Alien Sentient Robots. ‘IF’ They come to Earth?

Alien contact is a subject we have approached
a few times here on the channel.The popular image of a grey alien with its small body,
large head and almond eyes is ingrained in pop culture. There are however, many different types of
alien that we are said to have contacted , 57 at the last count. From the tall blonde Nordics to the Tall,
scaly humanoids known as Reptoids or Reptilians and more. But what if this list is wrong? What if aliens are not biological entities
? What if they are ‘instead’ a machine intelligence? Welcome to if………………………………………………….. The Idea of alien AI and the theory that aliens
would most likely be a machine based intelligences has been floating around the ufology community
for some time. In article published in popular science, linked
below, we can once again see that the thought of aliens being robotic in nature does in
fact make a lot of sense, or just as much as them being flesh and blood creatures.
The article says that Scientist and astronmers working at SETI “The Search for Exterestrial
Life”, have for years been focusing on the same old parameters to find life in the universe,
using the same old methods for way to long. Hunting for a humdrum planet around a humdrum
star. The hope of picking up a radio signal or some
other form of signal being their entire focus. The “wow signal” aside, this method has
proved fruitless. Is it time to change their methods? ‘Seti’ casts a wide net in it’s search, and
focuses on the precursors we think are needed for life to flourish, but if ET was a NBE
an “Non Biological Enetity” this idea could be a waste of time. If we are searching for a machine intelligence
we may have to change our target. So what should we be looking for? To answer that, we must first go back and
reevealuate if the search for radiowaves makes any sense. We are making the assumption that biological
life on another planet would follow the similar technological steps in development as us. That is a pretty big assumption. Technology, specifically artificial intelligent
is gaining momentum here on Earth. Seth Shostak, senior scientist at the SETI
Institute, says. “It seems to him that its a hard arc to
avoid.” He went on to say:
“There’s currently an AI revolution, and we see artificial intelligence getting smarter
and smarter by the day,” Susan Schneider, professor of cognitive science
and philosophy wrote about the intersection of SETI and AI, Her comments suggest that
something similar may be going on at other points in the universe.” On this planet we do not have to worry about
a machine take over just yet, the days of skynet are 20 or more years away according
to her anylasis. 20 years is such a short time frame if a civilization
in the stars is a mere 100 years ahead of us in the field of AI then the difference
in our societies and technologys would be night and day. So why haven’t we heard from A.I ALIEN civilizations
yet? Most of us with an interest in this subject
know of the Fermi Paradox and this can offer us a solution
“the great filter.” The great filter is the concept that advancing
technologies create just as many problem as they are created to solve. The threats from the ever more advance tech
reaching a point when they become a source for the destruction of the civilizations which
made them. In lay terms they create their own demise. Society’s that manage to make their through
this filter could find themselves merging with the machines they have created, this
creating a new species and another leap forward on the path of technological evolution. This could see them surpass the limitations
of a biological body and mind, eventually becoming a fully synthetic intelligence. These alien societies would possibly advance
through different transitional periods first being fully biological then cybernetic and
finally sentient robots. autobots roll out
Being machines opens ups the universe for exploration the restraints that were once
imposed upon their biological bodies now gone. They no longer need the a protective and cumbersome
ship to traverse the stars they could become the ship. Shifting their consciousness between vehicles
and mechanical avatars. Shostak supports this idea he said “planets
are volatile, prone to eruptions and earthquakes and the effects of an aging star. Machines aren’t necessarily going to stay
on a planet, Planets are dangerous for machines.” decpticons
As these robotic aliens expand through the universe it would seem that contact would
become easier, but maybe the problem is not us finding them but them finding us? Our cosmic footprint may be small when compared
to an advanced civilizations, it could be that those that are out there don’t even
knows we’re here. This could mean that if contact is made it
will most likely be from a passive, rather than active, act of communication. Even then, we won’t necessarily know if
the society we’re detecting is made up of organic or synthetic life. If machines do make contact could we distinguish
between the alien technology and its advanced artificial intelligence and a sentient biological
alien? Given the huge distances of space it is more
likely that a robot would be sent our way. After all, this is what We’ve done with
the probes Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyagers 1 and 2, and New Horizons. Do you think we have already had alien contact? Were those aliens NBE’s OR A.I? Could many of the UFO sightings actually be
intelligent alien probes? We do know aliens enjoy a good probing!! If we consider our own space exploration we
are going to send ever more autonomous machines into orbit replacing the men and women who
travel into space. This trend is only going to continue and as
AI becomes more powerful and developments in robotics creates ever more adaptive and
useful designs. We could be that alien species, the alien
robots whom make first contact through a machine on alien world. Will the alien life we have talked about be
the first to use its drones and robots programmed with advance A.I to initiate first contact
, or maybe we or them already have? Let me know your thoughts in the comments


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