A Humbling Journey 2: The Theist Delusion (Ft. Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens) (FULL MOVIE 2018)

Just as it has always been, when our memories of the ancient world fade into twilight. A new era dawns to fill the void. An unfamiliar path with a pulse of its own. A tempo not dictated by the labor of men but accelerated by the rhythm of machines. Launching the world into an age of bold innovation. From this cauldron of steel and sweat a vision of prosperity emerged. Harnessing the untold power of the elements turning night into day. Creating new designs that brought the world stage to the masses And providing an experience that many have never imagined The advent of mechanized warfare brought devastation like none the world had ever seen. Providing a window of opportunity for some to dictate conformity as regimes spread that ideologies with a heavy hand. Inciting the world to the brink of war. And yet some chose a different path and through their vision brought unique perspectives to the world. A singular proponents of free thinking remained. Striving for peace in their endeavors to unlock the secrets of the universe. Some of which would fill our hearts with fear and regret But as this progress unfolds the finite nature of our world becomes clear Our survival the survival of all the world’s peoples depends on our ability Exist in peace but this piece is tenuous Although mankind will always look onward yearning for more searching for new boundaries Only to break through them With the understanding that this world is one in which we all share Comes the responsibility knowing that the decisions you make today Will have a lasting impact on the generations of tomorrow? From humble beginnings the village became a nation an empire As clashing ambition spurred the appetite of armies plow and sickle gave way to sword and shield Consumed by war Brought hope to son But even then many were consumed by zealotry filling them with suspicion and fear From this darkness a glimmer of light emerged immunes from ancient times long-forgotten Inspired great minds and ushered in a rebirth of art and science as our answered questions from the past found new illumination in a renewed thirst for knowledge revelations from above provided insights below Spurring new advances throughout the world Bringing an end to one way of life giving rise to another Leading brave souls to reach for the ends of the world and beyond Credo in Deum patrem Omnipotent M factorial chilly air is obedient immune, but in this video At immunodominant, I assume christum filium de winter at ex patre natum adai, omnia, Sakura Dylan the villain Mendeley del Valle, del Ferro Getting the fat man post exertional party where ho Mia facta sunt We pretend misogynist appropriate most transcendent nation in the cheese The Bible is littered with contradictions and the character of God is definitely one of an antagonist There are people out there whose only purpose is to obscure the truth They contest scientific facts and undermine the power of knowledge and reason that has built modern society The natural world that surrounds us is truly magnificent nature forged and evolved over the course of time We can only stand in all such diversity and beauty So instinctively it is perhaps only natural to believe that things didn’t just happen Many people believe that there is a deliberate intention behind all things including the creation of our universe Most of them try to assign a reason to things that may well have not all but this belief in the supernatural Is the fundamental core of superstition and religion? How do you get there or you believe Jesus was asked the question. What do we do to work the works of God? What do we do to please go? And his answer very simple believe in the one that he sent All you have to do is believe in Jesus That he’s the one He’s the one sent by God to take care of all the sins of all the people in the world That includes you For thousands of years religions have ruled the earth creating personal national and International conflicts as well as mind controlling the population to create political and ideological divides in this documentary I will show how religion hinders the moving cogs of scientific progress and uses its foggy and primitive irrationality to endanger reason I Have two questions for you Are you honestly seeking the truth and Are you willing to change if the truth is contrary to what you believe? What you are about to watch and hear is extremely important? So please put down any distractions and pay close attention and prepared to have your faith challenged For most of human history when we looked into the night sky, we just saw thousands of tiny pinpricks of light What these lights were was anyone’s guess and we did guess? We used what powers of logic and deduction we possessed to try to understand. What was going on around us But all too often we relied on Revelation where priests and prophets revealed to us the will of the gods, and we called it knowledge the creation story in the book of Genesis says that God created the stars Also, it says that he placed them in the firmament of the heaven From the human perspective the universe wasn’t very large at all God created the earth and surrounded this crown jewel with wonders stuck fast in the sky and That worldview suffice for primitive people who had no way to see beyond the mountains There are apocryphal passages in the Bible that declared that in the end times The stars will fall to earth from there supposedly fixed positions in the sky and that seemed reasonable at the time It took nearly 1,600 years for us to know any different at the end of a thousand years of darkness using scientific measurements Tycho Brahe he in 1573 Discovered that stars were not fixed in the sky They lacked the parallax necessary to be that close to earth All of a sudden we had a glimpse of the true scale of the universe But the earth was still the center of creation just as the Scriptures center until the founder of modern science looked through a telescope one of the very first scientific instruments to extend our sense perception beyond its natural limitations And saw the moons of Jupiter in their orbits that Single observation was sufficient to prove that the earth was not the center of the universe And even more shocking than that the earth was not the only planet For now we knew that some of those pinpricks were worlds orbiting our star And I’m not sure when it happened but around this time humanity realized that we had found a way to overcome the limits of our senses and imaginations a Way to understand the universe our world and ourselves A way that Unchained us from superstition and myth and finally gave us the answers we were searching for and that way That new idea we called science and this was the tool we had been missing the one without which our civilization could not be built better tools meant better information and better information in turn meant better tools Astrology gave way to astronomy and we saw the heavens for what they truly are Appreciation to the gods gave way to medicine we discovered real cures and treatments Alchemy gave way to chemistry Electricity propelled us out of the darkness of our ignorance we discovered microbes looked into our own bodies split the atom Harness the invisible power of the electromagnetic spectrum Watched the birth and death of stars Uncovered the secrets of the universe Decoded the very fabric of life even venture off our own And though we had given countless millennia to sacrifice and obedience and bloodshed in their name the gods never revealed these things to us Many now attempt to hijack science and attributed to their deity, but why did the deity wait? Wine were these things not in the holy texts for a hundred thousand years Homo sapiens was born Usually Nagas very often dying in the process or killing its mother in But life expectancy for not much more than twenty twenty-five years Dying property of the teeth after that very organized early nears the brain as they are Or of hunger or of microorganisms that they didn’t know existed cause the Christian Heaven watches this with folded arms And there are still those who try to tell us that science does not provide the answers and seek to drag us back All the while benefiting from and using the tools of science to spread their message But we have found the way forward and though sometimes the answers we find are frightening It’s too late we know from whence we came and we know the way ahead That I wasn’t going to go back into the cave and what are these people telling you you need my help Cross my palm with silver. I’ll tell you the future. I’ll heal you. I’ll do these various things for you That’s what they’re telling us you’re an inferior person They’re asking you to go back into the case that our ancestors had to have come from But we’ve been to the moment the hell with the caves. We’ve been to the moon There is an ancient myth that the gods forbade us from building a tower to heaven We pushed aside the priests and built it and saw when they didn’t want us to see We saw that we had been lied to you all along We saw something so powerful that it could sweep aside the ancient myths and superstitions One glance at the universe as real years The stars are not in the sky They cannot fall to earth the true nature of revealed knowledge is myth from a time when man did not understand anything about the universe It was science that brought us out of the darkness that showed us what we needed to know that opened our eyes to reality That gave us everything the gods denied us Whenever I shall give a lecture I show pictures for let’s say for the Hubble Space Telescope a picture of a cluster of galaxies I Mean the the poetry of it the poetry where we both talk about the poetry of science But the inspiration you get from looking at a picture of a cluster of galaxies located 5 billion light-years away from us Where every dot in that picture is a galaxy? the light from those stars Left those stars before our Sun and earth formed which means that now Many of the stars in that picture don’t exist anymore and if there were civilizations around those stars each of those galaxies contains 100 billion stars any Civilization that existed around those stars no longer may exist the it just opens your mind to wonder And so I actually feel very strongly that while science per se may not provide the direct consolation It can and it should provide a spiritual not only wonder, but it should provide Experience elation look when we we tell our kids? Fairytales to console them we tell it to make their life fun. We talk about Santa Claus Easter Bunny, but then we decide that you know what it’s better for them to know how the world really works and It may be a little less consoling, but in fact knowing that they’re in control of their lives actually is empowering and many of us if you’re a good parent you want to teach your kids how to become empowered and Yet, so but we’re legend and that And in religion I often talk about the flock the children it effectively treats you like a child it says it’s better for you to believe a fable than reality We have the privilege of being in this universe for a few decades During that time it is an enormous privilege to be able to understand Something about the universe in which we live why we’re here Why we were ever born where we come from and I think that is such a wonderful thing to be able to do That I am hostile I can get angry about competing accounts which seem to me to Not encourage that kind of questioning, but instead to say this is how it is all written in the holy book it was written 2,000 years ago and at the end of it I Think that deprives people. I think that is such a Bit literal event that the demeaning view of the of the universe and I think it’s tragic the children are brought up with that when they could be brought up in a more open-minded way so, that’s One reason for the anger the other reason it is that I do think that faith Unsupported by evidence is a lethal weapon it doesn’t have to be of course. It doesn’t have to be but it can be its a weapon because Possibly unscrupulous people can get hold of often young men and use them as weapons use them as human bombs The only reason they can be deployed as human bombs is that they have been brought up from childhood on Palmers to believe Implicitly without question that whatever the particular religion is is the details don’t don’t matter The point is that they do believe that it is the will of God that they should detonate themselves and blow up a busload of people or blow up a skyscraper in New York I Don’t think that any kind of Reasoned argument would do that for people And so I believe that religion religious faith is an enormous ly powerful psychological weapon It isn’t always used for the powered of course, but the fact that it can means for the bad makes me Want to cut it off of their roots and a very least to stop The inculcation into children of the idea that there is something virtuous in faith I’m Very concerned with the way children coming into the world Innocently knowing nothing or taken over by the religion of whatever culture they happen to be born into doesn’t happen to everybody But it’s very common, and so you see children being labeled This is the Catholic child. This is a Protestant child I would much rather say this as a child Perhaps you could say that as a child of Catholic parents, so this is a child Protestant parents But to tie a label around a tiny child this is a Catholic child when the child is clearly too young to know what it thinks about the transubstantiation or ever it is that the differentiates Catholics from Protestants I was in the car and my daughter announced to me that God had made her and that God had in fact made all Children and all people and she and you thought and I was so she you know she was so incredulous Because she just thought this seems like really big news, and how you don’t know it mommy It’s really beyond me so but it did it struck me I mean I I was I was really caught off-guard by it well So give me the example of the most basic question of your child says mommy Does God exist and what is God or who is God the way that I go about it is to say? That’s a great