“Ancient India is Known as Bharat, Independent Brotherhood”_Alchemy Talks,India

Hi Grouping together Planning Its for Self Gratification Gangsters Today For Individual Freedom They joined hands together Yesterday Not asking for immediate change But Do best to your efforts Not to cause loss to society Water Electricity On the Current Trends Water & Electricity Spent very lavishly How to minimize your needs Try your best on that Individually one must realize Inorder to do these Country might be developed Scientifically or Materially Even be it Super Power Atlast what one has to do is Eat the Healthy Food Possibly We cannot eat the products Nor one can eat with Money Food is the basic Desire Its actually a basic need Without Food no life sustains Food determines our body People wont live Agriculture One think as country citizen There must be a pride Then we wont do any mistake If that comes A My Country Feeling We wont do mistake Our country who will do mistake We wont put any waste outside Nor will just walk what for me? I wont put any non decomposable In the streets That is enough Similarly dont buy polythene Take a Yellow Bag with you Have a tank for decomposable Put some mud and water It simply becomes a manure There is only one thing Your Home waste dont throw “This voth if you take” The Country will change

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