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My EMIs are again due?
Damn it. ‘Jones, you’ve to pay the EMIs today.’
– Can I get two more days of time? Please. ‘No way. You need to pay up in 2 hours.’
– Please, hear me out.. What’s going on?
You think some game is going on? Hello? There has been an accident on road no 85,
Film Nagar. Send the ambulance right away. Greetings to all. Welcome to Kind TV.
We have with us, Mr Relangi. So, sir, it is being said that kindness
is dying a slow death in our society. Do you agree? Every man is kind and every kind is man.
Of late, compassion is dying. There will be a day when kids
will be taught that there were once kind people. True that. Soon, there might be no one who is compassionate.
No one wants to help another person. Lord, please make people virtuous
and more kind and compassionate. Let’s catch up with some news. ‘RGV to make a devotional film?’ ‘Vijay Mallya clears all loans,
with interest, with Indian banks.’ ‘The cook finally unites with the doctor
in Karthika Deepam.’ Why is every news so good? Every news article is talking
about something good. What newspaper is this? The Good Times?
Never heard of this paper before? Breaking news. Kindness has gone up.
Kindness is now being found everywhere. People are flocking to get a glimpse of it.
Our correspondent Sashi has more updates on this. So, Sashi, why has kindness gone up overnight?
– Right, morals have gone up overnight. Himalayas are covered with snow
and the world is now covered with kindness. So, let’s ask the locals here. Tell us, sir.
– Night, I asked my dad money to buy booze. He thrashed me. So, I went to bed sobbing. By the time it was morning,
my dad gave me money and asked to have fun. When I stepped out I realised not just my dad,
everyone has become kind. So, many scholars and researchers
are trying to get to the core of this. Can we get any more updates on this?
– Well, let’s hope there will be more updates soon. Bro, could you lend me Rs. 5,000?
I need to pay an EMI. ‘Rs. 5,000? Well, I don’t have so much on me.
But since you’re asking, I’ll sell my wife’s jewellry.’ Oh, no. Don’t pawn your wife’s jewellry.
I’ll ask someone else instead. ‘Someone else? Hell, no. You should take from me.’
– Bro, it is alright. I’ll ask someone else. ‘Someone else? Hell, no. You should take from me.’
– Well, if you insist. Everyone has become kind.
Let’s call the EMI guy. Hello? I’ll pay the EMI
in about an hour’s time. ‘You said you need time. Please, take time.’
– No, I’ll have the money with me soon. ‘You respect me. What more can I ask?
I’ll pay you EMIs if you want.’ ‘No more talking.
I won’t take your money.’ Is this all not a dream? Sujatha! – Yes, Pratap?
– If you say yes, I’ll present you with a beautiful life. That guy is staring at us. Don’t look there.
– Everyone has got a girlfriend. Lord, I never had a girlfriend ever.
Will I never get a girlfriend? Why do you hate me so much? Shall we leave from here?
– Maybe, we should. He’s staring at us. Go and confront him then.
– Alright then. Why are you staring at us?
– I’ve always been single my whole life. So, whenever I see a couple like you,
I stare at them and feel happy for them. You don’t have a girlfriend?
Sujatha! Yes, Pratap?
– This noble sir never had a girlfriend. It is time we split up.
– What are you saying? – Yeah, what are you saying? It is important you give hope to a fellow human.
– What do you mean? Stay happy, you both. I want everyone to be happy.
– Bro, wait.. – Pratap! Pratap! Kiddo, come here. Your mom needs to be operated? – Yes, sir.
– How much is needed? – Rs. 5 lakhs. Alright. I’ll sell my kidney and raise the money.
– What! That’s kidney, not some Idly. You mean, no kind person would want to buy a kidney?
I’ll beg if needed. Hail kindness. You are great, Lord! He used to be a dog beater. Lord, I’ve seen enough kindness
for one lifetime. That’s all I asked for. What’s the matter, Jones?
– I lost my phone. – What! Why didn’t you tell me? Here, you can keep my phone.
Keep my phone, bro, don’t be shy! It is yours! I hope you liked this video. We always wish
that everyone around us was kind. But, people need to be kind only until an extent.
If you go beyond it, it’ll become weird like in this video. One very poet once said
‘Unless darkness exists, there is no greatness for light.’ And that poet is my writer. If you liked the video,
do like, share and subscribe to Wirally.


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