All About That Soul: Angie Thurston’s Spiritual Goals for Humanity

My name is Angie Thurston. I’m the Director of
Formation for the Impact Lab at the On Being Project. In my work, I get to imagine the future of meaningful community and
spirituality around the world. And the thing I’m most
excited about right now is really focusing in on this question of what we call formation. And formation has to do with
how we become the people we have the potential to be. It often plays out over
three different domains. Cultivating the inner life or how I’m getting in
touch with my true self, cultivating my outer life or how I’m showing up in relationship as I truly have the potential to be, and how I’m cultivating my relationship with something greater. The feeling of transcendence of awe, of being part of a larger
ecosystem and universe. So those three dimensions
when they’re lived out with intention and practice can contribute to somebody
developing in ways that they never dreamed possible. When I think about the future, the thing that comes to mind
first is the question of soul. What is the soul of our future? And that calls to mind three
different important questions. The first is, what does
it mean to be human? Right? As we develop these technologies that act more and more like humans, what is it that makes
us uniquely significant? And that’s the second question, why do we matter? What’s our place in the order of things? And then the third has to do with where we are going. And that question of becoming of how we grow, how we develop
spiritually, ethically, in our characters, in our morality. I think that if we are
to continue developing technology and science
at the pace it’s going, we need to be at least keeping up, if not, going farther ahead
in our ethics, our philosophy, and our spirituality.


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