks so much yeah thank you well thank
you so much it’s me


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