AG Becerra Speaks at Global Climate Action Summit

and now please welcome the CEO of green
for all being true all well good morning everybody good morning you guys are
early birds you guys are in it to win it I am so glad because we’re in for an
important conversation and we need people who are in it with us and the
first thing I should say is we are going to be in it with some of the most
amazing leaders of the world and as the CEO of the dream Corps our mission is to
close prison doors into open doors of opportunity and for me thank you for me
this is an issue that is personal I’m the youngest of the 11 kids raised in
Oakland California right just across the bridge but one of the poorest and most
polluted communities in Oakland so for me this is a personal issue and so I am
so proud to be your master of ceremonies today and to to bring onstage some of
the people who have worked with who have partnered with who I’ve been following
and fangirling of and now I get to kind of highlight and support their work and
the first person to come on stage is our Attorney General of California yes
Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been leading the charge to protect all
Californians from the effect of the federal rollback of environmental and
health standards he has been leading the charge to protect Californians through
his protect their his appointed and elected office in each of his leadership
positions attorney general Paz Serra has championed the state’s economy by
promoting and addressing issues impacting jobs generating industries
such as healthcare clean energy technology and entertainment he has
served 12 terms in Congress while in Congress he was the first Latino to
serve as a member of the powerful Committee on ways and means he served as
chairman of the House Democratic caucus was a ranking member of the Ways and
Means Subcommittee on Social Security where he has fought tires
higher lessly for working families one in Sacramento California he is the son
of working parents just like I was and he is the first his family to go to
college just as I was so it is my big honor to welcome him to stage please
give him a big round of applause good morning everyone how are you today may I
real quickly how many of you are not from California oh my gosh you’re the
ones that have a right given your jet like to not have to get up where are all
the San Franciscans and all the California is it all right there we go
okay in the house in the house how many are not from the United States of
America thank you very much for coming to visit we hope you enjoy I hope you
flew over Washington DC directly to San Francisco so that way you could have a
good time in the United States I want to say thank you to the N actually I want
to say thank you as well to Governor Jerry Brown for pulling together all of
us to talk today about something so crucial and reminding people throughout
this country especially in Washington DC that we will continue to lead in the
fight to heal our planet and to make sure that we understand the impact of
climate change on all of us and so I want to say thank you to Jerry Brown for
being such a leader for not just our state not just our country but for the
planet as well in the United States of America we know the planet is warming
whether it’s because of those mammoth hurricanes that are coming through
whether it’s the record wildfires that we’re facing here in California or
whether it’s the 90 degree weather that San Francisco is facing even in the
summertime when it’s supposed to be its coldest we understand that the climate
is changing in the United States of America we must accept our share of
responsibility for a warming climate but but we in California we do not and we
will not take responsibility for all the unwanted hot air blowing out of
Washington DC when it comes to this particular issue in California we don’t just believe that
it’s our responsibility to fight climate change we’re doing it
why else would Governor Brown signed legislation that is now law that makes
California 100 percent reliable on clean energy starting in 2045 and we will make
sure that we are carbon neutral by 2045 and remember we’re not just any state
where the biggest state in the nation why else would the California Department
of Justice take Donald Trump to court 23 times to defend our planet we’ve gone to
battle over the clean power plan over our national vehicle emission standards
even to fight for common-sense energy efficiency policy for America and we’re
doing much much more we’ve secured so far 14 victories in those lawsuits and
we haven’t lost the case yet against Washington DC in California we like to
say we’re fighting and winning and winning for our people and our planet in
California we say if you want to go green you’d better go blue and
fortunately we’re not the only ones pulling our country and our world
forward and healing the planet in the United States too often we think an
environmentalist means the person who’s driving in that electric vehicle when in
fact we neglect the 20 people who are writing in the bus hard-working people
around the globe people of modest means like my parents are some of the best
conservationists in the world because they can’t afford not to be they’re not
using the air conditioner and all those great systems we have in America to cool
or heat their homes they don’t vacation in the hotels here in San Francisco they
sleep like I did in the back of the truck in the camper show with your three
other sisters and you think it’s an adventure when you
do it that way growing up hard-working people are the ones telling their kids
oh my god I loose turn off that light when you leave that
room they’re the ones that say clean up that plate don’t serve yourself more
than you’re gonna eat it’s too precious the other ones that aren’t making those
unnecessary trips in their cars if they’re fortunate to even own one the
numbers show that low-income folks are our best environmentalists in the u.s.
low-income households generally use about one-fifth the energy of their
wealthier counterparts most Americans don’t realize this but our average
carbon footprint it’s about 16 metric tons per year California which by the
way is number one in manufacturing number one in agriculture number one in
autos is leading the pack in this country when it comes to reducing that
carbon footprint we’re somewhere around 11 metric tons still too much but less
than the 16 metric tons per year of our brethren throughout the country but then
you got to consider the rest of the world Indonesia
well its footprint is about eight times smaller than America’s Colombia’s some
ten times smaller than America’s Nigeria’s more than 30 times smaller
than America’s carbon footprint now no country or people has a monopoly on good
ideas or conservation the ancient Romans gave us composting the Incas invented
freeze-dried foods polish Israeli engineer who developed drip irrigation a
24-year old Kenyon built a shoe that can charge your cell phone as you walk a
Colombian who designed a system to reuse water from showers but we should agree
on something lower-income people face more than their
fair share pollution and health hazards and they
are hit first and worst by climate change in California the top 10% of
communities most impacted by pollution are overwhelmingly communities of color
more than 18% of Latinos and 17% of african-americans in our state reside in
one of those communities that’s hardest hit compared to less than 3% of our
white brothers and sisters that’s why at the California Department of Justice we
established an environmental justice Bureau for California and for them our
team of attorneys is working day in and day out to protect the most vulnerable
from pollution and we’re making a difference in nearby Oakland we
supported an ordinance prohibiting the storage and handling of coal and
petroleum coke in Southern California and the her Pahlavi we helped ensure
that its residents would be protected from air pollution spewed by dirty
diesel trucks going back and forth on a daily basis right next to schools and
homes in the Central Valley of California in Arvin we secured an
ordinance that requires new oil and gas sites to be located more than 300 feet
from residences and schools hospitals and parks we all have more to do to
bring all environmentalist to the table for many of you it was an absolute
certainty that you would be here at this summit but for some of you it was an
absolute sacrifice to make it here there are some pretty impressive people around
the table here today but we need to always ask ourselves who isn’t at the
table those are the people who can be our greatest allies in the environmental
movement because they already are our best environmentalists I hope you will
keep engaging with the vulnerable communities around our world you will
keep going to them for solutions we can’t afford these days to have free
riders when it comes to healing our planet freeloaders are not an option in
this country or in this world anymore and we can’t afford as well to leave
anyone on the sidelines as we work together to fight climate change and
remember you heard it first here from the
Attorney General of the state of California the first Latino to have that
opportunity the first in my family to have a chance to go to college the first
to have been born here from parents who came from Mexico remember this in
California it’s not just about fighting it’s about winning and that’s what has
to be our motto we fight and we win for our planet and let us include every
single person who is the best environmentalist in that fight that’s
the way we win thank you all very much for being here enjoy the rest of to the
Vista week summit thank you

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