Aliens and Extinction.

The end of the world has been predicted since
the start of human history. The apocalypse has played a part in every
culture that has and it seems will exist. In the past the threat of Armageddon seemed
to be tool wielded by religion to insure its followers stuck to a set of rules. Cataclysmic events have occurred, the asteroid
which put an end to the rule of the dinosaurs, or the great flood. The great flood written about in almost every
culture and new research shows that the event actually took place almost, spelling the end
of human civilization tens of thousands of years ago. Then becoming a legend included some of mankind’s
earliest writings. Today an Apocalypse is a very real possibility. Advancements made in science have made the
threat of annihilation by our own hand something we must aware of. But if less and less people are looking to
religion for warning signs where else should we look? Well maybe to the stars. Could Aliens (specifically extinct aliens)
Help Save Humanity? Let’s take a look
Welcome to if………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. There is a saying that has been heard and
repeated by many “those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
Are we ignoring history? Are we missing a warning signs from the cosmos? Is there an extinct alien civilization that
we should be learning from? Let’s try and answer these questions. The human race is heading down a path of self-destruction. We seem to slowly be waking up to the fact
that we are in a precarious time of history we have built weapons which are capable of
destroying the Earth many times over and the issue of climate change and environmental
pollution loom large in today’s social consciousness. We are well aware of the fate we are making
for ourselves. Maybe if we look to the stars we can see the
same thing happening in the past with an alien civilization? The chair of Harvard’s astronomy department
Avi Loeb says this is a strong possibility and would go some way to explaining why (as
far as is admitted ) we have had no contact with an extraterrestrial race. This theory falling in line with the ideas
that have been published by Fermi and his paradox that asks why there is an apparent
contradiction between the lack of evidence for and various high probability estimates
of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations elsewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. Loeb commented on this saying
“One possibility is that these civilizations, based on the way we behave, are short-lived. They think short term, and they produce self-inflicted
wounds that eventually kill them.” For this reason we should really be focusing
more effort on locating any artifacts that may have been left behind by such an alien
civilization. This could be planets with signs of nuclear
conflict in the atmosphere or worlds which appear to have been through rapid climate
changes. If we were to locate a planet that showed
us the possible outcome of our own civilizations deeds it may well be enough to shock humanity
into thinking more about its actions on a planetary scale. Who knows it may even put an end to war? Or maybe that is hoping for a little too much!! Loeb went on to say
“The idea is we may learn something in the process, we may learn to better behave with
each other, not to initiate a nuclear war, or to monitor our planet and make sure that
it’s habitable for as long as we can make it habitable.” We must also keep in mind that we may find
an extraterrestrial race that has been though the same such dangerous times and that they
could possibly help us. They may possess technologies that would help
us overcome the barriers we face today. Some say that this event has happened and
that this technology is being suppressed, this is something I will look into in the
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so you don’t miss it. Loeb then went on saying
“Our technology is only a century old, but if another civilization had a billion years
to develop space travel, they may teach us how to do it.” Loeb who is working on a project to develop
technologies that could help us travel the stars said
“My hope is that finding dead civilizations will inspire us to behave better and get our
act together, And another hope that I have is that, once we exit from the solar system,
we will receive a message back: ‘Welcome to the interstellar club.’ And we will figure out that there’s a lot
of traffic out there that we were not aware of.” He THEN suggested that the Oumuamua object
(MY VIDEO ON THIS OBEJECT IS LINKED ABOVE) that was much reported was a form of alien
craft that we were unable to identify. If we too head off into the depths of space
we may come across much more traffic than we expected, this contact is something we
should be prepared for. We may need to consider how we would be viewed
by these other space faring races, would we want to present ourselves as a race who are
trying to flee the mistakes of the past, sacrificing our home world and searching for another planet
to mess up. My thoughts are that any advanced alien race
would not be to welcoming to an alien group with such an agenda, after all we often see
the shoe being on the other foot in movies when the earth is invaded by extraterrestrials. Another possibility is that our actions could
change the planet to a place which would be more suited to alien life. Imagine if you will, that the temperature
of the planet continues to rise. This may make the planet more inviting to
a species of extraterrestrial. This species then choosing to eliminate the
human infestation and move in. But let’s not drift into too much conjecture. There are those that say we may not even need
to worry, this because the visitors are already here with the purpose of saving the planet
and in turn humanity. Allies of Humanity a book by MARSHALL VIAN
SUMMERS. Outlines the agenda of the extraterrestrials
and says that they want to protect this world. The book reads
“You may well ask at the outset, “Why is our world being visited? Why is there an Intervention?” There are several answers to this fundamental
question, some of which are very obvious, and some of which are not. Obviously, this is a beautiful world with
great biological diversity. It is a world that has not been destroyed
through exploitation, though it is in danger of being so. It is a world that contains immense biological
resources, life-giving resources, resources that are rare and difficult to find in a Greater
Community of barren worlds. You, of course, do not yet realize the value
of your own world. Having never lived abroad, you cannot yet
appreciate the marvel of the world that you live in and why it is so valuable to others. But consider this: You live in a world with
a remarkably temperate environment and tremendous biological beauty and diversity. You live in a world that has enormous water
resources. You live in a world that has large tracts
of habitable land for those races that can breathe your atmosphere. You have a world now that has a human presence
and infrastructure that can be incorporated into foreign technologies. You have a race of people who are intelligent,
although superstitious and ignorant of life in the universe, thus making them malleable
and susceptible to persuasion and inducement. You have a virtual paradise. This is how your world is perceived. Why are Aliens here? Your world is like a prize.When we first came
to your world and observed it from a close proximity, we were amazed. It is far more beautiful and rich than we
had imagined. Though we have never been on the surface of
your world, we can see even from our vantage point what a glorious place it must be. We have seen interventions such as the one
occurring in your world happening in worlds of far less value and merit. So, certainly your world is like a prize. The question is whether you will defend it
and protect it and maintain it. If you do not, others will surely take it
from you. Have you not already seen this in the history
of your own world when tribes and indigenous peoples were overcome by foreign powers seeking
advantage, and how the great wealth that these indigenous peoples possessed, even unknown
to them, made their land and their world so valuable to others? Have you not seen this? Has this not been demonstrated in your world
countless times? It is being so demonstrated even at this moment.” Do you agree with what was said in this book
or do you think that we need to head out into space? Is humanity doomed to extinction or will make
it passes the great filter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments


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