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mightily in me ♪ ANNOUNCER>>Welcome to the Concepts of Faith Broadcast. This program is dedicated to teaching you how to put the Word of God to work so that it will make a positive difference in the everyday circumstances of your life. (Music) ANNETTE CAPPS>>Are you a Christian who believes in divine healing but are still struggling to live in health? Well we’ve all been there, including myself. We believe, but where is the manifestation? Now I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers. But you know, the Holy Spirit gave me some insight at a time when it seemed that my body was getting nowhere on the road to health. Today on this Concepts of Faith program, Michelle Steele and I will be sharing some thoughts with you from my new book, Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing. Living in health is much more than just a physical condition. To be made whole is spiritual, mental, emotional, and finally physical. Your body is simply a reflection of a state of wholeness or a state of dis-ease. Today’s program is vital to both healing and staying well. Whether you need healing or just want to stay well, our program today will give you some food for thought. No pun intended. Your mind and emotions greatly influence your health. So, today we will be asking you to think about your own patterns of thinking and the beliefs that you hold that may be affecting your body. MICHELLE STEELE>>Annette, I am so glad to have you here, my friend. Thank you for being here and thank you for writing this book. ANNETTE>>Well, thank you for inviting me. Here we are together again. MICHELLE>>I know. Don’t you love it? (Chuckling) ANNETTE>>And if I may say so myself, I think we make a great duo. MICHELLE>>Amen. (Chuckling) ANNETTE>>Two women of the Word. MICHELLE>>Yes. Yes. ANNETTE>>So, I’m excited to talk about this book, too, because I believe it does bring a lot of answers to people. MICHELLE>>Yes. And those answers are just little adjustments. It can be, ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>it can be something that isn’t hard for someone to do. But it’s just staying in line with the Word. ANNETTE>>That’s right. That’s right. A lot of people… Well, one of the reasons I wrote this book is because I get a lot of letters from people that say, Well, pray for me that I’ll be healed. I have this problem. I have arthritis. I have cancer. I have, on, and on, and on. And then they write back and say, I’ve confessed out of the book, God’s Creative Power for Healing now for two weeks and I’m still not healed. Why, why won’t God heal me? And then I think, well, they’ve missed the whole point which is, it’s already accomplished. It’s already done. And then as they write their letter, you can really locate them because they say, My arthritis, my cancer, my, my this, my that, and they’re saying, I have, I am, This is mine. MICHELLE>>Establishing it. ANNETTE>>They’re establishing it, claiming it, and then they’re saying, Why won’t God heal me? MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>So, they’ve missed two really important points. MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>The first being, if you believe that you have received your healing, then it’s no longer yours. It’s not my arthritis. I’ve cast that over on the Lord because He’s the Healer. He took it when He died 2,000 years ago. He bore that sickness. It’s done. It’s a finished, legal, accomplished fact. And so, if it’s a fact that He did it, He took your sin and sickness, then it is already done. It’s not, you’re… Why would you go and beg and plead, God, please heal me? Please heal me. I’m begging You to heal me. Or, I’m begging You to heal my husband. I’m begging You to heal my daughter. I’m begging You. Why would you say that if it’s already accomplished? That’s like going to the lawyer after your father has left you his entire estate, and going to the lawyer and going, I beg you, give me what my father said he’d give me. I’m begging you. Give me my stake. Give me my inheritance. And he’s going it’s yours, right here. Here’s the will. Here it’s done. Here it is. And then that person just keeps on begging. Well, you know, they might want to send them for psychiatric observation, because he’s saying, Here, here, here. And this is what God’s doing. He’s taking His Word and He’s saying, Here, here. He sent His Word and He healed. MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>His Word was Jesus. And His Word is in the Word today, what we call the Bible. It’s an established fact. So, to beg and plead with God to heal you and then write the question, Why won’t God heal me? Do you understand the difference? Are, are you hearing that? It’s an accomplished fact. MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>So, the problem is