ANCHORLOT – The Word Love

Do you love someone? How many people do you love? Do you love posts on social media? When was the last time you loved a post? Was it more recent than when you told someone you love them? The word love is used so often and for
so many reasons That it’s almost entirely meaningless when taking the average of all the times its spoken We love to say certain things We love so many material things that bring us no real joy We even love to hate Many of us love to see others struggle and fail Most of us love that more than we love to see others happy Do we even know who or what we’re
referring to when we say “love is all we need”? Is love being demonstrated through
our actions? Or is love just a word we’ve learned to use to protect ourselves from what love really is? Love is meaningless without compassion and action Love is empty without empathy Love is shallow if we aren’t willing to travel to the depths required to defend others’ honor, value, and self-worth We are starving for love and affection Yet we try to find it externally Searching for answers outside of ourselves The first person or thing you must love to understand what love is… Is you Do you love yourself? Have you forgiven yourself for all your failures? Have you moved on from those who taught you how to hate yourself? Have you despite all those things searched the forests and mountains of your soul To console the loving child
you once were, still are, and will always be? Love the process of discovering
yourself Only when we truly love ourselves can we
begin to understand what it means to love… Or be in love… With someone else The longer we live without passion Compassion, empathy, and affection The more we will continue to throw around the world love Like it’s a sprinkle on a birthday cake A disconnected hair flowing in the wind And a drop of water in the ocean Love has the capacity to fill oceans So let us treat love with the love it deserves

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