question, and I’m glad you’re thinking about it That there are a lot of different ways that people describe God and and describe what God is and this is what some people believe and this is what other people believe and this is and I I don’t believe in God the problem with a lot of parents is that they are Trying to raise their kids in this era of transition or this era of of change So let’s come up with a way that we can talk to our kids about religion that’s completely honest that values critical thinking and literacy and that kind of leaves the door for kids to really make up their own minds give me an example of a Common dilemma that parents find when it comes to raising their children We’re visa via religion there are there are quite a few and I did a survey of a thousand Non-religious parents to find out exactly that and the top reason cited was people Weren’t sure how to talk about religion without indoctrinating their kids into what they Believed themselves this word indoctrinating is an important one because it comes up to again here What’s the difference between indoctrinating and binding right right indoctrination? I see is almost the antithesis of critical thinking of course It’s fine to guide your children, but I see indoctrination is sort of this middle ground It’s stronger than just merely guidance. I see indoctrination as telling children that there’s only one way to believe guiding your child to be a moral person an ethical person a self-respecting person a Critical thinker those are all really important things Guiding them to believe in a certain way in a certain God, or a certain prophet. That is not so important I really want to focus on what people do in life and not what they believe because if we can judge people on their actions And not what we think the reasons behind their actions Are it makes it makes for a more tolerant world and a better world Why why are you talking in as a Christian? Why didn’t you call it as a Muslim the Buddhist or Hindu? Cuz my my parents raised me as a Christian so you didn’t have a choice. Did you? When did you lose to be a Christian? Oh? It’s just a tradition your parents teach you Whatever religion they do so if you learn over Blan you’d be a Muslim yeah, you’re barred born a Muslim, so it has nothing to do with truth in It’s just the way you were raised See cuz I’m this show we actually care about whether or not things are true when I became an atheist what happened was I? Gained more information, I became more knowledgeable about subjects and I decided to actually care whether or not my beliefs were true You don’t seem to care whether or not your beliefs are true. You just like them because you were born here Well if I think it’s good, I think you’re gonna have more happiness in your life if you have limits to tell you what you can do or What I saw is that relevant to the truth of your religion. Yeah, I jump are not all true I know I was talking to people on the on the chat here, and they said well. They’re like read the Old Testament There’s all this genocide and stuff And I was just saying we’ll just you don’t have to read the whole thing because you just read for example What Jesus said okay? You know not everything Jesus said, it’s true or good or smart or wise either So why would you care at all what any of them have to say you’re not concerned about truth? you’ve aren’t you just said you can pick and choose and Toss aside the things you don’t like so you’re inventing your own version of Christianity So why not just chuck it aside and go ahead and invent your own secular moral system that you Don’t keep talking about how we don’t have limits I have plenty of limits And we live in a society that has plenty limits as Darrell’s already pointed out most societies have limits You keep going to this slippery slope thing of Well if there is no you know Ten Commandments or Jesus or whatever then you’ve got no limits You’ll just run around raping and killing people well That’s already demonstrable false and there have been multiple studies that that actually investigate the correlation between the religiosity of a society and its societal health And there is always a strong negative correlation the more atheist a statistic That’s the society the better they score on societal health factors from everything from teenage pregnancy rates to STDs to happiness to wealth to murder murder a rape to healthcare now Go out and do some actual research that contradicts this and then you might have a case for your Assertion that I think you’ll live a better life if you know you won’t there’s no, there’s no damage There’s no evidence to demonstrate this This is wishful thinking just and not only have you gone and said well, I’ll pick and choose what I want You’ve done it in a way that where you’re just trying to support your own wishful thinking The absolute morality that a religious person might profess would include what stoning people for adultery Death for apostasy Punishment for breaking the Sabbath these are all things which are Religiously based absolute morality, I don’t think I want an absolute morality. I think I want a morality that is thought out reasoned argued discussed Palmer say intelligent design if you actually look at the Some morality x’ that are accepted among modern people among 21st century people we don’t believe in slavery anymore We believe in equality of women We believe in in being gentle. We believe in being kind to animals These are all things which are entirely recent. They have very little basis in biblical or Quranic scripture They are thought there are things that have developed over historical time through a consensus of reasoning sober discussion argument legal theory Political and moral philosophy these do not come from religion to the extent that you can find the good bits in Religious scriptures you have to cherry-pick You search your way through the Bible or the Koran and you find the occasional verse that is an acceptable Profession of morality who say look at that, that’s religion and you leave out all the horrible bits, and you say oh We don’t believe that anymore. We’ve grown out of it. Well of course. We’ve grown out of it we’ve grown out of it because of secular moral philosophy and rational discussion I’m Struck by the fact that we spend so much time arguing with theists about where morals come from and how a life? untethered from a God spells certain individual and corporate disaster That we’ve completely missed the proverbial forest for the axiomatic trees why debate the theoretical when the end of any philosophical claim is how well it has worked out in the real world as of the last major Federal Bureau of Prisons studies atheists and agnostics are almost absent from our prison population The unaffiliated, and the non-religious simply engage in far fewer crimes but if what theists say is true that a life without God leads to wickedness and depravity a theist should make up a vastly disproportionate amount of the prison yard, but they do not Those democratic countries with the lowest levels of religious faith and participation boast among the lowest violent crime rates in the world of the top 50 safest cities in the world Nearly all are in relatively non-religious countries once again. If what theists say is true predominantly atheist states should be mired in anarchy and lawlessness Instead the most secular nations in the world report the highest levels of happiness their governments are also far less corrupt more prosperous and more technologically advanced However those countries with high levels of self-reported religious faith and participation are generally poorer more violent more unaccepting of scientific facts and incarcerate a far greater number of their population Within the United States itself the states with the highest murder rates tend to be among the most religious while the states with the lowest murder rates tend to be among the least religious In fact rates of all violent crime tend to be higher in states that register higher than average religious belief in participation The most religious states in America are also the poorest states and lead in high school dropout soon unwed pregnancies Atheists and agnostics According to numerous studies are less prone to racism more accepting of people different than themselves far more empathetic more altruistic enjoy significantly higher gender equality Perform better in school a higher educated are better at critical thinking and more accepting of science Are less likely to support government use of torture and have statistically lower divorce rates than do religious Americans Perhaps it is time to shift the argument from the theoretical where the religious seemed to feel they always have the upper hand To the street level where these theories are worked out each and every day Perhaps we’ve been so busy arguing about whether or not the godless can be moral though we’ve missed the fact that reality has already ruled on this decision finding the religious position illegitimate and fallacious The debate is over It is manifestly self-evident that one does not need a God to be good What people get when they go to mass is a selective reading that doesn’t mention murder rape incest and so forth thus becoming an illusion a happy fairytale with talking snakes and Unicorns they claim that God talks to them very much like the director was talking to Truman in The Truman Show You can speak I can hear you Who are you I am the creator of a television show that gives hope and joy and inspiration to millions Is there any evidence for the voice of God of course not just like there are no talking snakes? Or sparkly unicorns this idea that God somehow gave you the strength to do something is simply ludicrous Religion the biggest fraud in human history not only takes away the ability to think rationally it also makes the believers too overconfident When in reality they accept unsubstantiated things on faith if you have the urge to believe in anything then believe in yourself It is your hard work talent dedication And training that put you where you are today and not some magical force that adjusted your attributes like a video game would It is quite possible that most civilizations even their potential others in outer space At some time or another went through the idea of a divine creator After all it is a very simple solution albeit a very naive one But once real science took over and ridiculed the science quotation marks in holy books then the former became obsolete Not to mention that most holy books we know of rely on blind belief and faith In other words a total suspension of critical thinking The facts quotation marks and evidence quotation marks in the Bible for example really do require a real leap of faith indeed Science is the only way we have of discovering things by first gathering existing evidence Then analyzing it and finally if the experiment passes various tests it becomes a scientific theory and if it fails it’s either discarded or re-evaluated We don’t need to have religious laws around like the Ten Commandments don’t steal don’t kill Are you kidding? Everybody should know these things? atheism among other things Allows people to have the freedom of thought and be open to the influx of new information and evidence that may challenge our current knowledge and Religions are precisely not that Why are you not a Christian because I see no evidence whatever or any of the Christian dogmas I Examined all the stock arguments in favor of the existence of God and none of them seem to me to be logically really Does it there’s a practical reason for having a? Religious belief for many people well it can’t be a practical reason for believing what isn’t true? That’s quite. At least I drew it out is impossible either thing is true, or it isn’t if it is true and if it isn’t you shouldn’t and If you can’t find out whether it’s true or whether it isn’t you should suspend judgment? But you can’t it seems to me the fundamental Dishonesty and the fundamental treachery to intellectual integrity To hold belief because you think it’s useful, but not because you think it’s true Well, I was thinking of those people who find that Some kind of religious code helps them to live their lives it gives them a very strict set of rules the rights and the wrongs They would probably be able to find a rational morality To take it live right if they drop this irrational Traditional tubu morality that comes down from savage ages But are we perhaps the ordinary person perhaps isn’t strong enough to find this own Personal ethic I have to have something imposed upon them from outside Oh, I don’t think that’s true, but what did you post on yoohoo outside? You should know whatever doesn’t count? Well you were brought up of course is a Christian when did you first decide that you did not want to remain? Believer in the Christina, I never decided that I didn’t want to remain a believer I decided between the ages of 15 and 18 I spent Almost all my spare time Thinking about Christian dogmas and trying to find out whether there was any reason reason And by the time I was 18 I discarded the last of them Do you think that that gave you an extra strength in your life? I? Don’t know I should soon as it other extra strength nor an opposite I mean I was just you engaged in the pursuit of knowledge You see One thing is I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong I Have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things But not absolutely sure that anything and the many things I don’t know anything about such as we can whether it means anything to ask why we’re here But the question might mean I might think about me, but if I can’t figure it out when I do it to something out But I don’t have to know an answer. I don’t have I don’t feel frightened by not knowing By being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose Which is the way it really is as far as I can tell awesome it doesn’t fight Do you at least acknowledge that all of the scientific evidence Points to an earth that is vastly older than six to ten thousand years old Yeah, I’m aware of that. Okay, so how do you recognize? There’s no God? You’re right? You’re right. Did I say it? Did I’m not saying that that first? There’s no God what I’m saying is