Activating our Hand Tools. Practice of the day 78. Ra of Earth

Welcome everybody, the time is now. We are
gonna be using these guys. These are our tools, right? This is how we manipulate
the environment. Manos, our hands. So we’re gonna just be doing some some simple
stuff with these to increase the flow as there’s lots of meridians, lots of
channels that come through our hands. Lots of nerves, lots of blood, lots of
energy that come through our hands. So we’re gonna start by stimulating this
webbing. That really doesn’t ever get pressure on it. So this is actually
connected. All this fascia goes up your arms, in your back, in your torso, your
heart, and these are the channels that we connect with our environment. Alright, we
shake hands with other people. We hug other people. Our hands are usually the
first physical contact that we have with everything in our environment. So this
might hurt first time I did this like, eight years ago, it hurt. It hurt, and now
you can see, I pretty much go as hard as I want. And I do this, a lot, before, when I
used to rock climb, I would do this as a warm-up.If I’m gonna use my hands for
anything and workout I do this. And just general well-being. These things are
really cool. We’re just doing a few exercises with the hands. Okay feel how
that feels! Right, right now it feels like I have new hands. Now we’re gonna do, We
can do this standing up. We’re going to sort of like dip and then come up dip,
and come up. And we’re switching fingers, so thumb, index, middle, going as low as
you can as long as you can and then up to the starting point.
Let’s do three rounds of this. Now let’s go the opposite we’re gonna go up, and
then back down. And then back down there’s some coordination involved here.
Thumbs, let’s do three rounds of this. I’m gonna do this really quickly, so we can move on
to the last one, so this video isn’t so long. Up down, up down, up down, up down.
Last thing, we’re gonna take the tips of our fingers,
we’re gonna press as hard as we can. Yes, I did say as hard as we can. On the, with
our fingernail. Pressing as hard as we can. If you’ve ever gotten a massage at an
eastern oriented studio, you may have felt them doing this on your fingers and
toes. So this is actually like a, it’s like a switch, We’re turning on the
voltage up the energy meridians, stemming from our fingers. There’s lots of energy
flowing through our body, lots of voltage flowing through our body. And the body
has placed a lot of these cables, let’s just say, etheric cables into our hands.
Because we’re constantly using your hands, our feet too. So after this video can
also do it on your toes. that is it those three exercises for our tools.

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