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Hi kids, Billy Francesca here, live in West Hollywood. I’m breaking down barriers’! Ageism! Just me and my Kevin- “Kevin- 23” Ooh! We’re already busy Kevin’s two years older than my actual kid. -Older guys tend to approach me from like a place of less sexual charged emotion. -“Hopeful romantic with a quick witted sense of humor. Dates long-term relationships not hookups” Do you think a lot of men lie on Grindr about their age?
-Maybe. I don’t think people lie, I think most just don’t say. I mean I feel like age is nothing by the number. That’s separates you Sometimes you get younger guys who will say “are you generous?” -Yeah. Everyone’s fantasy is if you’re above 45, everyone’s like are you “Gen? Gen? Question mark are you generous only?” What do you think about sugar daddies? Do you know what that is? -Yeah fuck it! Hell yeah! We’re in the era of the sugar daddy! I know! Now, are you looking for a sugar daddy ? No, dude you look for a sugar daddy Sugar daddy, absolutely. I’m the daughter, but the pretty people only Get a job more power to whoever can really can stomach it the thing with Sugar daddies is when you get old. What happens to you? All the time: “you want to hop in my g6 and we’ll go to we’ll go to France together” and Like we’ll take my kids. Don’t worry about my wife. She’ll be in the backseat You know, I need a sugar daddy and I’ll say so do I boil me with a trip somewhere? I haven’t had a vacation in a long time I can keep multiple times to get on that level or take me shopping or cash is good suppose He wants Amazon gift cards – yeah, what’s about time? I thought it’d be cool for a sugar daddy I thought I would love life workout. No, I realized that I want to be self accomplished. I don’t want to rely on another man Daddy, you wanna get your own it’s not about age with me. It’s about fit. Plus. I act like a fun teenager Anyway, I just feel like running back boner shrinker. I don’t want a four to five girls who lacks like a 23 year old It’s well, it’s embarrassing. I own my age. I’m 47 years old I’m fucking proud of it and age is just a stigma in the gay community and I think people should put on their window wipers and like wipe it off because Again at the end of the day, we’re all gay guys Come sit with me on the couch. Come get cozy. I’m not getting up I’m old but now you you don’t like the word daddy because I’m a dad in real. I mean, that’s not my category, right? I don’t know. Yeah, so it’s like you’re not gonna set it as your tribe. I’m Rinder No, I did once accidentally and my inbox has never blown up more than I did and you were 50 for a while Yeah, I thought it was actually nice. I liked it Oh because I struggle a lot with with meeting guys who are older they typically more mature and it’s are you more relationship oriented? Yes. Oh, yes I know Kevin. I was just Kevin you’re just kidding Kevin tell me the truth cuz they’ll hurt my it won’t hurt my feelings, but I need to know what people mean to me No
it was more like the assumption that you were sugar daddy just because you’re all so what’s up I can feel and you will spoil me I can use a New TV nothing big maybe just a 42-inch. What is this Santa baby right now? You know, look at I think everybody is entitled to have, you know age specificity that is attracted to them I think people can tend to lose their manners because there’s an anonymity to it Right, and I just think you know like try to be a little bit polite. That’s gorgeous. Thank you guys for talking to us what I haven’t so well spoken I Wish I’d said something clever for 280 – Do you guys think I mean to mean? Because people that movie like that middle-aged Fat musician, he’s just bitter. Well, of course, I’m bitter. I’m from Boston Well, it’s like we have two speeds bitter and bitter ER You


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