here’s something We’ve learned about the universe and it doesn’t match with your literal view of the Bible now There’s a conflict there and we need to resolve that and some people resolve it in favor of the Bible saying the Bible is absolutely right and Ignore whatever actual evidence is presented there I find that to be patently absurd because it turns Christianity into a self contradictory Proposition which is and so by the way does the entire idea of a revelation in the New Testament? because your visit your position to the extent that I understand it cuz I haven’t got a kind of a straight answer yet is One where there is a God who has an important message for mankind and somehow He only reveals it to Certain individuals who then write this down and thousands of years after this initial revelation we have to rely on copies of copies of translations of copies by anonymous authors with no originals and the a textual Testimony to a miracle for example the loaves & Fishes, there’s no amount of reports anecdotal testimonial reports that could be sufficient to justify believing that this event actually happened as reportedly no amount and anything that would qualify as a God would clearly understand this and If it wanted to convey this information to people in a way that was believable would not be relying on Text to do so and this for me is the nail in the coffin for Christianity The god that the God that Christians believe it is Amazingly stupid if it wants to actually achieve its goal of Spreading this information to humanity by relying on text by relying on languages that die off by relying on anecdotal testimony that’s not a pathway to truth and Anything that would qualify for a God should know this which means either that God doesn’t exist or it doesn’t care enough about Those people who understand the nature of evidence to actually present it now which of those possibilities. Do you think is accurate I? Think you He do need to believe it sure and but that why would you believe anything on faith faith isn’t a pathway to truth? Everybody every religion has some sort of faith people take things on you know if faith is your pathway you can’t distinguish between Christianity Hinduism, Judaism any of these others how is it that you use? Reason as a path to truth in every endeavor of your life, and then when it comes to the ultimate truth the most important truth You’re saying that faith is required and how does that reflect on a God who supposedly exists and wants you to have this information? What kind of God requires faith instead of evidence? Well I think you probably have faith about a lot of things too like what I have I don’t have reasonable expectations based on evidence I have trust that has been earned. I will grant trust tentatively I don’t have faith faith is the excuse people give for believing something when they don’t have evidence I Mean if you can come up with something that I believe that I don’t have evidence for guess what I’ll do I’ll stop believing it That’s the nature of a rational mind That is the that is the goal my only goal was to be the best Christian. I could be and Represent this to people who didn’t believe and what I found because I actually cared about whether or not my beliefs were true Rather than whether they felt good was that my beliefs weren’t justified Try as I might and pray as hard as I could no answer comes no evidence is forthcoming and When I talk to people about this the only answer they ever offer is the one you did which is well You’ve just got to have faith well. Sorry I don’t and not only do I’m not sorry that I don’t I’m sorry for others that they think that that I should have Because faith is not a virtue Faith is gullibility If it was true it would have to further implications it would have to mean that the designer of this plan was unbelievably lazy and inept or unbelievably callous and cruel and indifferent and capricious and That is the case with every argument for design and every argument for revelation and intervention that has ever been made Tenure on this planet, we’ve accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage propensity for aggression ritual submission to leaders hostility to outsiders all of which puts our survival in some doubt We’ve also acquired compassion for others love for our children and desire to learn from history and experience And a great soaring passionate intelligence The clear tools for our continued survival and prosper which aspects of our nature will prevail Is uncertain? particularly when our visions and prospects are bound to one small part of the small planet Earth But up there in the cosmos an inescapable perspective awaits National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space the fanatic ethnic or religious or national identifications Are a little difficult to support when we see our planet as a fragile blue Crescent? fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the best citadel of the stars I Was not always an atheist I Spent more than three decades as a devout and sincere believer in the Christian faith I had always been supremely confident in my faith it had always felt impregnable airtight I’d never even entertained the idea that it might not be true and anyone who challenged that assurance was either a deliberate or an inadvertent mouthpiece of Satan But the structural integrity of my faith was an illusion Seemingly solid only because I had never challenged it never allowed myself to truly wrestle with doubt Never asked of it the difficult questions it demanded once I did my faith instantly became a far more porous thing riddled with countless gaping holes Leaking its precious lifeblood into the philosophical ether I suddenly began confronting one intractable hurdle after another the unqualified Ridiculousness of scriptural inerrancy the malevolent and petty nature of my god the deplorable ‘ti of a hell that punishes people Eternally for a temporal crime and the clear mythology of a text. I’d always understood literally My tipping point came when I realized that Genesis 1:1 Was erroneous as a product of a mostly terrific private school education I never had to worry about Encountering anything that would challenge my hermetically sealed worldview a literal reading of the book of Genesis including a six-day creation and a 6,000 year old earth Constituted my understanding of cosmic and human origins the theory of evolution was a dreadful ploy spat up through the pit of hell one with which the world scientists were incomplete but when I investigated what scientists knew evolution rather than what my pastors and Sunday School teachers claimed it to be I quickly realized I’ve not been taught the truth my concept of evolution was a ridiculous straw man an unrecognizable and malnourished shadow of an elegant graceful and sophisticated reality the biblical account of creation was quite simply impossible It did not square with reality it flew in the face of Everything humans had discovered if the origins of the world and human beings were wrong what else was wrong the search that ensued over the next several years was exhaustive petrifying and Illuminating it was the equivalent of pulling the strays string on a sweater and suddenly realizing that all you have left is a pile of unspun fabric at your feet Once Genesis felt the rest of the Bible fell with it Once I accepted that the Bible’s account of cosmic and human origins could not possibly be true I began to realize that it was just the first in a long line of things about which the Bible was wrong I quickly realized that this was more than just a season of doubt of questioning This was more like being caught in the gravity of a far more massive object I could struggle all I wanted purdue’s no getting away from it Jettisoning my religious worldview did not work itself out in clean lines and perfect right angles It was long and frequently untidy while I didn’t leave kicking and screaming. I didn’t rush out either after all if I was wrong We’re a turtle So I backed out slowly purposefully for long time guilt and fear overpowered what I already recognize to be true, and then one day I Realized I was living in terror of something in which I genuinely no longer believed And the dread and guilt vanished in an instant and when I looked around I was suddenly on the outside of the bubble looking in A perspective I could not have imagined I would ever see in a vantage point that can only be understood by those who have made the journey That I had existed inside that bubble for as long as I did and accepted without question the dogmatic nourishment required defeated was suddenly incomprehensible I Did not abandon my faith because I was hurt or angry at disillusioned I did not abandon my faith because I wanted to rebel or live a life of sin or refuse God’s Authority I left because there Was simply no convincing evidence for my beliefs left because my faith insulted reason one too many times I left because just because something gives you comfort and security And claims to answer life’s biggest questions does it mean it’s right I left because once I applied the same level of skepticism and rigidity to Christianity But I always had to all other faiths get too withered away I am NOT angry at the faith in which I was leaned and I do not blame my family while I rubbed elbows with plenty of charlatans and carpetbaggers I do not think I was deceived by the men with whom I personally shared my faith and I was witness to countless acts of selfless love and Genuine compassion the pastors under whom I sat remained some of the most extraordinary man I have ever known I Was and continue to be surrounded like devout and ardent believers who genuinely want this world to be a better place But the things they are required to believe in in response to that belief practice guaranteed that it is so often exactly the opposite as A rational worldview dismantled my faith it replaced it with profound awe and wonder Science killed my faith not science the perverse parody invented by some Christians of nefarious Liberal secular agenda whose sole purpose is to turn people from God but rather science an Objective methodological tool that uses reason and evidence to systematically study the world around us And which is willing unlike faith to change direction with the accumulation of that evidence? it’s the opposite of religious systems of thought which are based on received wisdom and immediately calcified to fixed dogma the Scientific method is self-correcting designed to ferret out human mistakes unconscious biases and calculated deceits it takes into account our fallible our gullibility and our corruptible Science is the impossibly dense core of curiosity while faith purports to have all the answers Science thrives on the questions, no other human way of knowing works this way the science that miniscule word saddled there’s a burden of representing the entirety of the Colossal human enterprise of decoding the cosmos is the most sweetly adventure we can know with it hairless apes build great cities Do miraculous medicine see the unseeable stir the dust of other planets and peer back neither space and time? Without evidence something is not a fact. It is merely an opinion I now require evidence before accepting whether or not something is true. It doesn’t guarantee I will be right, but it does guarantee. I am significantly closer than without it The religious believer begins with the assumption that their particular article of faith is true instead of reserving belief until the evidence Meets that burden of proof. I am perfectly willing to change my mind, and if the evidence appears I shall do so Instantaneously could there still be a god of course I would never claim to know there is no God to make such a statement I would have to have looked under every rock in the universe Such comment is as senseless and arrogant as the person who claims to know there is a God and that This or that book is his plan for my life But until evidence commensurate with the claim is provided for that or any God Disbelief must be the default position evidence makes belief unnecessary one does not have to believe in what one has evidence for I now want to accept as many true things as possible and Reject as many false things as possible Does this mean I have to accept more mystery in my life indeed it does But I’d rather acknowledge the world for how it really is than how I wish it to be By and large humans main mystery we seek out comfort and crave knowing and religion gives us that Anyone who tells me that they know where we go after we die What God’s plan is for my life for what the future holds is lying? They are lying because I don’t have those things and no mother human is in possession of special extrasensory powers that I do not have Religion is dangerous precisely because it emboldened those who don’t have all the answers to think that they do Arrogant certitude is a hallmark of faith I much prefer the humility of doubt Especially given the fact that history is littered with people claiming to know stuff. They got dead For millennia millions of Jews Muslims and Christians have been fighting to the death over a miniscule puffy and barren middle-eastern sanity This Bronze Age tribalism from the barbaric infancy of our species is being dragged into the 21st century Despite the fact that we know that plot is but one on a vast planet and that planet is but one in a vast solar system of planets and that solar system of planets is but one in a vast galaxy of 100 billion solar systems and That galaxy of a hundred billion solar systems is but one in a vast universe of hundreds of billion galaxies and still they fight for worthless Dusty real estate because someone wrote down thousands of years ago that their deed. He said it belonged exclusively to them Humanity’s slavish adherence to religion keeps millions of people behaving like tantrum throwing toddlers How conceited how narcissistic what outsized hubris it takes to claim your tribe has divine favor over all others? Faith the very thing held up is the answer to all of our problems is the source of those problems It’s what drives Hezbollah to launch missiles into Israel. It’s what inspires Israel to carpet-bomb Beirut It’s what inspires Christian militants to