not getting God to heal you, it’s getting yourself in a position to receive. MICHELLE>>To receive. What a difference because if a person is constantly in the position of waiting on God to do it, they’re not in the position of receiving and bringing into their own possessions what He’s already done. They’re, like you said, God is standing there saying, Yes. Yes. He’s, it’s, it’s already extended. It’s already prepared. Yes. And every time they say, Please heal me. Yes, He says, Okay yes. And they’re waiting. And the waiting is the wrong response. The receiving is the correct response. Waiting is not the receiving. And so, this book helps us to get into that place of receiving because it moves us over from that idea that we’re waiting on God to do it. It moves us over into the place of saying, I thank You, Father, I have it. Thank You, Father, that by Your stripes, by the stripes of Jesus I’m healed. ANNETTE>>Yes. You have to move into position. You know, it reminds me of the Scripture. All the promises of God are, Yes, and Amen. He’s already said, Yes. And not only has He said, Yes, He gave His Son to make it so. To make it so. It’s an accomplished fact. MICHELLE>>Legal. ANNETTE>>So, this book is an answer to some of those questions that people write us. And then you know, claiming sickness belonging to you. Okay, I believe in healing. I believe in healing. I believe in healing. Okay. So, are you saying I believe I have received my healing and then going and telling everybody, Oh my arthritis is acting up today? Oh, I feel so sick. My dizziness… You know, are you saying those things? Then you’re negating your prayer and belief. You’re negating it with the words of your mouth. MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>So, by claiming sickness as belonging to you, you’re attaching it to you. You’re putting a short tether between you and that sickness. And yeah, it’s gonna follow you everywhere you go. So, you’ve got to cut it off by stopping and saying, No, this is not mine. It does not belong to me. It never belonged to you. It didn’t come from God; never came from God. MICHELLE>>Never came from God. ANNETTE>>God is not the author of sickness and disease. So, getting into some, some more of the specific things that people do, they’ll write and say, Well, you know, I’m believing God for my healing. But, (Chuckling) when they say, But… But my, my mother had cancer, and her mother had cancer, and my father’s father had cancer, and so it’s a real strong thing. So, I’m gonna have to fight. Well do you believe and have faith in what I called tribal DNA? You family is your tribe. But you know what? We belong to a bigger tribe. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. So, we have no right to stand around and claim that we are inheriting the DNA of our parents. I believe and I proclaim that I have inherited the DNA of my Father. And His is life; every cell. I want to read a confession because you had mentioned about the, the belief in the tribal DNA. So, I came up with this for people who write in and say, Oh well, my father died when he was 50 of a heart attack. And so, I’ll probably die at an early age. You can say that if you want to. You can believe it if you want to. And you can die at an early age. But here’s the confession that I came up with. I will not inherit sickness, disease, or malfunction of any kind because I am a child of God, born of His Spirit. And my inheritance is from God, my Father. And He has life more abundantly. MICHELLE>>Yes. I love that. I love that. ANNETTE>>You say it, you cut that tether off… MICHELLE>>You cut. ANNETTE>>You cut that, that vow off. I’ll die just like my parents did. Break that vow. Cut it off. Speak God’s Word. MICHELLE>>When a person begins to anticipate, they’re hoping in, in a, the wrong way, when they anticipate that well because these other people in my family died at this age, then it’s almost as if they accept it. ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>And they mark that time of their life. And their body is gonna start responding to the things they believe and say. Their body’s gonna start having, moving in that direction to what you believe and say. And that is a Holy Spirit inspired utterance of what you can say to cut off. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve made that declaration. If you may have said for years, and years, and years, start saying something different. Start believing something different, first of all. And then put that new-found belief in the Word that you are redeemed from that, and, and start declaring it. That is important. And so, the tribal DNA, I’d never heard that until I encountered it in your book. ANNETTE>>Yes. Well, and I did that to get people’s attention. MICHELLE>>Yes. ANNETTE>>To get people’s attention. And here’s the thing. I hear people out there thinking, saying, Well, you’re going against science. Science has proved, because when you go to the doctor, they have you fill this thing out. Have you ever had a parent that died of cancer? Or have you had these heart diseases, high blood pressure, and all this sort? So, there’s a link. I didn’t say there wasn’t a link. There is a link. Science has proved that there are certain genetic tendencies. But science has also recently discovered that there is a switch that they don’t really know what turns those genes on and off, because one person will get it, another person won’t. There’s some kind of switch. They don’t know what the switch is. But I believe the switch is what you say and what you believe. If you believe you’ll get it, you probably will. But if you get yourself delivered from that spirit of fear that tries to attach itself to you, and begin to declare God’s Word, then that will make a change. So, that’s my answer to people that write in asking about, you know, the inheritance, inheriting the diseases and that sort of thing. That can be changed. You have to change your beliefs, change your pattern of thinking. MICHELLE>>Change your expectation, ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>and, and, and put a different momentum in operation. And that, that declaration can help someone do that. Another thing that you indicate in here is about trying to act beyond your faith. And you know, a lot of what this book is dealing with is similar to some of the things that your dad dealt with in the book that we’re gonna talk about coming up next week. ANNETTE>>Mmm-hmm. Yes. MICHELLE>>And so you want to tune in next week, ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>because we’re gonna be talking about how to avoid tragedy and live a better life. But I found that the, the two of them have a lot of the same answers to where people are struggling or finding an obstacle, or like you said, a road block. ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>And you’re identifying specific areas about healing. And when a person is trying to believe God for healing, and, and they step out beyond their faith, then it’s going to often times sabotage them because if you’re out beyond your faith and, and you don’t see the results, then you give up. ANNETTE>>Well, it brings disappointment. Disappointment. And when I say, you know, going beyond your faith, it’s like Peter, you know, in the boat, you know. He said, Lord, if it be… He was scared. He wasn’t operating in faith when he did that. He’s in the boat and they said, Oh, it’s a ghost out there. And, and He said, No, it’s me. Be not afraid. And Peter is in fear and he said, If it’s You, tell me to come. You know he opened his mouth, and, and then, what was Jesus supposed to say? No, it’s not Me. Don’t come. He said, Come. And Peter stepped out of the boat. And once he stepped out of the boat, then he looked at the waves and what was happening, and it says, He began to sink. Now, I love being in the water, and I’ve water skied. I swim. I do all kinds of things. But I’ve never stepped in the water and began to sink. I just went kerplunk, (Michelle chuckling) you know. MICHELLE>>Yes. Yes. ANNETTE>>So evidently, his faith slowly faded. And here’s what happens. People like Peter, they hear about, wow, somebody got healed of the same thing I have. This is great. And so, they just take off and go, Lord, I ask You to heal me just like You healed so-and-so. Well they don’t have a foundation in the Word. They haven’t learned and been taught. They just think, you know, If God did it for so-and-so, He’ll do it for me. Yes, He will. Yes, He will. But you have to ground yourself in the Word of God so that when the waves start coming in and the wind starts blowing, you’re not going, I’m dying, I’m lost, you know. Your, you can stand on the Word. You have a firm foundation under you; a foundation of the Word of God. Okay? So, that’s the first thing is that people jump in because they hear a testimony. And they don’t have a really good foundation. And when they don’t get their healing immediately, then all of a sudden, it’s like, I guess God didn’t heal me. God doesn’t love me as much as He loves so-and-so. But that’s not true. That’s not true at all. And then secondly, you know, what happens is when people get out there beyond their faith, maybe they learned the Scripture, Mark, 11:23-24: Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it and you shall have it. They go, Okay, so, I heard this taught this way, so I believe I receive in Jesus’ name. And then they go and they start confessing it, and confessing it. Maybe they confess it for a week, two weeks, three weeks; it could be a month, two months. And nothing happens, and they say, See, it doesn’t work. But they don’t, they have jumped out with very little