A MESSAGE TO HUMANITY | Detroit:Become Human – Part 6

WAPOOSH Top o’ the morning’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to *(Bad) French accent* Detroit Become Human Last time we stole a big old truckload of parts. My boy Marcus is becoming our uh, robo Jesus and he’s gonna save everybody um little concerning how he- ooh the sexiest Androids I’m listening “Eden club”, we’re back with my power duo! Hank and the Con-Con man Sorry Looks like a sex club, alright Oh, Hank, you’re the best. Ooo, “Hank, tense” -eeuggh… Hank, I would follow you to hell and back Excuse my past indiscretions, okay? Oh, please it was the fact that I said it was a sex club that you got out of your bath Give me some sick music. *Does dubstep beat* Oh my god it’s basically the purple light district Oh my god… hi How’s it going? I’m sure you have a great personnality. Sorry! Dad caught me checking it out. Okay, wait a sec… That’s a North model! She said that she was uhh… I can’t remember what she said her profession was Did she say she was a sex Android though? that’s the exact same face as North Okay dead body and an asshole that’s good, I mean most dead bodies have an asshole “Follow Hank”, okay, to the moon and back Hank What do we got Did he just shoulder check Connor Did he just shoulder check my boy I’ll let it slide for just now begin investigate crime scene. Okay? What have we got going on here dead body, man dead Android Diagnose Death Critically damaged bio component critically damaged, huh? Analyze Oh God aw, Hank Okay blue blood That makes sense, okay now let’s examine this is boy-o Hank, I’m sorry you had to see this. I just woke you up from your Alcohol induced state and now he has to see me taste blood again Cardiac arrest no sign of heart attack that caused the death no sign of cardiac event heart attack not cause of death Whoa, so already the other detective guy is wrong. Where do we even have him on the force still? Michael Graham six four two estimated time of death 624 I didn’t see what time it was that we got here. Oh God no, I have to check out his his bone bones. Do I? Severe bruising he don’t have strangulation not of a heart attack Victim was strangled waiting Android lady. Ah He didn’t die of a heart attack He was strangled Yeah, I saw the bruising on the neck Doesn’t prove anything though. It could have been a rough flame Thanks, pretty good. We’re missing something here. Oh, I can examine you again think you can read the androids memory Good one Hank Reactivation we try The only way to access its memory is to reactivate it Okay, I can do it It’s badly damaged If I can and only be for a minute, maybe less Oh God, just hope it’s long enough to learn something Hello reconnect, well, that was easy No God All right, you’re okay Shh, we just need some information Explain you were damaged and I reacted everything is all right. Is he? Is he dead a mega? Facts tell me what happened. He started Hitting me got any of a minute again and he can’t Did you kill him no No, it wasn’t me Were you alone in the room? Was there anyone else with you? He wanted to play with two girls That’s what he said. There was two of us. Uh, uh, who here? Did the other Android goat did it say anything? No Damn it There was another Android this happened over an hour ago, it’s probably long gone No, you couldn’t go outside dress like that unnoticed. That’s right still be here If you could find a deviant among all the other androids in this place Deviants aren’t easily detected There’s got to be some other way Maybe it’s not somebody who saw it leaving the room I’m gonna go ask the manager a few questions about what he saw you. Let me know if you think of anything Search for Android eyewitnesses. Well yet there’s a lot of them around Did you know the victim? I? Only came in maybe two three times. I mean these guys they don’t really talk very much You know, they come in do their business or then go on their way They have any trouble with androids before no way Once they’ve lost a model-t three months back same model just vanished never found out what happened north Probably don’t have any CCTV This is so good no way This is what people appreciate about a club discretion Ain’t come and go without a trace Sure That business is booming, right? Yeah sure except can’t I just use the androids? Oh Hank get out of sex robot Excuse me lieutenant you come here a second found something maybe He’s not gonna like this you rent this Traci fuck’s sake Conner we got better things to do Just trust me 30-minute session cost a Dollar a minute This is not gonna look good on my expense account That’s so creepy in a way Delighted to meet you Follow me. I’ll take you to your room Okay. Now what? program memory Removable Android can do this or if it’s just Connor and that’s why he’s a prototype They locate suspect oh They’re a Blue haired