ARE YOU REALLY THE PRESIDENT!? Putin Meets “The Most Interesting Human Being In The World!”

Hello! Hello, my dear. What is your name? Mom, is this president? Are you president? Yes. – Savelin Good day, how do you feel? Fine. What are your plans? I’ll go to the ward. Excellent! How long are you here? Well… My dear one… From Tuesday. Do you like it here? No. They did some painful things… You see how much equipment there is here… You need to receive a medical treatment, my dear. To get healthy, you need to put up… Mom, am I right? You need to be patient, my dear… So, to get better and then you never go back here. Yes? Are you ready for that? I don’t feel pain here anymore. Praise the Lord, fine… From January, every night he did dialysis and now, at the end, our heroic papa who gave his kindey to his son. He can walk, today he can function with new kidney… I wish everyone to be healthy and happy. Please be patient a little bit more… OK? Papa says I will stay overnight here. Fine, no worries. It wil not get worse. Be patient, get well and it’s over. You will run… There is TV. TV? You can watch cartoons. Do you like cartoons? Yes? Mom: Do you like to read books? What kind of cartoons you like to watch? I love journals (magazines). What do you like? Journals. You like to read magazines? What kind? Well… all kind of journals… Hedgehog… there is a journal Do you watch cartoons? I watch them What cartoons? Luntik, Smeshariki… There is TV so you can watch cartoons… Smeshariki… Yea? There you go. For how long he will stay here? He will be one more day in intensive care, today… Few more days in a department and then home. You see, be patient, soon you will go home. He already has plans, airplane… – I will fly. I live in Chelyabinsk, far away from here. Far away. Nice city and the big one. You will not reach it by foot. That is correct. You will not arrive but fall down (Russian saying). You will go by airplane, normal way. It is faster with an airplane. Fine, my dear, get well, my sweetie. Goodbye. All the best! – Thank you very much. All the best, sweetie. Goodbye Can I kiss him? – Yes. The most important president kissed me in the head. And not you, mom! Papa will kiss mom. All the best. Goodbye. Good luck.


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