AC Brotherhood : in Alhambra with friends

At first, I would like to apologize … Usually, I try to be “silent” and I hate walking on the roofs (you will see me on roofs quite never) But in this video, I don’t act as usual : Several times I run, I jump and I walk on roofs … Anyway this time, Ii’m not silent and “unseen” as usual (I hope you will understand) I hear whispers … My pursuer is close The best solution is to change identity I see you, Fynn … wrong target … “Massacre” What are you doing on this roof (again) ? Oooff the fingers … excuse-me … What am I doing ? On which side is my target … ? Let’s try in this direction Whispers ? … quick change ! mmmh … Roawyn seems to be Poisoned I prefer not to steal a Poison (a rule of Honor and Fairplay) 😛 same situation as before : whispers==>outfit change I only hope that anyone has seen it … … Someone has seen it :// And now … R.I.P Stealth Lady Obvious is in da’ house YEAH ! in extremis … I feel my heart beat ahaa … nice flanking, Ian ! … as you say 3 pursuers ? damn … no … it’s not really ‘Roofing’ 😛 so many jumps, in this map … 3 –>2 pursuers 2 –>1 pursuer Where is Fynn ? he seems to be close … Maybe in this group ? mmmh No. Well done … Roof running … (I know) I feel a little ashamed :'( but for once … at the end … :// Let’s finish this match with a little of Lady Obvious note for the purists : I could wait 3 sec. for ‘Focus’ (+150 pts.) but in this ‘Money Time’, I was afraid to be killed before my Poisonning 1st place shared with Fynn ! :))

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