Anu and the Ape Man – History of Mankind – Part 9

This is Jack, and I’m continuing. So, Anu realized that his forefathers actually
played with creation. They were the ‘planet of creation,’ and he couldn’t believe
that he hadn’t known this, ever. All he knew was he needed gold to exist; that was
his existence, that was his life, that’s what everything of the Annunaki consisted
of. He went, “Well, I must still have my forefathers’
genes; so, let me play with creation.” That’s where he started playing more intricately
with the design of the human physical vessel. Now, his forefathers had already played with
it, but not yet intricately enough. So, in the Book of Ani, there were already
designs for physical forms, for manifestations. Because the race had played with manifestation,
but they never understood exactly how to manifest it in the form of matter; and here, Anu realized
that the Atlanteans had the answer all the time. So, all he requires to do is manifest
this form–answer–then it’s done. Now, you have to look at an interesting thing.
Where shall I start explaining this? Now, we’re looking at the organs of the physical
human form. The shape itself was designed fine. That’s where the “idea” comes
from that people were ape-people/ape-men. That’s how the original form was designed,
yes. Because it was very easy to kind of do work, what was necessary to be done to get
gold out of Earth. That was now the primary plan. So, Anu, Enki, and Enlil manifested and worked
together to form this shape, which is the ape-shape (which people in this world are
aware of). But now, to remember, organs in itself did not yet exist then [smiles]. Organs,
in their design, were only specifically designed in that way because of the systems that were
going to be placed in the human form. That was when the enslavement of man started; but,
let’s first get to where they manifested the physical form. It was exactly like the ape-people. There
was a structure, which is the skeleton. The skeleton was there; but you didn’t have,
for instance, you know when you look at a skeleton and you have the place for its eyes
and things, and you have a place for its brain? That wasn’t there. In other words, the brain
itself wasn’t there. It was just a physical bone form to be able to keep the vessel in
structure/in place. That’s, of course, common sense; you’d require something like that. Now, you’re probably wondering where the
bone itself came from. The bone itself was also placed as they required another form
of a gravitation. So, in other words, what I’m saying here is the following: The physical
human form was designed exactly as Earth was placed. So, the bone was like the core of the Earth.
The form itself around it [grabs skin on hand as example], that which is around it [the
bone], would be the Earth; and then, the gravitation of that is what keeps the physical human form
like it is now, so that you don’t go drift apart in little sound molecules. You know,
that would just be quite hilarious, actually. That’s what happens in the Dimensions. So,
in terms of what is actually the difference between human beings in manifested form and
dimensional beings is that we don’t exist in a physical human body in gravitational
matter, and that’s all. Your bone, your skeleton isn’t ‘just a
skeleton.’ It is that which actually manifests you on this Earth, gravitation-wise. In other
words, the Earth’s core is connected to your skeleton, which connects to your entire
physical human form; and it’s THAT which actually keeps you manifested here in this
world, not just the Earth’s core. The Earth’s core is connected to your skeleton
and your physical human form, obviously, because how else would they keep the people grounded,
or the physical form/a vessel grounded on this Earth? When they tried it, that’s why
they first didn’t have a skeleton. They just manifested the form (which is almost
the ape-form), just form, and it [laughs]–it didn’t work, because it floated, to a certain
extent. It started going, floating all apart, and Anu and them went, “Shit.” Every time
they had that form going, it would start floating away and, like, disintegrating where they
placed it in this world. They went, “What the hell? Okay, that’s not working.” So, then the Atlanteans came, and they said,
“Listen. You need something inside it to ground it, the form, onto this Earth plane.”
That’s where that connector comes, and that’s what they did. So, that’s where the skeleton
comes from. So, now they’ve got the skeleton. Now, the
skeleton, it looked a bit different. It was that ape-shape form; so, it was quite big.
You know, like, walking like that [like an ‘ape-man’]. The eyes, they had the eyes
of course; but they didn’t have the eyes, to a certain extent. Because they thought,
“We just have to walk in. Our eyes will be the eyes, and that’s it.” Nope, didn’t
work. They tried to get into this form, but they couldn’t manifest IN this form; they
were still separate. They still saw interdimensionally, but they weren’t manifested here. They went,
“Shit. What now?” So, it was again the Atlanteans that suggested–they
were quite commonsensical in their expression–they said, “Fine. If you can’t go into that,
you may have to design a form/a vessel in its completeness/in its totality so that,
when you walk into it, you become that which powers it.” I’ll continue in my next interview. Thanks.

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