under their feet. One thing that really impressed me, you know, I was, we came into, into the Word, into faith through Brother Kenneth E. Hagin in the 1970’s. And it always impressed me that Brother Hagin said, Since I haven’t been sick a day in my life since, whatever day he was raised up from the bed affliction. You know his story. And I thought, how, how in the word, you know. I mean, because I haven’t lived in health for all these years since I knew that. And sometimes in my mind, even though I’m a student of the Word, I study the Word, I said, God, how, how did he do that? And so, in listening, you know, one day I heard him say, I read every book I could on divine healing. He said, I wore the pages off. And when I wore the pages off, I had to buy new books. And I’ve been through several sets of some of these books. I’d start with one and I’d read it. And that’s about all he read was on health and divine healing. And people think that they can devote five minutes a day to healing and have the same results. How much Word you put in your heart is how much faith you have. MICHELLE>>That’s so good. ANNETTE>>And if you’re putting five minutes of the Word in, you’ve got five minutes of faith. (Chuckling) MICHELLE>>Yes. (Chuckling) ANNETTE>>So anyway, that was a big answer to me because if you’re really dedicated to being well, and whole, and receiving healing, and living in health, you’ve got to dedicate the time to put into it. Put the time into study. MICHELLE>>Feed on the Word. ANNETTE>>Feed on the Word. And one of the other things that Brother Hagin said and that we find out from following him is that he walked in love. He didn’t walk in strife. And he always forgave. He said, It’s poison; unforgiveness and strife is poison. When he had the opportunity, when someone said something ugly to him or about his ministry, he wanted to defend himself, he said, No, I won’t touch it. God bless them. And he would bless them and walk off. MICHELLE>>Yes. Yes. ANNETTE>>So, I guess I would say that I would like to recommend to some people that put the Word in there, forgive everyone that you’ve had ought against, and stay out of strife. And strife is not just getting into strife with people in the church. Strife is getting in strife with the person at the restaurant that doesn’t bring you the right food that you ordered. (Michelle chuckling) Not getting into strife is being compassionate and praying for the person that turns left in front of you and cuts you off. Whoo, I’m getting on some toes. MICHELLE>>(Chuckling) I know. ANNETTE>>I’m getting on my toes, too. (Chuckling) But we have to stop that. We have to stop that strife. MICHELLE>>Well, it’s the condition of the heart. If you’re gonna receive healing, you’re gonna receive it spiritually. Healing is spiritual. ANNETTE>>It is spiritual. Yes. MICHELLE>>It’s a spiritual supply. It’s ours in the covenant, but it has to be received by, in your heart ANNETTE>>In your heart. MICHELLE>>before it’s applied to your body. A lot of times people think, Well I need my body healed. I’m not talking about my heart. God says we’re talking about the heart because it’s got to come through your spiritual connection, your covenant. But, and then be applied to your body. And healing, being spiritual, is not gonna flow well in a heart that’s full of unforgiveness. ANNETTE>>No, it will be very difficult. MICHELLE>>That unforgiveness, it, it, it cuts off the spiritual flow. And that’s why he said, with all, he said, Guard your heart. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of your heart flows the issues of life. And that’s why that, you talked about holding negative emotions. ANNETTE>>Yes. MICHELLE>>And then you brought out forgiving separately, because sometimes the negative emotions aren’t necessarily the unforgiveness, the choice to forgive. It’s holding on to the bitterness, holding on to… Negative emotions can even include worry, and fear, and anxiety. ANNETTE>>Well that’s true; and the past. MICHELLE>>And the past, yeah. ANNETTE>>Holding on to the negative emotions of the past, you know. You, bad things happen to everybody at some point in time. I mean, this is not something that just only happens to one person. It happens to everybody. And not everyone was brought up in a perfect environment. Not everyone had a perfect father and mother. MICHELLE>>Right. ANNETTE>>Matter of fact, nobody had a perfect father or mother. (Chuckling) (Michelle chuckling) And so, when you hold on to what the ex-husband did, when you hold on to what happened when you got fired from that job, when you hold from to the anger, when you hold on even to the hurt, the rejection, the, the horrible pain of what someone else did to you, then you hinder that healing because you can’t hold self-pity and hurt in your heart and have healing and life flow through your body. It