murder Muslims in the Central African Republic It’s what drove 19 men to fly fully loaded passenger jets into Manhattan skyscrapers This is faith based behavior If we as a species destroying ourselves It won’t be because anything written in one particular book of apocalyptic fairytales was correct It will be because enough people believed in those fairytales to literally end themselves fighting over it Religion forces us to see each other as tribes rather than one great and beautiful human community The irony of course is that because of religions influence in power to steer humans toward destructive forces we actually can bring We might literally like every human off the face of history Only life you’re certain even exists in this boundless cosmos all because we held two ancient Superstitions and myths so tightly that we were willing to literally destroy ourselves in their service Everything humans have accomplished have loved produced and aspire to would end Since our species was in its infancy it has looked to the skies and cowered in terror as comets passed overhead Or the moon turned the color of blood We interpreted the rumbling of the earth with a bluster of great storms as God’s wrath we did this because we didn’t know any better unable to explain the world around us we made up our own answers, but those days of superstition should be behind us as 21st century people we have no excuse for still seeing angry gods and hurricanes or blood moons raising faith above rationality superstition above science belief above evidence is not something to be proud of We are smarter than that and it’s time we began acting like it Christians when you read that the universe was created out of a giant golden egg as the Hindus believe you dismiss it out of hand Clearly its foolishness When you read that after death we all become God and rule over our own planet as the Mormons believe You dismiss it out of hand clearly It’s foolishness when you read that Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse as the Muslims believe you dismiss it out of hand Because clearly it’s foolishness But you don’t blink when Elijah is caught up into heaven by a chariot of fire Or a man lives for days inside of a large fish or two of every living creature crammed into a single boat or the earth ceases rotating It’s time to stop believing in something that regularly breaks the laws of nature It’s time to stop believing in prehistoric gardens with magic fruit trees and talking snakes It’s time to stop believing in floating zoos a flood that covered the entire earth and people who live to be nearly 1,000 years old It’s time to stop believing in towers built to reach heaven it’s time to stop believing in parting oceans talking donkeys Controlling demons guardian angels evil curses signs and wonders. It’s time to stop believing in the end times traffics virgin births people who rise from the dead the Antichrist Lucifer wars that generate blood up to a horse’s bridle and locusts the size of cows It’s time to stop believing in an eternal paradise made just for those who believe like you and he’ll of fire and brimstone for those who don’t and yes It’s time to stop believing in God It’s time to start accepting reality to all that it is in all that’s messy and glorious wonder It’s time to be overwhelmed by the size and age of the cosmos It’s time to be awed by the beauty of evolution as revealed by science it’s time to see the same sort of majesty in reality that you currently find in fantasy I assure you a Godless faithless life is not the cesspool of meaninglessness depravity and despair You’ve been told it is since abandoning my faith I am a far happier more contented and peaceful person And I’m a far far less fearful person I now consider moral issues not in black and white binaries, but I examine their many nuances Taking into account. What science has revealed about the flourishing and well-being of both humans and animals And no longer live my life thinking that this existence is merely a way station on the way to something better but rather our singular chance to exist I Count myself infinitely lucky that I get to experience this extraordinary Planet and the cosmos in which it swims with a sundry smattering of beguiling human beings led in yellow black and white all precious in my sight The view of whom up here is absolutely breathtaking there’s nothing to be afraid of You can pick almost anything in any holy book and then using reason and modern knowledge See how it all is ‘le falls apart like a castle of cards When it comes to why people believe so strongly I think a lot of people forget how they were indoctrinated Not everybody was indoctrinated the same way and not everybody’s indoctrinated successfully But I remember how I was indoctrinated And it took me years of being out of it to finally sort of wrap my brain around oh You know what now. I really remember what happened to me because I had a rosy colored view of it as a Christian They would take me when I was little you know like before you like when you’re a baby you’re going to church And you’re in like little daycare at the church when you start to get a little bit older They start putting you in Bible class and you have your teacher That’s there on Sundays and Wednesday nights, and then you have the preacher That’s up there in the pulpit like on you know Sunday mornings the Sunday nights And then your parents are home teaching you this and so you have all this going on and all of these early before you even Get into school Like adults and the whole culture and your parents and all these people that you consider to be teachers and so smart and they’re talking To all these people surely they know things So you’re so impressed with that as a little child and of course when you get into school It’s kind of like what you were already introduced to at the church And so you’ve got these teachers that you’re supposed to listen to and learn from and they’re just like the teachers at church that you Listen to and you learn from so you’ve got this setup that it’s just totally reinforced and of course when you start to hit an age where You start thinking about these things that you’re being told and you start realizing hey they want me to walk down the aisle and go and get baptized and now I have to really kind of think about this and It’s not just believe it anymore. I’m starting to get to be an adolescent I’m starting to get to be a teen and I’m starting to consider these ideas in a less childlike way But at that point you don’t have any world experience. You don’t have very much critical thinking going for you you haven’t certainly been raised to think critically and You have this doctrine of hell that you’ve always heard And there’s all these horrible songs about what’s gonna happen to you If you don’t believe in Jesus and you know all the good stuff is going to And if you do and you’re telling these children if you don’t get baptized if you don’t believe in Jesus you’re going to Never be with your parents again. You’ll never see them again. They’re gonna go to heaven you’re gonna go to hell It’s a bad place, and you’re gonna make God unhappy and Jesus died for you, and you’re so ungrateful And you’re just you know sinful horrible thing You don’t know how to think or make decisions here and moral you can’t trust yourself. Can’t trust your own judgment This is what you’ve been told everything their child should never be told you know children should be taught to learn how to think and to progressively learn to trust themselves and to trust their judgment and when you’re indoctrinated you’re just progressively torn down to never trust yourself and to think that you can’t think and you can’t question it and that you’re just Not smart enough and you’re not even good enough, and so these children like me you end up Just praying and praying desperately because you want so badly to be able to believe because not believing results in one of two things Either you’re gonna. End up in hell Or you’re gonna. Live your whole life afraid that you’re gonna End up in hell when you’re a young person like this and you’ve been indoctrinated in this way You don’t understand that there is a way to not believe and not live in fear so you’re thinking my entire life will be horrible fear in doubt just like I’m experiencing right now if I don’t believe and so you’re just on your knees every night. Just begging and begging for you know Please God if you’re there help me. You know show me something. Give me something to hang my hat on and the cool thing about the prayer test is that there’s no success metric right it’s whatever you consider to be a Successful outcome is the positive Successful outcome of the prayer test so you get your little sign That is whatever the hell is meaningful to you and your subjective head and there it is God God’s showed you he’s there and then amazingly all that fear and all that crap just slides away because now you believe in Jesus you’re gonna run and get baptized and Isn’t it great because now I don’t have to be afraid anymore now I don’t have to be stressed anymore and now my life. Can be happy God’s happy with me. I’m so happy I know there’s a God And I’m so relieved like just the relief and and now I know how much God loves me And he was there for me, and he helped me Every single thing that happens, it’s God God did this for me God made sure to you know not let me get this because it wasn’t right for me And then I went got this other thing and it was so much better And so your whole life is then filtered through this cosmology of God behind everything And then you go through that for the remaining years Unless somebody comes along and challenges it sufficiently and that’s huge I mean it’s huge because what they’re challenging is not just an entire universe that you see as God But they’re also coming at you trying to take away your security blanket the thing that made you feel good and not be afraid anymore and that to me is the thing it’s People call it like the fear of Hell but I think it’s more of a fear of going back to being uncertain and afraid and When you haven’t been in a place where you don’t believe in you’re not afraid. You don’t even know that that place exists You Congratulations on your new building project your ministry is growing and you need to build Exciting days for you and your ministry, I’m sure your future looks bright Earlier this year my local newspaper ran a front-page story Entitled faith in the future. It was an article discussing How churches are aiming to attract and keep the younger generation? The article showed how churches are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building can phase multi media rooms even Wi-Fi lounges for your mobile device of choice and yes The Bible is supposed to be at the center of it all but the point of all these new renovations is to get the youth and young adults in the doors and into the pews or In this case the cushion seats next to the expresso bar Christians are trying so hard to provide religious environments that feel safe and comfortable and inviting to visitors I Know these churches mean well But I think they’re desperately trying to cover a massive wound with a bunch of shiny expensive band-aids Problem is despite their best efforts the wound is still bleeding out at a record pace Look Christians. I got a little secret for you I can save you a lot of time and money by explaining why you’re losing this fight It’s really simple and you won’t have to waste your time and everyone else’s money on expensive renovations pizza night or lame jokes Trust me you’re gonna kick yourself for not thinking of this Okay, got a pen and paper great here It is the reason why Christianity is becoming irrelevant is because of this Yeah, it’s called the Bible and it tells the tale of a body of believers that doesn’t look anything like today’s church Now I’m not talking near cultural differences. Those are to be expected what I’m saying Is there is a fundamental disconnect between the church we read about in the New Testament and the one we see today and that? Disconnect is driving the nail into Christianity’s coffin See in the New Testament we read amazing stories of the church that healed the sick and performed miracles They functioned as a closed community, and met the needs of the collective Apostles and prophets guided them if there was a question an answer was provided. If there was a need it was met signs and wonders followed those who believed truly amazing stuff Today however well church is nothing more than a weekly activity where people go to sing a few songs Listen to a half-hour speech and fellowship with friends. It’s part Toastmasters part Consort social club, and that would be fine under normal circumstances But the church was meant to fulfill a much higher calling The modern church seeks to fill pews instead of emptying hospitals it excels at fundraising But not raising the dead If the modern church were doing the works found in the book of Acts or epistles you could hold services in an old broken-down Factory with no heat no air-conditioning and that building would be filled to max capacity every Sunday with every age group and demographic imaginable if members of the church could heal terminal diseases Instantly through God’s power or restore sight to the blind if they could utter prophecies that saved lives from future disasters if the collection plates were passed in order to help poor members pay their mortgages if Pastors taught the scriptures with apostolic Authority there would be no need for internet cafes or other crutches people would be lining up on Sundays by the Thousands, but that’s not what’s happening As a result the church must rely on home makeovers in order to stay relevant Church, it’s time to face the harsh truth The younger generation is tired of the clowns who represent you the monsters you protect and the oppression you champion They’re tired of the unanswered prayers the countless divisions the hypocrisy and all the things that bagel sandwiches and flat screens can’t compensate for and so after many fruitless revival meetings Maybe one day some of you will finally realize what many of us already have and that is You cannot revive? What was never real in the first place? faith in the future