As mankind our body is the earth – Dr. Freja Eriksen

As mankind our body is the earth So come on now let us treat is like our dearest friend As mankind our body is the earth. Many of us do so much to tkae care of our body because we know it is the only one we have got And as mankind, the earth, is the only body we have got. So just like the cells in our body do a magnificent job every single day to keep us healthy and alive we need to know that we are all vital and unique cells in the organism og the earth. We need to behave in the same dedicated, consistent and creative manner as each of the cells in our body The thing is that the state of our cells and the body is never constant. But it is constantly udjusting to fine tuned feedback mechanisms, balancing around an equilibrium state, that is absolutely crucial in order to keep us healthy and alive. And right now we are in the middle of a climate crisis, far from an equilibrium state. So in order to keep our common body, the earth, healthy and alive, we need to learn from our absolutely intelligent cells, and use our unique voices and abilities to speak up and act to adjust to the feedback from our earth. Our future depends on it.

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