Tracy headed toward the entrance But I can’t get much out of this It’s all something any Tucker I saw what the deviant leave the room a blue haired Tracey Club policy is to wipe the androids memory every two hours We only have a few minutes if we want to find another witness. Oh shit Sermon that way so you must have seen something then from this area. What am I supposed? Let’s try this. You have to keep renting sex robots Oh Oh, dear It turned back into the club It saw the blue haired Tracy I know which way it went they go for it Crying Went this way. Maybe the one on the pole. They’re androids everywhere How are you gonna tell which ones saw the Tracy with blue hair this one? I don’t even need to rent Hair It turned into the Red Room Thank you Okay, oh we are on the hunt we are on the prowl we’ll find out what’s going on. Okay, so she came This way so you must have seen something done as well Come here my ear Magic Mike Crap you didn’t see anything No, I lost its track Okay, we still have two minutes okay, I’m gonna try one of these guys over here Come here Channing Tatum There okay, turn to the Blue Room got it You’re all very sexy fine gentlemen and ladies, okay, very very good But now someone here must have seen it I Think you might have had the best angle Can’t you just put these on like a police Account oh hi Shit you were in a room at that point. Nothing blue. Aaron Tracy didn’t come this way Okay, you must have seen something They’re eating Club it hidden a room well he figured that much Was it this room it left the room Okay, maybe you saw something I Love the music in the Conor sections. Hey, buddy Wait, that was her. Yeah It fled through the staff door, okay I know where it went. Follow me. Come on. Hey fucking it. This is crazy. I know but it’s working Trust me. I’m your boy. Wait what I’ll take it from here Music Oh crap Alright shit, we’re too late She could still be in here reconstruct the deviants path search warehouse It’s blue blood in the ground, but I want to explore everything better them Did it leave If they did we don’t have a way of figuring it out I’m gonna have to reconstruct this Price look it I could use till they break and then they get tossed out ra9 again I would say who is ra9 but I thought Jericho was a who before a Tarek or turned out to be a like a boat a location Asgard is not a place. It’s a people First immortal among us despite huge advances in medicine many diseases continue to elude the best efforts of doctors and surgeons But that may be about to change cyber life is developed the Nano Android capable of entering a patient’s body and programmed to combat cancer Cells boost the immune system a reverse genetic disease damn and recent clinical trial millions of these tiny machines were used to attack cancerous cells Once the cancer was eradicated the nano-droids were passed through the Parrish patient’s urine Fucking insane. Yeah, they want relationships anymore. Everybody just gets an Android Cook what you want. They screw when you want. You’ll have to worry about how they feel next thing You know, we’re gonna be extinct because everybody would rather buy a people So plastic than to love another human being Thanks for the running commentary there Hank, there’s another thing over here to check before I check the blue blood Look hey Hank. See you later, buddy. Okay. None of you are our blue hair Tracy One things that make clothes I think flashy blue light Let’s examine the blood Do it Connor? Okay Hank didn’t see that blue blood droplets New blood went down here. I mean even Hank can see that blue blood That’s it here baby isn’t that her in the back It’s her oh Jesus Thank God Oh Hank that never works Way back honor Jesus Oh Wow My perfect droid Android boy face. Thank Hold up hope Throw kick, let’s kick. Oh boy. I’m gonna kick her and I kick a chair at her Oh Hank, please don’t get hurt Oh They’re in love quick they’re getting away and break my Android mess Okay Trash Can you not? Sure, oh no, no, don’t shoot her Now When that man broke the other Tracy, I knew I was next I Was so scared I Begged him to stop but he wouldn’t And so I put my hands around his throat and I squeezed until he stopped moving I Didn’t mean to kill him. I just wanted to stay alive get back to the one I loved I Wanted her to hold me in her arms again Made me forget about the humans smell of sweat Come on let’s go That was sweet totally better this way He’s beginning to believe. Oh We did something good there But wait, that means that they were in love before any of that stuff happened So does that mean they were showing signs of deviancy even before that? Because my theory was that The red ice was making people obviously get high and lose their inhibitions and everything and then the abusers were taking out their aggression on Androids and then that kind of woke the androids up to