well if all the church has to offer our band aids your faith may not have one I Was raised in a very Catholic family both sides my family very religious I Would witness and you know as you use the the Christian terminology witnessed in school my dad drove the school bus my mom taught Sunday School Required practice on Wednesday night So we had church on Sundays we had youth group we were there every day during the week for school And then we were there during the weekend for church It’s difficult being raised from a child Because you’re brainwashed. I mean it’s it’s a brainwashing Why would they lie however the adult lied to the child there? There’s trust there? So asking questions like why are we doing this? What is this all about the only reason that they do believe in what they do believe in is? It’s just by chance by where they were born they were born in a religious family. You’re told from your birth That there is this mystical person in the clouds Who is going to make sure that you’re okay? When you die and you’re taking care of? Everything I’ve ever learned about marketing. I learned in church as if it It is the only It’s the only thing evangelical Religions wanting to bring youth in Before they start getting exposed to other ideas in the world they now have the concerts pizza parties they have slumber parties All kinds of activities they want everybody in the entire world to believe what? They do when there’s there’s so much knowledge out there that we have today that It tells us otherwise Ask questions. You know I think that that’s where we’re really lacking is. We just take things in. I just recently had a Argument, and one of my brothers. He’s just so into believing in Jesus. He said he was gonna try to save me There’s no saving something that’s not wrong it’s like fixing something that isn’t broken I’m a skeptic. I’m a free thinker. I’m an atheist I Think you know the big question is why do you believe certain things? You know why do you believe in? Allah versus Jesus or why do you believe in alternative medicine versus conventional medicine? And a lot of it has to do with what you’re exposed to as well as the number of Biases that we as humans have that sort of colors the information we receive from the world A large portion of its geography right so if you’re born in Oklahoma, you’re much more likely to become a Christian then you are a Hindu simply because everyone else around you as a Christian but in terms of the specifics of our beliefs They’re very very highly driven by you know what we’re imprinted with early So you know those people that are around us as well as the fact that we naturally as humans seem to have these Pieces built into our brain that want us to believe things that are not necessarily backed up by the evidence There’s been some very very interesting research over about the last 15 years or so that has cleverly shown that children I’m talking here under two years old seem to be naturally wired to believe in things that are not necessarily actually there And that certainly helps contribute to our belief in supernatural things later in life I’m a huge fan of the scientific method. I think one of the Best things that our culture has produced over the last 400 years Is a scientific method and the reason is because what the scientific method does is? It takes all these biases all these heuristics that we’re naturally prone to And it helps to eliminate them it helps to control For all the things that we as humans naturally do so that we don’t fool ourselves And that’s the key to any sort of real understanding things is not just oh well. Here’s my evidence for it. It’s well Here’s my unbiased evidence for it for me personally It’s about seeing the world as it is not as I want it to be and I think The world would be a much better place if all of us were trained in how to think critically in how to think rationally And how to logically examine questions and not just find what I want to believe which is what we do naturally But find what actually is what so to do so in an unbiased way I Used to believe in angels I Honestly believe that they comforted me when I was in need and they watched over me when I was in times of peril And that they whispered to me day and night And that they were whispering that God loves me and that he was protecting me from harm. I Walked through each and every day with grass stains on my knees bruises on my elbows Band-aids on my hands and those angel’s wings kept me safe from the real harm They blow that calm gentle breeze that grew into a hurricane To beset me on all sides with a sort of safety bumper Now don’t get me wrong though. There were plenty of times. I pushed my luck and my imaginary Guardians Well, I pushed them to the limit. I mean how was I still here after nearly 35 years? if not by the grace of a God and the protection of his agents I Mean why am I here now? Why am I here now while there are coffins that are being lowered into the cold winter ground in Connecticut? What if I done with my life that gives me the right to be here While a child that may have done so much more Lies in a closed casket as her father finds the special presence she asked for for Christmas hidden away in the trunk of his car What have I done with my life that gives me the right to complain about? Hardship and adversity while a wife walks into an empty house once full of hopes and dreams and plans and now Now it just breathes every memory into her as she walks through the quiet halls What have I done to deserve to be here What lottery did I win and why did the Angels that watched over me so well for so long when I didn’t even care And why did they watch over me when I had all but turned away from their maker I guess maybe it’s because the cloud of heaven was never anything more than a shield against the reality of this world And once your head is out of the clouds you tend to see things more clearly but the reality is the bad things will happen all the time and that reality is that we will always be shocked and terrified by the news of one another one of our species is done and That the reality is that a god if one even exists has been completely stripped of their power No rule that man has ever made would have been able to limit an ellipse and God and yet no God intervened No God ever intervenes When I was in my private Christian high school they were heavy on the belief that everything that happened was according to God’s will When one of my classmates died on the operating table? It was because God needed a piano player and when the girl that I was dating committed suicide It was because God needed the brightest smile the earth had ever seen To shine for his pleasure and for his selfish pleasure alone And when the bomb went off in Oklahoma City? Taking the lives of a hundred and sixty eight people including 19 children under the age of six well They didn’t have a good reason for why God would want that one to happen? But it was obvious that they believed that he did have a plan because if not It never would have happened So last friday and christian classrooms all over america indeed all over the world. I’m sure another generation of children were told That either God had a plan and that the deaths of twenty more children was all a part of his grand scheme Or they were being told that they were the lucky ones to be in a school that allows God in their doors they’re the chosen ones the children of God the blessed the strangers in a strange world and the protected My only hope is that this coming generation which is? Already becoming one of the least religious generations in the United States will see the lies for what they are That they’ll realize that any God that could create a universe Wouldn’t need senseless violence to accomplish his plans That they’ll open their eyes from their teacher. Led prayers and see how empty and impotent and small the God that they worship really is And that they’ll finally start asking those questions that lead to truth and freedom from the chains of a belief That reduces them to pawns and a cannon fodder the believers like to tell us that it’s harmful But if it weren’t for us damned atheist their imaginary friend would have miraculously stopped the bullets from ripping into the bodies of those children We’ve been accused of stripping their God of his power on one side, and then the believers chastised their own for not being vigilant We’ve been accused of turning our country away from the saving grace of a God and yet we see that if that God actually exists It cares nothing for our existence. It cares nothing for our happiness, and it cares nothing for our lives It’s proven that time and time again It cares nothing for the lives of the innocent either and the lives of the children those children that think only of today and only of this moment and only of the joy and the love they can give and Thriving on the love that they receive and yet we know We know that even if a God exists well We’re still on our own here Our lives are only made tolerable in the ravaged world we have around us because we rely on each other Because we know that hands clasped and prayer do nothing when compared to hands reached out to health Humankind is a strange species We need tragedy sometimes to remind us value we all have and how valuable we are to each other But it’s not healthy and we need to move away from all of the hate and the strife and the finger-pointing We no longer need to be divided by creeds written down hundreds or thousands of years ago And we can no longer afford to be that species anymore because those divisions and those dogmas Are destroying what we can become? believing in a God harms everyone because that God either becomes the reason and the excuse for our actions or That God fails to live up to the promises We are all told have been made, and I don’t blame any gods for the tragedies We put ourselves through and I don’t hate any gods for not interfering and saving the innocent lives And it’s not only because I don’t believe any gods exist It’s because I know what pain is and I know that there are others that hurt And I know what that can drive a person to do We are the masters of our own destiny and we are the makers of our own fate There are no gods and Kings only humankind I’m here now because a God wanted me to be here not because of God protected me I’m here to experience the gift of life and the joys and sorrows that go along with living I Have to make my life worth something I have to work at making an impact on the lives of those around me and around them and around them I’m one of the lucky ones, and I can’t forget that or there’s no reason and there is no hope for me 1993 photographer Kevin Carter went to use Sudan to photographically document the suffering and starvation of the Sudanese people a suffering brought on by political Anarchy and backwards religious thoughts of ideological supremacy and intolerance Not only to those who believed in a different version of the God and power, but also To those who believed and worshipped a different God altogether Carter snapped this photo of this starving child this little girl Who was trying to crawl to a un aid Food Centre I? read how he was told not to touch her not to help hurt her, but instead she just Walk away from her That is when I started to ponder that Is when I started to question God’s plan? If you’re going through a bad chapter in your life today Well, I have good news for you God has a plan for you today, and it’s a good plan It’s a plan to prosper you and not to harm you I don’t care what the circumstance is you may say you don’t understand how bad my situation you know friend I don’t have to What I have to know is what the Word of God says and the Word of God tells me that he has a plan for You that he does As I stared at this photo at first I wondered how Carter the photographer Must have felt as he walked away from his child loses Future lay not in front of her, but literally stalked her from behind how he must have felt knowingly that this child would soon helplessly feel the sharp talons in shredding the beak of her future of gods a plan for her tearing into her flesh as she cried out their final moments I Then wondered if the car Gege tried to rationalize as best he could what he had just seen The image of which now not only lives in the eye of his mind and in the depths of his emotions But also on a roll of tightly-wound film in a camera dangling from his neck I wondered if he prayed to God for comfort and understanding I Wonder did God gave him this verse to help ease his sense of guilt and English Or if God gave him this message to help him understand God’s higher purpose in ways My thoughts then turn to this starving child this little girl Who did nothing more than be? created by her Heavenly Father for his purpose for His divine plan I wondered if God comforted her with the same verse I Wondered if God consoled her with this message Has a purpose for your life – this is a very clear link I know the plans that I have for you to give you a whole and a I wondered how this child full of pain full of hunger full of fear, Erin full of lost hope Felt upon receiving these words from her creator as she tried to crawl away from them his plan from her Purpose as she’s bloodied her palms and knees in futility trying to escape every peck at her flesh Every part of God’s loving planning for her life My thoughts then shifted from the child to God himself How did God feel as he knelt down on whispered this? into that child’s ear How did God feel as he watched this trial fulfill her purpose her partner in his unquestionable plan? Then I wondered How did God feel? Looking not only into the eyes of this little girl, but also into the eyes of the millions of children He has given such a hope and a future – throughout history As part of his divine planning as part of his purpose for their lives This is the United States Pledge of Allegiance as it was in 1953 It included the sentiments of all peaceful productive and contributing Americans and excluded no one This is the reverse side of the United States dollar bill as it was in 1953 It also did not overtly exclude the beliefs of any peaceful productive and contributing members of American society This is the motto of the United States as it