“A LETTER TO HUMANITY” -Sunskruiti Sugandhi | The Writing Cult

Do we take a minute to admire the purity in
a kid’s laugh? Do we spare a second to see how beauty can
bring peace and sanity and amazement when the sun goes up every morning, bright and
alluring? Do we count on moments to make us feel content
or do we count on poison to make us feel the content in the moment? Oh, wait! Do we feel anymore? Do we understand the problems of our entity
anymore? Where men and women and children are crying
and dying out of famine, Where humanity is killed mercilessly, it is
shouting and screaming on top of its voice waiting to be heard saying
“Do not child, do not do this sin.” Where trees bear thorns and not flowers,
Where rivers bear garbage and not fishes, And where we bear cruelty and not wisdom. What happened? Our rivers had the elixir of life,
Our butterflies brought omens, Our forests were deep, dark yet alluring,
And our oceans were majestic and colossal. I ask myself again and again and again
What happened to us? Our soul has become a stone, so rigid that
it sees only the problems of its own household. It asks for validation from those people who
always gave a helping hand in making our soul a stone. Suddenly, our sparks have turned into ashes
And our elixirs have changed into venom. No, we are not full, we are not whole
We are no longer those happy, content people. We choke, we cry, we ask for help,
Well, no one hears because our doors are closed. Our thoughts have chained us to pillars
Yes, we are caged in an asylum where we no longer think about people but ourselves,
Where we live for money and not happiness, Where we support the lies and not the truth,
Where we believe in superstitions and not reality. Our vision was once a colorful rainbow but
now it is only a grave of grey and dull backgrounds filled with absurd thoughts, merciless torture,
and a misfortune destiny. And then after all this, I ask myself if I’m
alive and I wait for an answer, An answer that shook to me to cores,
An answer that made me feel like everything will be alright,
An answer that filled my dejected and stoned soul with immense rays of light,
The answer was, “Until and unless all humans are alive,
there will be a gut waiting for terrorists to see the pain of the dead,
For people to hear the silence of the trees and
For humans, in all, to understand humanity.”


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