ASA @ PAX East ‘19: Cards Against Humanity Events Director Tom Dyke

I’m Tom Dyke, I am the Director of
Events for Cards Against Humanity. We do a whole lot of things, coming to
conventions, play test new cards, doing local events, running our exhibitor
booths, running different panels, we try out new games, play games with people at bar nights comedy shows. If it’s a thing that we want people to come to, I’m in
charge of making that happen. I started as an intern with Cards Against Humanity when I was in college. I got very lucky. Knowing a friend who knew the people
who had found the game through the comedy scene in Chicago, and just being
willing to make that connection with someone, but I had never specifically
thought that I would be working in events and it’s something that I found
my way into and have really enjoyed since. Being organized and communication, more than anything. I have learned that you’ve got to be able to create an
organizational system and be able to communicate that to other people on your
team and to the people that are coming to your events. Being able to communicate clearly with people and being willing to be outgoing and understanding that if
that’s not a skill you have right away, it’s something that you just work on
through practice, talking to people, you’ll get there. Most people are willing
to be nice to you if you’re trying to be nice to them. I would highly recommend
volunteering at conventions, that is a fantastic way to both be a part of the
community as a fan but understand that there is work to be done and what people
are doing. It is an amazing way to build community, to have a great time, and to
really feel out if this is right for you. Events is something that takes a lot of
hard work, but to me it is incredibly, incredibly rewarding. Events requires
different hours. It’s not a nine-to-five job, you’re there, you’re working 12, 15-hour days, you’re having fun, things are going wrong all the time, you’re putting
out a bunch of fires, and you get this just euphoria of like, making things
happen, and seeing the faces of people who are there to enjoy all the hard work
that you’ve put in over the last few months. You work hard, and then you rest. Something that I really enjoyed was in 2016 for Black Friday we worked on the
“Holiday Hole.” What if we just dug a hole for no reason and we’re gonna livestream
the whole thing, we’re gonna do it all weekend and people can donate money, and as long as they keep donating money, we will keep digging a hole. It’s such a
delight, because whenever you’re doing stunts for Cards Against Humanity there
is a voice that you take on and a sort of like, apologetic tone when you’re
talking to people doing serious jobs. Like, “hey so this is gonna sound really
weird but, how would you feel about digging a hole for like, 48 hours
straight?” I slept in an RV for two nights and just
watched construction crews dig a giant hole and at the end of it I got to climb
down in it and be like, “we dug a hole for no reason!” And it was really fun. Things aren’t gonna go the way you expect and you’ve got to be open to different
opportunities. I wish I had known just to not give up on things earlier and be
willing to stick things out and put a little bit of effort into people that
are reaching out to you, because you never know what is going to be the
connection that could be your next job or it could be a great partnership, or
if nothing else, just allows somebody else to create something fun. And if you
put a little bit of that effort in, that will be reciprocated. I think the best
thing anyone can do is to show up and be willing to stay late and work hard.

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