going to fight-or-flight mode in a way There’s more to it than that, but that’s kind of what I thought was going on But if they’re able to just Like have signs of deviancy and go against their programming and fall in love and all that kind of stuff without that then Maybe their AI is just that advanced now Who are we back with my gals? Why don’t you am gay and losers with us Autonomous engine status on Oh I can make small talk Destination these people were going to see How do you know about them? overheard androids lakal captured They said they were humans helping Android to cross the border. But if it was a lie Just another trap All I know is those androids believed it until slap will kill them Then psycho sucks. Hi Alice are you doing Nice weather we’re having I’ve never seen snow before it’s pretty slowing us down But at least we won’t meet any humans along the way that’s true Thirty degrees Fahrenheit Jesus that’s cold. So the way I figured out that you do Fahrenheit, is that you add? you double it and add 32 or half it and you might have 32 and a half and So yeah weh-weh freezing Is it much farther? We should arrive in an hour zone Dope dope called malfunction detected emergency drugs activated Oh Had to jinx it didn’t I This doesn’t look good, oh I want one of those cares Imagine want to be like in the future when carriage-drive themselves and you can just kind of like sit down and read a book or catch up on a bunch of stuff What do we got Luther what’s happening What are we going to do I don’t know Continue on foot. I guess she can see degrees. Alice won’t make it We have defense more to spend the night Where we can stay around here Find shelter, okay Where I mean the car is shelter enough for now inside the car is fine Look at my little fede prints Down here Pirates Cove amusement park can we go be pirates? That’s the life we live It’s a pirate’s life for me Oh Yes an Abandoned nighttime amusement park in the snow. We are so dead. We need to find shelter We have to get out of the cold Looks like it’s been abandoned for a while No shit Shylock (Don’t bully Luther pls) Is there a you are here sign oh right here Tavern Oh snake the crackin Check abandoned buildings, okay Speedy speedy doesn’t know This place is so cool-looking. Oh, yeah tiny skeleton man Look at Luther big strong dad that Alice needs Find anything no no place we could spend the night the damage structure Too windy for Alice, okay I check this building Oh God beware Danger always comes when least expected. Oh I don’t like that So I’m just gonna always expect danger then and I’m going to always expect danger And then I’ll never be surprised by it Who is frozen well who chases Island me hearties you’re gonna have a whale of a time Welcome to Pirate Island me hearties. You’re gonna have a whale of it. Oh God don’t do that Your freaky weirdo Didn’t like that no scary man. Sweet sweet Now where am I I’m here Let’s just keep exploring I’m going to find somewhere eventually and Alice has got a big strong Luthor to hold on to he’s warmed This place is super cool though It’s basic spin place is falling apart now. Okay, nevermind. That’s not gonna be easy to find Shelton It’s gonna be some sort of intact building somewhere A toffee apple look at that. That’s so cool This is like a full house One with this place Look safe and say hey progress Can I want to just explore everywhere else first though a hole a big giant skull This place is radical You’re a strong Alice oh ho Oh, yes Luther big strong man It’s like nothing to him, oh There we go, I like him can we keep him? I don’t think we’ll find anything better. Let’s settle in for the night. I’ll get a fire going This is magazines everywhere Detroit today USS, Iowa missing Destroyer class submarine. The USS Iowa has disappeared in polar waters and inquiries underway But President Warren has made no secret of her suspicions that the Russians are behind a Russian aggression just reached a new level America must respond Okay, the whole politics aspect of this game had already care about I want to know more about the robots All Android band tip for music price here for you the latest all Android boyband to be marketed by Detroit record label digital harmony is hardly tip to scoop best new artist at the celebrate Music Awards That’s interesting I’ll make the fire here that way we won’t be smoked out That’s a good idea I mean that is the fireplace where else would you make it? I don’t like this. There’s gonna be androids in this whole place isn’t there? Oh or a nine in here as well Everyone’s obsessed with or a nine Oh No make a little bed Don’t worry Alice I got you Yeah Alice How did you get over there so quick demon baby check Luther’s bag Check gun leave you were gone What the hell man Okay, I’ll talk to you in a sec Alice Make sure I get everything Okay, I think it oh never mind