was in 1953 It promoted the unity of all Americans in reaching the common goals of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness From 1954 to 1957 during a time when America felt threatened by the Soviet Union a nation with state and forced Atheism we changed our pledge our money and our national motto our fear of being culturally Overtaken by the Soviet Union was so strong that we were willing to incorporate explicit references to believe in God into our federal government as part of our national identity Despite the fact that many hardworking and sometimes deeply influential Americans were atheists Our national symbols now explicitly excluded one group of Americans for the sake of promoting the identities of another Some have argued that since atheists are a minority in America Incorporating references to God and our government is acceptable because it still represents the identities of the majority of Americans But imagine if instead of saying under God our Pledge said one straight nation which would exclude homosexuals instead of atheists This pledge also represents the identity of the majority of Americans, but would this be acceptable The fact that has been so difficult for us to see this disparity Shows that the echoes of polarization that resulted from the Cold War still live on in the public consciousness But they don’t have to there are so many values that we all agree on whether we’re atheists Christians Muslims Buddhists homosexuals or any other type of American To Y than any one of us is more patriotic than the others is an insult to all of us The government that we all create together should promote the values that we all stand for Thomas Jefferson viewed by many as the beacon of freedom said I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world and do not find in our particular superstition Christianity one redeeming feature They are all alike founded on fables and mythology Jefferson also famously cut out all the myths and fables out of the Bible with a razor thus creating the Jefferson Bible Benjamin Franklin said Lighthouses are more helpful than churches as well as the way to sea by faith is to shut the eye of reason Thomas Paine by the way wrote an article proposing the emancipation of slaves in 1775 he said what is it the Bible teaches us? raping cruelty and murder what is it the New Testament teaches us to believe that the almighty committed the battery with a woman engaged to be married and The belief of this debauchery is called faith James Madison said religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and then fits it for every noble enterprise every expanded prospect Religion is a mental slavery and to say that the only creeps into life would be a major understatement Scientific advances, which should by now be conventional wisdom are challenged by fiction and myths The process of non-thinking called faith I’m a scientist, and I believe there is a profound contradiction between science and religious belief There is no well demonstrated reason to believe in God And I think the idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the universe The 21st century should be an age of reason Yet irrational militant faith is back on the March Every person needs at the center some sense of meaning about existence it is life and death to us It makes us who we are Yet most of us as we grow up and become responsible adults accept that life is complex that we live in a world of subtle shades not sharp black and white I Worry that these born-agains are being persuaded to return to Childish certainties The only truth they need is God God as interpreted for them by their pastor You don’t already Everybody knows that we believe the Bible is the Word of God and today, I talked about love Your neighbor as yourself Now I didn’t have to produce evidence Sociological evidence or psychological evidence the book is how can you say that ask to think for themselves? And they told everything in this book is true There is ample evidence for example that the earth is billions of years old. There is no evidence however for the existence of god or gods Yet, there are people out there who challenge science by waving the Bible about Creationism is just one of the many modern Aberrations aims are we writing history self and where else better to start than with children at schools Do you believe in evolution What do you believe I? Created that world which will do that It’s the biggest question of the poll Where did we come from How do we rise above our humble beginnings How did it remote of the primates go from swinging from trees to walking on the moon? We now have a chance to be your back and see for ourselves To see how our ancestors rapid untamed horses age to shape our own destiny We are the designers We invented the tools and the tools then invented us And fire man and medicine man and transport innovations that changed the world and changed Humana This is the greatest adventure story ever told it’s bigger than science. It’s greater than history Imagine what it was like for those who came before us at the dawn of humankind When the earth was flat On the moon and Sun were our mother and father And when the stars were just pin holes in the curtain of the sky When we drew our history with primitive pictures When we fashioned our shelters inside the cold rock of the landscape When a long life was 30 years When everything we saw was a sign a flash from the sky Meant God was angry When the earth shook the spirits were displeased The floodwaters came and we begged for forgiveness The volcano erupted and we appeased it with sacrifices We suffered sickness and disease and we called it a curse When loved ones perished and we called it judgment Everything was beyond our understanding Mysterious strange wondrous terrifying Unknown it. Somehow we believed that we were the center of all things And then we began to see our world with new eyes The moon was a place we would one day visit and leave our footprints in the dust The Sun was a brilliant cascade of helium hydrogen a star a single solitary star among billions of other stars Inside a single galaxy Alongside hundreds of billions of other galaxies in a universe born billions of years before us The Tempest above us the fire beneath us They became explainable measurable often foreseeable Our crude illustrations gave way to rich expressions of picture and verse that ignited the imagination We build our shelters from wood mortar glass and steel We discovered living worlds beyond the naked eye And we inhabited that world to understand and begin to conquer sickness and disease We began to unlock the code of our very being and discover the bond we share with all living things We celebrated long lives of over a hundred years Our age is a new age of enlightenment at this very moment Humankind is beginning to grow beyond the childish fears of its infancy to refuse to be satisfied with unanswered questions to acknowledge a universe much grander and more wonderful than the superstitions of our ancestors would ever allow and to Understand that even though we occupy a tiny planet inside a vast universe We are still part of it. We are growing we are learning We are achieving We are evolving to Finally understand that we are not the center of all things There are many questions about the history of the earth What major events might have occurred to shape it? Was there a global flood a big bang? How did the earth become filled with so many amazing and diverse creatures? Tosses the fate of the present want to understand why the why the world is to die you’ve got to understand What happened in the past? to this day There is no greater method to remind us of the mundane trivialities Of everyday life than glancing up at the ghosts of many millions of ancient stars dangling in front of the black veil of the great cosmic dark But for me. It’s not just the immensity of space that gives me my dose of insignificance but time Deep time Naturally we tend to ponder 10 lengths that are proportional to what we observe in our own experience days Weeks and years so the concept of deep time winding back through many millions and billions of years is far beyond the comprehension of you or I We humans evolved to survive in the open savannas of East Africa to fashion stone tools and follow the hurts for survival all while developing the brainpower to out-compete and Outsmart the great predators, which shared our environment not contemplate the success of eons that have passed before us Our ability to ponder our place in time is but a harmless byproduct of our ancestral survival instincts No, no mad or wanderer of ages past could have possibly known of the forgotten worlds of planet Earth lost not in space but in time So here’s a simple question when was the first person born around what time in history did the very first? recognizably modern Homo sapiens walk the earth Fifty thousand years ago 100 thousand years ago 1 million Well truly there is no real answer Because there was never a first person In order to understand the history of life from an evolutionary perspective It’s important to realize that terms like species are often relative and ever-changing Because nature doesn’t have to serve our intuitions Evolution is a slow process We’re in times of environmental change every generation is slightly different from the last Transitions between species aren’t nearly so sudden It’s not unlike the so called fall of the Roman Empire In this case too we tend to think of transitions from one historical period of time to another as a sudden collapse an Event of some kind where in one day the Classical Age was humming along as usual and then suddenly the barbarian hordes attack the walls fall the emperor is deposed and the people are killed and Slaved and scattered along with their civilization lost forever to the dust of time But in reality if you or I were to live at the same time of this so-called fall We would hardly notice much of a change over the span of our lifetime Just a subtle policy shift here And there a slight change in cultural emphasis arises some new gods pop up while certain old ones slip further away into obscurity while essential portions of infrastructure are no longer properly repaired and maintained until Eventually over the span of decades and centuries things slowly evolve into something totally different From classical antiquity to the world of medieval Europe from a time of symmetry unity and order Literacy and light to a time of superstition division and darkness such is the passage of time? whether on the microcosmic scale of the passing of human civilizations were on the larger deeper scale of the transition from one species to the next Just imagine we animals plants fellow humans entire ecosystems alike are all perpetually living together in the flowing stream of evolution We are all collectively floating downstream together in a mash of a currents tides and whirlpools all affected and being affected together by the same selective variables in our collective environment just as the common Romans living at the time of their own civilizations fall could not have noticed the changes swirling all around them and Just as historians are loath to pick a singular date or time to pinpoint exactly the moment of monumental change to the world Evolution is a slow process so slow and gradual even when it is punctuated by dramatic change that it is never noticeable or significant in any way at one point It is only through the application of deep time of looking over vast periods of cause effect and change That anything significant pops up or jumps out at us based off of the fossil evidence we can tentatively pin the origin of anatomically modern humans in Africa to between 1 and 200,000 years ago The world we currently find ourselves in with all of its wonderful and vibrant life forms all playing their own role in a vast global Ecosystem is but a snapshot in time a single frame in the great film of life. Where all that is inevitable is change natural pressures from competition for the basic necessities for life Forced populations to either adapt to new environmental changes will be forever lost in extinction in its multi-billion year long history life on Earth has seen countless environmental changes many harmless some catastrophic Where species have either vanished were developed new adaptations to cope the? further back we wind through geologic time the more alien life becomes as recently as 10,000 years ago Lions were stocking herds of giant wild camels on the plains of North America alongside of woolly mammoths and nomads The streams were filled with saber-toothed salmon measuring 2.7. Meters and just a few thousand years before a sheet of ice a mile thick covered the continent 10 million years ago animals show much fewer resemblances to their modern-day counterparts While there are whales beavers bears and cats there are equally as many unfamiliar creatures There were great predators such as the Intel and the Nimba rids preying upon three-toed horses and giant sloths Life 150 million years ago paints a very different picture This world when ruled by Giants is set in the middle of the age of dinosaurs Here we find a menagerie of great reptilian beasts like the colossal sauropods and the spectacular Stegosaurus dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops lived at the very end of the age of dinosaurs Some 66 million years ago 85 million years after the last Stegosaurus vanished from the earth more time separates Stegosaurus from tyrannosaurus than tyrannosaurus and us 500 million years ago the land is barren desolate void of life But in the seas however lies an alien world The competition for survival had begun long ago, and the competitive pressures have already produced life. Forms. Just as beautiful as they are bizarre Many of these creatures we will never know existed their soft bodies too fragile their existence too obscure for their remains to last through the ages All while life has been competing in the endless war of nature the continents have been rearranging themselves even more slowly than evolution Collisions and tears have reshaped the Earth’s surface countless times given millions and even billions of years Nothing is static change happens oceans rise and