is like an energy drain. You know, when you go back over and over in your mind about what happened, and how hurt you were, and how could your child have done this, how could your mother have done this, how could your friend have, you know, done this thing to you. How could they have done that? And you go over in your mind and you think about all the things they did and how bad it hurt you. And then, you know, you may think of vengeance, you know, things like that. You think about that. That drains the life of God out of you. And when the life of God is drained out of you, there’s nothing to flow through this physical body to keep life in it. MICHELLE>>That is such a good example. I had a phone that the battery kept going down. It would be, you know, just in hours. And I’m like, what is wrong with this battery? And I, I Googled it and they said check what’s running in the background. And so, I had to go through and I had to turn off ANNETTE>>Oh yeah. MICHELLE>>there, I was, had been using my maps and it, it kept on using my location service, in the background of my phone. And it drained my battery. It would be full battery, and within two hours it would be empty because of what was running in the background. ANNETTE>>What a revelation. MICHELLE>>And that’s exactly what you just said, that energy drain of that focusing on what happened in your past, (Music) focusing on how that person rejected you, focusing on how you lost that job, it’s a battery drain that’s, that’s coming against your healing. It’s coming against you receiving the physical life, the, the strength for your body. ANNETTE>>Yes. And it’s, you’re letting it run in the background. MICHELLE>>Yes. So, you’ve got to go turn off all of those services that are running in the background on your phone, in your, and in your mind. ANNETTE>>And, and go into your life and say, God, what is it in my life that’s the battery drain? What is draining my energy? What, what, who do I need to forgive? And I say this in the book. It’s more appropriate to say who’s wrong with you than it is to say what’s wrong with you. MICHELLE>>I like that. ANNETTE>>Who’s wrong with you? And to go and to forgive. And then ask forgiveness for allowing that to operate. MICHELLE>>Yes. Yes. ANNETTE>>Wow. This was a really great program today. You know, I always appreciate Michelle Steele’s insights and strong stand on the promoting the Word of God. And the book we discussed today was my newest mini-book, Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing. And I’m offering this 43-page mini-book, along with my 2-CD teaching series on healing for $17, plus shipping and handling. That’s offer 2529. And you can call 877-396-9400, or go to Capps.TV. Now that website will take you directly to our TV offers, and also give you information on mp3 downloads and eBooks. Some of the roadblocks that I have listed are belief in tribal DNA; holding on to negative emotions; feeding the spirit of infirmity; and staying in an unhealthy environment. You know, it’s really important to renew our minds with the Scriptures from the Word on healing. We are just bombarded day and night with advertisements of sickness, disease, drugs. Television commercials are the worst. Magazines, newspapers are all full of words that are images being communicated of sickness, and disease, and illness. And what I’m offering is an antidote of medicine from God’s Word. His Word is life, health, and healing to all of our flesh. Now these messages will help renew your mind as you listen and focus on health, not sickness and weakness. These CDs contain teachings straight from the Scriptures and will bring life and God’s medicine to your whole being. And I have to tell you this, there was a particular anointing on this series. It was unusual, during a time when God’s Spirit was moving, and I just really think it will be a blessing to you. So, call 877-396-9400; ask for offer 2529. That’s the 2-CD series on healing, and the book, Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing; $17 plus shipping and handling. You can also order at Capps.TV. I want you to know that our staff at Capps Ministries prays for you and that every package that goes out of our office is prayed over that the anointing of God will flow from the books, from the CDs, from everything you order and come into your home and touch and change your life and family. I make these offers available because I believe in the power of the Word to change lives, to change situations, and to change circumstances. Well, this has been a great time of sharing the Word on what I believe is very important. Christians should be the healthiest people alive. God has provided healing for us and wholeness for our physical, and mental, and emotional selves. ANNOUNCER>>To order a copy of
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