It’s kind of cozy in here come on Alice Do you think we’ll be like them someday? Once we cross the border we can start over you can go to school. Maybe I’ll find a job We’ll be like them like everyone else That’s cute as long as we’re together that’s all that matters My girls let’s get you to bed Took Allison, oh, this is precious It almost looks comfortable Oh, of course kiss her kiss her good night sleep tight Alice Sweet dreams Oh like a real mom Can you tell me a story I have 9,000 children stories. I should have one for you Princess unicorn night Let’s do a little pretty princess This is a story about a princess No, not a story like that. Make one up for me. Oh This is a story it’s America’s in the painting all over again Who lived alone in a big old house She dreamed of bein like all the other little girls the story about her She was different And that made her very sad Then she met a robot I mean you but me Who was obedient I was at the beginning was programmed to obey orders But felt for once that she should disobey So they decided to run away together Live in peace to find a place where they could be safe They encountered great dangers along the way but Together But they stuck together So they overcame all of them Along the way they met a giant guardian another robot another robot He left his master to travel with them, how does the story end Happy ending They reach the place they dream up and live happily ever after Stories always have happy endings. The real life isn’t like that Oh Too fucking true Alice And God knows what wait this one’s going to end oh Yes, yes, of course Oh The Nogales sleep tight my lovely robot family Talk to Luther That was lovely God she’s so tiny compared to a girl Yes She’s very breathe Or a nine have you ever heard of our a nine All right. Nine was the first of us to awaken? One day he will rise up and need our people and send us all free But if re9 never comes what if he’s just a story that we tell ourselves to keep each other going Iodine exists I Believe in him. I know he’s amongst us when the time comes we will all see him Kara Have you ever Noticed anything About Alice No, what do you mean? Oh she is a robot I Said that I hate what if alice is actually a an Android as well. Oh sweet Jesus Oh Oh God I have time protect Alice grab going no protect Alice Yeah, Luther grab the going I’m all for protecting my girl Who are you what do you want leave us alone? Don’t be afraid You don’t want to hurt you We’re just like you Our name is Jerry Uh, we were working here before the park closed like Rick and Morty would all the juries He didn’t mean to frighten you but sometimes humans come to hurt us. So we wanted to see who was there What are you doing here? We were looking for shelter for the night. We’ll be gone tomorrow a little girl We haven’t seen one for a long time children used to love to come and see us She looks at The last few days have been difficult We have something to show her something fun. She’ll love it. Does she want to see? Oh, I don’t think she’s in she should follow us then Alice I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Oh, I Don’t think you have any choice Hopefully it’s safe So alright 9 isn’t something that has been is something that’s going to be so what if our 89 is marecus? because I kept talking about how America’s was like Robo Jesus coming to liberate everybody and show them the way and be their God kind of thing That’s what ra9 seems to be. So what if or a night is Marcus? Although was he the first to awaken? Could be Connor be our guest be our guest be our guest reactivate carousel Pretty The little one can climb on board the carousel is about to begin This is lovely such a nice sweet little downtime moment Sure heavy, baby Oh, she looks so happy The first time I’ve seen her smile she hasn’t had much to smile about lately The Faro excited all the Jerry’s there Ah That was so nice But whole segment was lovely It felt like something weird was gonna happen eventually, but no it all worked out So nice and lovely and wrapped up in a nice neat little bow But only after that stupid pirate man said danger can come at any time But he said that you notice anything about Alice And I I said last time maybe Alice is an Android and that’s got to be the twist because we did read about Kids being Androids as well and parents like buying kid Androids it further households and everything Sort of that’s what happened What if that’s why the mom left her because she couldn’t handle the fact that her child was an Android rather than a real girl Or it could just be spouting bullshit from my ass, which usually is the case But I’m pretty good at predicting things when it comes to the games Boys are back in town Are we gonna have a moment? This is so gorgeous to look at So much detail gone into the world Look at that Debrief with Hank We didn’t