fall mountains form and degrade Species evolve and die off all in all in deep time all that is certain is change Eventually even we humans will become extinct and be forgotten forever when Nobody can say how no one is sure But what we do while we are here is up to us Along Despite all the moral nonsense and ethical evil coming out of Western religions We should by no means discard the other overgrown elephant in room Islam Islam is a monotheistic religion that originated in the Middle East in the seventh century AD Islam in a religious context means voluntary submission to God It was founded on the teachings Of the Prophet Muhammad as an expression of surrender to the will of Allah the creator and sustainer of the world The Quran the sacred text of Islam contains the teachings of the Prophet that were revealed to him by Allah Essential to Islam is the belief that Allah is the one and true God with no partner or equal? Today it boasts more than one and a half billion followers around the world You know No In the West we sometimes ignore religion But the Muslim world takes its holy book to the letter and anyone who dares to oppose the Prophet who must be exterminated in 2004 Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh released a short film called submission in the movie a Muslim woman talks about being abused and beaten by her husband as well as getting raped by her uncle Giving a voice to a woman and criticizing the rules of Islamic marriage got van Gogh murdered in the same year In the Netherlands a radical Muslim acted on his beliefs Stunning his country by killing one of its most famous men Amsterdam November 2004 Scene of a grisly and shocking murder the victim the great-grandnephew of artist Vincent van Gogh the killer Muhammadu Buhari a homegrown radical Muslim Who yeri gunned down tail van Gogh as he rode his bicycle, and then he cut his throat Nearly decapitating him do you fear for your life? I? fear from those individuals Who feel that they will go to heaven by killing me I fear for my life Ayaan, Hirsi Ali has reason to fear a former member of the Dutch parliament her name was on a death threat stabbed to Teo van Gogh’s chest Her crime She had collaborated with van Gogh to make this provocative film called submission It is an indictment of the way some Muslims mistreat women Islam is my spiritual journey And it is part of that journey that has brought me here to Share with my sisters because I feel like all of you that the struggle for women is our struggle Saudi women aren’t allowed to drive themselves to work or even to the doctor’s office the Atrocities and the disadvantages perpetrated on women in the name of Islam are real and their manifold serious sexual harassment and attacks on women in Egypt grouping stripping and rapes have become increasingly frequent and mutilation of the body acid violence There has been a wave of killings specifically targeting girls who study Oh women who work? There’s a terrible fear of the educated empowered woman. I have the right of education. I have the right to play I have the right to sing I have the right to talk. I have the right to go to market I have the right to speak up with all upon targeted Fifteen-year-old Malala yousufzai and her friends he asked for Malone by name, and then he shot her This is one of the most alarming human rights issues in the world This is being done in the name of some ideology The causes of prices have everything to do with the part of tradition and religion Which are clearly about the oppression of women is this the honest? Concept of honor it is very difficult to explain it to Western Societies a lot of it has to do with how women behave and the sexuality of women honor Is something that is carried and contained in women and is there to be guarded by men? Why is it that everybody is afraid to say? that Muslim women are deprived of their humanity Because people are you know slapped with these labels of being an Islamophobe and people don’t want to speak out Across Europe Islam is the fastest growing religion the number of Muslims tripling in the last thirty years? This increased Muslim presence and violence like the van Gogh murder play into the hands of right-wing Politicians like hurt builders a member of the Dutch parliament yes here We have nine seats who fears the Dutch are losing their country to an alien culture The party he’s founded has staked its political future in large part on an anti Islam platform Why have you chosen? Islam as your battleground so to speak Islam is I believe one of the most major threats to the West And also to Western Europe and to the Netherlands Today and more especially in the radical Islam is a major threat to our society Those are people that hate everything and that we stand for and are proud to use every means possible and to kill us It is to be expected from a society that uses the Koran as a main educational Textbook and where most of the city’s harboring radical Islamists least are in ruins Those are places with no hope for prosperity no entertainment no high education and where people struggle to survive No wonder then that their only escape from those desperate conditions is jihad a twisted Holy war in which radical Islamists, not only kill so-called infidels people of other faiths, but also many other Muslims Who often find themselves caught in the crossfire? In the Middle East Islam is our identity is our political life is our social life. It’s our life As a child I attended their Gaza elementary schools and We were taught that jihad is a religious. Holy war for the sake of Allah That’s what it is to conquer the word for Allah That is jihad These are actual scenes broadcast on Arab television Be mindful sana and DVI soldiers were nine lives of Hanan wa taala now with the more appear Abner and a terribie at an ala Affiliated he severely outfit Alex Avila But it was not always like that Baghdad for example used to be the hub of world science people with various beliefs from all over the globe would go there to study and work together they advance the frontiers of science by developing algebra and identified most of the stars in space But religious fanaticism was allowed to creep in and eventually take over Islam became the law of the land and Baghdad’s demise was at hand it was not just baghdad however the domino effect Affected the entire Middle East plunging it back into the bloodthirsty and pitch-black obscurity of the Dark Ages There was once an empire it arose from the eastern deserts during the seventh century and swept through the lands all the way from the edge of India in the East to Spain in the West the Empire included 30% world’s population and consisted of a large variety of ethnic groups with various religions and languages Even though the people were divided by great distance and cultural differences They bonded to each other through an official language 60 million people that lived within the Empire’s borders could exchange words and ideas by a common language It was Arabic This unrestrained exchange of communication between cultures sparked into an intellectual beacon in 10th century It became known as the translation movement, and it was the most ambitious gathering of knowledge the world had ever seen Thousands and thousands of books which due to her Philosophical ideas and scientific discoveries were preserved by translating works from Greek Persian and Indian into Arabic the teachings of Aristotle and Plato were translated and Contemplated by the intellectuals and even some of the feared lives were depended Knowledge became the most precious commodity in the Empire and the intellectuals paid almost Anything to get hold of a book that could expand their wisdom The translation movement gave the Arabic Scientists access to all of the world’s previous research and scientific discoveries They started to invest in scientific progress, and they encouraged philosophical inquiry all scientific progress was consequently collected in the Arabic world and Baghdad was the center of the intellectual world Scholars from all over the world gathered in Baghdad all scientists were welcomed to contribute regardless of faith Muslims Jews Christians and non-believers exchanged ideas Debated freely and worked together without being restrained by their religious convictions The Arabic scientists were encouraged by their faith to seek knowledge and therefore. They saw no contradiction in inquiring the world They were eager to understand how the universe worked and they realized that the only way to obtain Truth about the natural world was through observation documentation and testing hypothesis thus the scientific method was born This new way of contemplating the world excelled into unprecedented scientific endeavor Groundbreaking discoveries were made and the foundations of contemporary scientific fields were created The advancements that were made in medicine in anatomy took the Europeans several centuries to improve and the unprecedented Achievements in mathematics shaped the world we live in today Arabica mathematicians adopted the numeric system from India and by combining it with Greek geometry They created the modern mathematical model They developed algebra in the fall to still use today and algorithms essential for our modern computers While Greece regarded with Mattox as a mere theoretical instrument based on a perfect unrealistic world the Arabic Mathematicians adopted it as a practical tool. That could be applied on the real world They realized that they could decode the universe with mathematical principles Even I light them use geometry to explain how light works in his book of optics He explained in great detail that light travels in straight lines and that it bends in different medium He provided scientific evidence for his theories that could be tested and verified by others This unprecedented approach made him the world’s first real scientist Ahmad al biruni used trigonometry and algebra to measure the size of mountains Equipped only with medieval tools and the naked eye. He calculated the size of the earth accurate to 99% Elba Thani Contemplated the movement of the Sun the Solstice. He was able to calculate the length of a year to an accuracy of two minutes His studies of the celestial bodies inspired the European scientists of the Enlightenment several hundred years later Nasir al-din pussy directed the construction of the largest observatory at the time through his observations He concluded that the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy was geocentric model. It was deeply flawed He frantically worked on new models to explain the movement of the celestial bodies By proving that the scientific method was a powerful and reliable tool to decode the universe the Arabic scientists gained authority and influence in the society Their inquiry enriched the Arabic world with discoveries that took precedence over old knowledge And it hoisted a sail to the ocean of truth That would let humankind embrace science and reason hundreds of years later But this new rational and scientific approach to contemplate the world was not in everyone’s favor a Conflict arose between the intellectuals that embrace the scientific method and the religious scholars one of the main characters in this conflict was a theologian Jurist philosopher and a mystic his name was Ali gasps Al-ghazali x’ mindset was in stark contrast to the intellectuals that used mathematics to explain the world He believed that maam ethics was the language of the devil and that it would lead people away from the real truth al-ghazali Propagated that the purpose of society was to apply Sharia and the goal of man was to achieve happiness close to God His sole agenda was simply to revive Islam True knowledge in al-ghazali’s view was the knowledge of God He preached that this was religious science the only true science Disciplines relating to this world such as medicine and arithmetic Were merely techniques According to Al gazali knowledge was to help man achieved plenitude and getting close to God Improving life in this world or obtaining knowledge about it was not in his interest He also believed that ideas from other societies were useless And therefore he rejected the Socratic way of reasoning and all the scientific and philosophical work. That was not made by a Muslim The works of argus ally led to the implementation of taqlid which means to follow someone He proclaimed that the people shouldn’t think critically towards established facts or old knowledge but that they should follow a religious expert Omaha, Jing based on his interpretation of the Koran and Since the Koran was the infallible Word of God the people had to follow it without questioning or reasoning in the matter And while the teachings of al-ghazali spread through the Arabic Empire his notion of Islam started to replace the critical thought and the scientific progress and Thus the last song set of golden days soon fell upon the Arabic world The success of al-ghazali Reanimated the importance of Islam and it changed the path of the Arabic world The empire that once served as the intellectual beacon human Civilization is now only a vague memory of its great past The Arabic countries are today one of the most religious regions in the world where 94% of the population will confess that religion is important in their But their party came at a great cost The Arabic world that one sprouted itself for being the most innovative people in the world Has now fallen behind the rest of the world One of the key factors behind the Arabic golden age was the great translation movement that elevated the Arabic culture But the isolation towards other influences embarked by al-ghazali in the 13th century still remains today And since al-ghazali’s teachings were established in the Arabic world Fewer books have been translated to Arabic than is being translated to Spanish every scene Between 1980 and 2000 the Arabic countries in the Middle East registered 357 patents over the same time South Korea alone registered sixteen thousand three hundred and twenty eight patents Since the Nobel price first was awarded in 1901 to intellectuals who contributed to mankind through scientific or cultural achievements 561 prizes have been awarded to 847 individuals only ten of them