Arab support for Kurdish human rights

A call for Arabs to support Kurdish human rights For almost 50 years the situation of Kurds in Syria has been dire At least 300,000 Kurds of the 2 million Kurdish population in Syria are stateless as a result of an old census that denied them Syrian nationality They remain living in impoverished conditions and are strictly discriminated against The Syrian government claims that there is no discrimination against its Kurdish minority Yet Kurdish villages are being burned Kurdish media and websites are censored Kurdish culture and language are banned Kurdish journalists and human rights activists are tortured Even flying their own flag is a crime Did you know that hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Syria are banned from traveling abroad? They have no access to public employment and are discriminated in access to health and education But what can we Arabs do to help those who share our lands and our dreams? Why do we hesitate to defend their freedom? Why did not a single Arab leader express sympathy or outrage against this major human rights violation? Are those isolated and forgotten Kurds who managed to escape to various Arab countries unworthy of our support? To our Kurdish brothers and sisters, we are with you in this struggle for your human rights We will not bury our heads in the sands any longer We will support your calls for justice To our Arab brothers and sisters, help us by standing with us in unity in our campaign to support Kurdish human rights Because more than 50 years of suffering is more than enough We now must take a serious step forward As for us, we promise that we won’t stop fighting until the next generation of Kurds are free Support Kurdish human rights The Alliance for Kurdish Rights


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