see marecus at all this episode Oh Hank don’t sit in this and play looks like a Simon Says Nice view, huh? I used to come here a lot before Definitely lost Someone in your life Can I ask you a personal question lieutenant? Do all androids ask so many personal questions Or is it just you just me because I am I’m determined to kill yourself Some things I just can’t forget Whatever I do they’re always there Being away at me. I Don’t have the guts to pull the trigger, so I kill myself a little every day That’s probably difficult for you to understand I Connor That’s very rational about it So he was trying to kill himself when he was drinking Before what? Hmm, you said I used to come here a lot before? Before what? Before nothing We’re not making any progress on this investigation The deviants have nothing in common They’re all different models produced at different times in different places. Well, there must be some link They do all talk about ra9 what they have in common is this obsession with ra9 It’s almost like some kind of myth Something they invented it wasn’t part of their original program androids believing in God Fuck what’s this world coming to? You seem preoccupied lieutenant Is it something to do with what happened back at the Eden Club? Those two girls They just wanted to be together They really seemed in love He did I’m Manik you seem troubled lieutenant. I Didn’t think machines could have such an effect on you. What about you Connor? What about me you look human sound human but what are you really I’m a good boy. I’m a handsome fella. I’m whatever you want me to be lieutenant your partner your buddy to drink with Or just a machine Designed to accomplish a task. You could’ve shot those two girls, but you didn’t Why ain’t you suit Connor? Some scruple suddenly enter into your program Truth No I just decided not to shoot. That’s all Oh God I could kill you You would just come back as if nothing to happen, okay, hold on but are you afraid to die kind of Yes, I would certainly find it regrettable to be Interrupted before I can finish this investigation What’ll happen if I pull this trigger? Hmm nothing oblivion Android heaven I Do Nothing you’re not going to shoot me lieutenant. Oh, you’re just trying to provoke a reaction I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you you think you’re so fucking smart Always one step ahead, huh? Tell me this smartass How do I know you’re not a deviant I self test regularly. I know what I am and what I am NOT I think neutral powder you go Get drunker I need to think Oh Some tension between my boys, I don’t like it Hmm Hank is placated show fear Hank draw is gone because I think what’s it what’s happening is that I’m what’s interesting about the entire game. Is that humans and androids are flipping Because the androids are starting to wake up and become more self-aware and realize that they have emotions and all this stuff there Like the title suggests becoming human they’re becoming more human and because society has progressed to a certain Degree where we have androids around all the time and people just don’t really care about each other each other anymore They’re using androids instead of actually talking to each other. The humans themselves are becoming more Android So you have this really big flip in society where the androids are becoming human but humans are becoming more distant more clinical more unwilling to actually interact with each other and It’s fascinating and I think that’s what’s happening with all the stories Is that as I said before all the androids are becoming human in their own way. So Americus is becoming human by realizing that The androids are more than what humanity says. They are They’re alive they have thoughts they have emotion So he’s gonna rise up and become this or a nine character and lead them all to freedom Connor is going against his own programming where he thinks he has to Finish off all the investigation and everything and for a long time, that’s what I thought he had to do but no what he needs to do is To connect with Hank he needs to realize that humans are broken and also kind of corrupted in their own way But they’re still able to be good people that it doesn’t matter what happens with them they’re still able to rise above and become become good people at the end and Hank then needs to realize that he hates Androids and Through Connor. He’s realizing that hey maybe all androids aren’t so bad. Maybe they actually can be Friends, they can be human. They can actually simulate these emotions and appear to be what you want them to be Or at least what Hank needs them to be Obviously, I’m not doing too in that department, but it is fascinating to see that that’s kind of where Stuff is maybe going Also, the game is super delayed now because I’m recording it through a capture card, which means that I