ACHRP Decision: A victory for human rights defenders

it means a lot in terms of that there is a mechanism say regional mechanism and international mechanism for the human rights violation and atrocities and there is existing possibilities yes it can take a long time but with support and with the help of other human rights defenders from the region from internationally like you guys at the FIDH that by the end justice we reveal of course I’m not expecting personally that the government of her tome will take this decision seriously and will follow the the decision itself but it is a victory for the sudanese human rights defenders it is a victory for the human rights defenders in the continent and it is a victory for the human rights situation in general and in particular that the ruling of the African Commission for human and people rights on our case does support the situation of the mass atrocities you know we were accused of cooperating with the ICC which is and nowadays you are in the sixth anniversary of the the case of el Bashir and I want to take this opportunity to say that our the decision of the African Commission at the time is related to the hundred thousands of victims and survivor of course of the of the regime important whether being in Darfur or in South Kordofan nuba mountains and an in Blue Nile so the decision is also a victory for this refugees and idps who have been continuously under the aerial compartment of the of the same perpetrators the decision is a victory for all these people including now we have the father of the human rights defenders if I can put it that way or the leader of the human rights defenders if I composite that way who stars Pharaoh Abu Issa the chair pair sort of the national consensus forces and dr. Amin makki madani the well-known human rights activist and lawyer international lawyers and ahead of the civil society initiative who are facing ongoing trial by the same regain by the same perpetrators because of their continuous efforts and and and and struggle for human rights and democratization in Sudan

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