“ALL Scripture is God Breathed” HYPOCRITES

Most Christians will SAY that they believe
in their Bible, and that they believe ALL Scripture is God
breathed. They quote this from 2 Timothy Chapter 3.
BUT they are hypocrites because they do not even believe their own words.
Their own words will be a judge against them, that they NEVER truly knew Jesus.
They are like Satan who tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness by quoting a Bible verse
and then trying to prove that it was the Word of God; that, “All Scripture is GOD breathed”.
Was the Scripture that Satan tempted Jesus with, was that Scripture, “GOD breathed”?
Or was that Scripture Satan breathed? These Christians have bought the lie of SATAN
into thinking that they can take Scripture the way THEY CHOOSE,
and believe that ALL Scripture is inspired by THEIR understanding.
This is a LIE! ALL Scripture IS GOD breathed IF that HOLY SPIRIT is breathing it to you!
If the Holy Spirit breathes, THAT is the WORD OF GOD! But if Satan speaks a Scripture,
is that really the Word of God? Is that coming off of GOD’S mouth?
These same Christians are Hypocrites because they ALSO DO NOT believe all Scripture is
GOD breathed. If you read this verse to them, in 1 John
chapter 3, they will certainly NOT believe it.
It says this; “He who sins is of the devil! For the devil has sinned from the beginning.
For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might DESTROY the works of the devil.
Whoever has been born of GOD, DOES NOT SIN! For HIS Seed remains in him,
can he CANNOT SIN because he has been born of GOD.”
The Christians HATE this verse. They do not call this verse the WORD OF GOD.
They would say; “That is the word of Satan.” They blaspheme the Holy Spirit, yet at the
SAME TIME they would say that the words that Satan quoted,
they would say that that’s the WORD OF GOD. They’re hypocrites! They don’t know the
Scriptures, NOR do they know the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Are you a hypocrite Christian? Or truly have YOU repented?
Have you turned from ALL sin to truly live for Jesus in righteousness with ALL your heart?
May the grace of Jesus be with you.


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