need to Restart the capture for a second This happens every now and then and it creates delayed reactions and in a game where you have QTEs I need to restart this and make sure that everything is running properly. Hi, I’m back now It actually moves when I click the button. Ok, let’s move on and let’s see. What’s next Our boy Marcus he’s back y’all Must be so hard for him to like sit around and watch all the androids being abused What are you planning man? I don’t know if I if I’m into this North’s a friend Josh is neutral the same again stay silent anymore It’s time humans heard what we had to say You know, they’ll never listen to us and revealing ourselves to put us in danger if we want freedom We need to have the courage to ask for it That’s the only way What do you want to do Channel 16 broadcast from the Stratford town the control room is on the top floor. Oh Jesus. We’re pulling off a heist Americus is 11 Whoa dapper men America’s the story is certain to get kind of cool. We’ll plan the operation down to the smallest detail. We can’t leave anything to chance Sweet lord, okay. This looks like a level out of Deus Ex Human Revolution Chris access at reception Okay, let’s make sure we do this properly Are we gonna broadcast ourselves? You think that by this time in the future you wouldn’t have these big giant panels with the gigantic pixels in them Ooh analyze oh god. I’m okay. I came over here first SmartWatch Smart daughter Emily Wilson. Oh That’s the carrot I need Water service interruption Detroit Water and Sewer Commission’s contractor Would you really just have that lying on your desk Oh Elizabeth Wilson desk manager Elizabeth Wilson speaking parking school fire department parking That’s so weird like from the car park there’s a problem with your car In trouble what kind of problem? Somebody’s backed into it. You better come take a look. Are you serious? Oh that works right now because if I called you’re the ones who probably wouldn’t get her away from her job with the parking would Because that’s something that’s still in the same building. They know. Otherwise you request access at reception Hello I am Jesus Sorry, how can I do for you? I Have an appointment with mr. Peterson. Do you have any ID? Yeah, yes. Yes, of course Give it I Need your help Oh my god, he is Jesus I’ve just checked your ID. The elevators are after the security gate Thanks So was he able to just touch them cuz he did that at the the docks as well he just said I need your help And he’s able to convert them immediately they did say he was a prototype right him and Connor and both of them have been able to do that whole like interfacing thing He’s been able to do it and remove his skin and interface with people and say I need your help and convince them and Connors Been able to probe memories that way I don’t think we’ve ever seen any of the other androids do that Interesting If that’s the case then who built you that way in Hawaii 47 for Hacker voice, I’m in fine package in men’s bathroom You are here men’s bathroom is – okay Hey fella I can still look at sufferin, but I won’t paranoid about stuff being time-sensitive Because I’ve had that happen to me already, oh Wait I got is this the men’s bathroom Oh, maybe that’s the ladies bathroom Oh shiny doorknob How did you get a package in here? Oh There’s only one vacant so oh that’s a cool way of showing which stalls are free and which aren’t Man, I want the future stuff now. I mean not the whole robot revolution stuff That’s scary, uh hum, ‘broder like quality of life stuff that they have I Like that his eyes are still different colors that he probably has the technology to change them, but he doesn’t I Think the name of that was header chromia somebody’s called. Whoa Sir did you have a good poo? I sure hope so As long as I have the uniform people will think of an Android they don’t even think to check that I don’t have my LED Marcus you give me so much anxiety find a utility droid. There’s one back here right Oh, Then you can’t I Need your help Damn just like that My god Okay, I’m not the only one Seeing the amount of comparisons between this and iRobot, right? I mean, I know androids and all that kind of stuff but They feel remarkably similar when you look at Sunny’s ark We should check around Wait, what did I have to open open? Fire escape? Where the hell is the fire escape Written on this You can’t even check this again There it is Ooh Sup north She still has her LED follow north, she’s always heading north. That’s why they call her that. North: Shit we need to access a server room. We have to get rid of those guys
Markus: leave it to me attract guards away from door Okay, should we play poker, man? how much we win? Sweet Jesus. I’m so powerful I Just touch things now and it happens Markus: All right, you get the platform i’ll take care of the window Everything you need is in the back check the door first to make sure no one else gets in (mockingly:Check the door first) I am insane in all the best ways. I’m certain to really like Marcus Oh God are we going outside? Oh Jesus. We are just like mission impossible now Ooh, i want them, Laser saw did i cut a perfect circle? It’s a trick question there’s no such thing pretty damn close though This is fun it’s like a proper heist I feel like Batman ladies first Okay please be careful, Okay, I know you guys don’t suffer fear or nerves or anything like that, but the wind will still affect you This is so cool This is fun! That music is so good It said “Rise” Damn I wanna get the soundtrack for this game The buildings in the distance huh, hu, ho Ho ho, I dont like heights D: oh god Please be okay Hey don’t accidentally cut your leg off , that’s something I would do Are we okay? Okay, we’re fine Man that was tense. Everything about Markus’ a story right now is tense I want everything to go well I think Markus’ story is one im getting right the most Getting right it’s a choice based video game. There’s no right or wrong. There’s just what is What’s he giving me, destroy maintenance door lock Oh Ooohhhhhh (Sounding intrigued) Looks like a tender polish Yikes it’s like a Thurmont, thermite Opener a Thurmont get to the main access corridor, okay Come on team we have some money to steal I mean What are we doing again? I kinda for that. I’m in a bit of a heist. I’m in the heist mentality Deal with guards… Well, I agree with Josh No, no killing. Again, just like Batman draw gun? Oh, I don’t know!? D: Intimidation factor just like Batman again Whoa nice Jericho admired Okay, no killing but that does not mean no violence whatsoever Okay, the camera followed him for some sight for some reason for a second rod cast Call for access Don’t shoot people Order the Android operators aside, okay? Can’t you just touch them and say I need your help We’ve got a runner!! I can’t, I can’t. We kill them then our cause is ruined No one will take us seriously if I kill someone, Stand in front of josh? uh oh, uh-oh Marcus your face Remove skin ooh Weird Oh creepy, Well, he can do that stuff too end of slavery, recognition, equal, freedom of speech? Recognition ? Damn Means of reproduction, territory right, to property? Stay peaceful oh crap, We did good, right? I think I’ve no idea simon! No, I need to save Simon help everyone leave no man behind me , this is our cause Please dont get shot, thank god, i am so glad you guys have bad aim Alright, His legs dont work Oh, I can’t oh no I can’t murder you but I don’t want to leave you either ah, Siiimmoonnnnn oh Jesus oh Jesus. Oh my god. That’s so cool!!! that was badass That is the question, isn’t it? Is that if you did this in real life if that actually happened in real life The machines would just be shut down immediately. Oh my god so many points The group escaped, but Simon was left behind Huh, I wonder what the a way of saving Simon Damn Cuz that’s the thing if androids were actually Real and all this stuff is going on and people were already kind of iffy about them and worried about the future If an Android went on TV asking for equal rights and everything All of that shit would be shut down in the real world the people who made the machines everything would go out there and probably just Dismantle everything and shut down all the programming and all that kind of stuff Did the best of their ability because humans would be so terrified of that and that is the thing is that we did give some demands Peacefully, I thought we went out there. We just asked for what we wanted peacefully but at the same time Humans are very scared creatures when that kind of stuff happens if any of their livelihoods are threatened I imagine that they would turn around and be like They would see them as like hostile demands one way or the other Fascinating though that was super fun that whole section heist. Ah Cool. It’s interesting to see where the character arc is going because Last time it did say it did make it seem like we’re gonna do what we want to regardless of what the humans want We’re just gonna go out there and get our rights or whatever. But this time like I didn’t want to shoot anybody because I feel like if you’re gonna go on TV and list your demands and Then you have to shot two or three people in the building kind of sends mixed messages So I wanted the humans to actually believe what you were gonna say so Let’s see what happens very very interesting turn of events But anyway, thank you guys so much watch this episode. If you liked it punch the like button in the face (close up) And high fives all round. WAPUSH WAPUSH Shh thank you guys. and i will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! I’m sorry Simon. He was left behind


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