were Muslims The American walks every day normal going to work Is walking down town in Manhattan and all of a sudden Two planes hit the Twin Towers, and they have no clue why would somebody do such a thing Well I saw the second airplane hit I Knew Jihad has come to America Heart lies at the Quran and the Quran is a book that thoughts for hatred That goes for violence that goes for murder That goes for war that cause for submission and the Quran asks and orders Muslims to kill non-muslims the Quran describes Jews as monkeys and pigs The Quran is alas Personal words which leaves no room at all for interpretation Therefore ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as a moderate Islam sure there are Moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam You What happened in Bali and in Istanbul now in Madrid Are close to home for all of us London’s worst attacks since the Second World War? the series of blasts rocked the capital during the busy morning Russia a Shocking toll of dead and injured dozens are described as in a critical condition bears lanschool number one is a scene of carnage tonight Hundreds of children are feared dead Masha’s pushed us eh good We have to stop pretending that Islam is a religion Islam is not a religion Islam is a totalitarian Ideology Islam wants to rule every aspect of society and every part of any person’s life therefore Islam should not be compared with other religions like Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism, but Islam should be compared with other Totalitarian ideologies like communism or fashion every single country in the world is dealing with this on one level or another you see that the Thais are dealing with it you see that the Filipinos are dealing with the Europeans arguing with in Madrid the Russians are dealing with it in Chechnya and the British dealing with it in London and in Manchester and and of course you see in the Middle East whether it’s in Iraq in Iran in Syria in Lebanon in Egypt and of course in Israel at Saudi Arabia And you go to Africa and you see that jihad is our operating everywhere from Djibouti to South Africa They are not trying to be part of the American Way of life They are not trying to be part of our culture. They are here with an agenda to make Islam the law of the land just to show where our loyalty belongs soon You see this flag here. It’s gonna go on the floor And to us our loyalty does not belong to this flag Allah to bless the loss of one o Allah Of course not all Muslims are like that, but we’ve been infiltrated with this kind of agenda and America has to wake up because we are strangling ourselves with our political correctness Let us also be tough on those people who do not want to integrate for people who are already in our societies and are from Muslim and Islamic background Let me tell you to them that if they adhere to our values to our Constitutions that they are welcome to stay there equal as anybody else since we have no hate to any person Whatsoever but as soon as they have an idea that? They think about Sharia That they think about jihad that they commit criminal acts we tell them we expel them We tell them there is the door you have to leave our society There is tremendous deception in terms of saying one thing publicly another thing privately Jasha arafat Obviously was the master of the this dual agenda in terms of openly supporting pluralism or non-violence or condemning terrorism I condemn completely sisters activities, and then secretly or behind closed doors supporting it Sometimes you would find a Muslim who appears to be moderate We were the first as you may remember poster time of the 11th We said that the actions of flying planes full of innocent civilians into buildings is not legitimate, but in his deeds He’s not as moderate as He is we are here to talk about the Magnificent 19 Those who two years ago today split the world Into two camps into the camp of Islam and the camp of non Islam or cover Those who revived the obligation of jihad worldwide the Magnificent 19 They were praising their hijackers celebrating the attacks on, New York In Paradise right now it looks all too impossible Christiane’s you frequently accused me of picking on your religion and ignoring the transgressions of others While this myopic focus is largely Understandable both because it is the faith in which I was raised and the overwhelmingly predominant one in our own culture I’ve decided to heed your criticism and focus on another faith for a change Islam Islam I hope all a theists and Christians can agree is the most vile religion on the face of the planet today We live in a time when the horrors of religious fanaticism are all around us We have seen what Sharia law looks like when it is transformed into political law. This is Islamic theocracy The repugnant barbarism inspired and even endorsed by the Quran is nothing short of evil Even a cursory reading of the Quran reveals a text steeped in violence misogyny sexual perversion slavery rape and torture Muslims use their holy book to justify all kinds of heinous barbarity Isis’s members accompany their barbarity with cries of Allah Akbar god is great their actions are endorsed Encouraged and quite often outright commanded by Allah through the Quran and other Islamic. Holy books consider these examples in chapter 35 verses 7 through 9 Allah portends mass-murder I will fill your mountains with the dead your Hills your valleys and your streams Will be filled with people slaughtered by the sword I will make you desolate forever your cities will never be rebuilt then you will know that I and God Elsewhere in chapter 15 verses 2 through 3 Allah commands go now Attack the infidel kill men and women children and infants and boxing’s and sheep camels and asses in Chapter 9 verses 5 to 7 Allah leaves no doubt of his genocide all appetites kill everyone Show no mercy have no pity kill them all old and young girls and women and little children Defile their temple Phil its courtyards with the bodies of those who kill in chapter 14 verse 21 Allah says to slaughter sons for the guilt of their fathers The Quran goes so far as to say how blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones the rock All’s sediments are again echoed in chapter 13 verses 15 through 18 Anyone who is captured will be run through with the sword Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children Now in fairness Allah doesn’t always insist his followers butcher all their enemies sometimes. He allows them to keep them alive as sex slaves In chapter 21 verses 10 through 24 Allah commands his people to kill every man woman and child Except the virgin girls he orders the men to carry them off as sexual trophies in Chapter 31 verses 7 to 8 Allah orders them to kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man Only the young girls who are virgins may live and you may keep those for yourselves In chapter 21 verses 10 through 14 Allah says that when they go out to war if they see a beautiful woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that You wish to take her as your wife you may take her home to your house you may have relations with them What kind of God sees women as spoils of? like cattle and other material plunder Clearly not a God whose values women But then the Quran has never been kind to women In chapter 21 verse 9 the Quran says and the daughter of any Imam if she profanes herself by whoring Profanes her father, and she shall be burned to death in chapter 22 verses 28 through 29 the Quran instructs that if a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman He must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father And then he must marry the young woman because he violated her and he will never be allowed to divorce her Yes, you heard that right Allah requires that rape victims have to marry their rapists that is unless no One can hear them screaming Just a few chapters before in chapter 22 verses 23 through 24 Allah’s people are commanded to stone to death both the rapist and his victim He because he violated the property of another man, and she because she didn’t cry out loud enough to be heard All’s concern is not with the rape victim, but rather the violation of another man’s property Speaking of property all a wholeheartedly endorses slavery in chapter 25 verses 44 through 46 Paulo says you may purchase male or female slaves from the foreigners who live amongst you You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners including those who have been born in your land You may treat them as your property Passing them on to your children as permanent inheritance In fact the Quran goes into great detail explaining, not just where to find slaves But how they can be beaten and when they can be raped it even gives instructions for how fathers can sell their own daughters into slavery Allah demands that anyone who does not worship Him is doomed to die Telling his followers in quran chapter 13 verses 7 through 12 If your own brother or your son or daughter or your beloved wife or your intimate friend? Entices you to secretly serve other gods Do not yield to him or listen to him nor look with pity upon him or spare him or shield him, but kill him Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him the rest of the people shall join in with you In fact the quran demands the death penalty for cursing parents for not being a virgin on your wedding night or for having sex outside of marriage For not obeying imams for committing adultery for blaspheming allah and of course for being gay Again, I think both Christians and atheists can agree the Quran and the so-called God who inspired it are. Nothing short of monstrous So by now my ruse is almost certainly up at no time have I read from the Quran every verse I cited or quoted here came straight from the Holy Bible the Commands to kill everything that breathed to punish women for being raped to enslave others all came not from the mouth of Allah but from Jehovah It was Yahweh who murdered every living creature across the entire face of the planet And it is a tone I who brags about the fact that he will do it again It is al Shaddai who? Because he so loved the world will cast every man woman and child who does not return that love into hell Where there will be tortured for all eternity? Elohim Asserted by Christians as being of pure Unconditional love is the very dictionary antithesis of that claim Worship me or I will torture You forever is a monstrous commandment, but this is the divine mandate on which the entirety of Christianity turns No doubt many of you will tell me that I am taking these verses out of context But I have to ask you in what possible? Context are they defensible in what context is a purely holy? perfectly moral all loving God make such pronouncements And you cannot tell me that these verses come from the Old Testament and have been invalidated by the new Your God is the same yesterday today and forever? Even if the Old Testament was superseded by the new you are still left with a God who at one point in human history Thought it perfectly moral to order such cataclysmic horrors Is it any wonder then that Richard Dawkins said the God of the Old Testament is? Arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction Jealous and proud of it a petty unjust unforgiving control-freak a vindictive bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser a misogynistic homophobic racist infanticidal genocidal Phyllis idle pestilential megalomaniacal sadomasochistic Capriciously malevolent bully You would think that an omniscient God knows the difference between truly malevolent characters and innocent bystanders you would think that an omniscient God knows the difference between a human being and Property you would think that an omniscient God knows the difference between a temporal crime and an eternal punishment And you would think that if an omniscient God wanted to obliterate slavery he’d have commanded it After all he issues thou shalt commands for everything from dietary restrictions to crop rotations How much more important is abolishing the ownership of another human being? This is evil right who in their right mind could follow a religion that preaches this sort of bloodthirstiness and savagery Well the answer is you can’t Christians you already are If I fooled you at any point in this ruse If at any time you found yourself angered by what you heard you must ask yourself Where is that anger now? Christians this is your holy text This is not the degenerate wicked make-believe scripture of some other false religion. This is your own Bible yours Why then do you use this book as your basis for morality? Why do you see the person who inspired and wrote it as a guide for any part of your life? If God were to command in the Bible that killing the defenseless children of your enemy is morally justifiable Would you consider toddler murder to be moral? Would you do it? Can you conceive of a single situation in which smashing the brains of infants against the rocks would make someone blessed? Those who do follow such rules are not radicals. They are following their holy texts to the letter the Question is why aren’t you? the answer is Secular culture has emasculated God’s commands you no longer behaved This way because you recognize it is morally reprehensible to do so If you won’t do these things even when commanded to Is it possible you are more moral than your God? Christians you are quick to note the immorality and others. Holy books. Are you brave enough to examine the immorality in your own? Dear believer Have you ever stopped to consider? Why you believe what you believe? Have you ever thought about why you chose the religion you chose? Why do you believe in Jesus Christ as the only means to eternal salvation and not in karma or reincarnation? Why do you believe that Allah is the one true God and Muhammad is His Prophet And not in the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha Why do you hold to the Torah as the only revealed Word of God and not? the bhagavad-gita Dear believer Do you ever wonder? Why your heaven resembles a utopian earth and is composed of the same base elements found right here on this planet? Do you ever wonder why your didi governs within a power structure that resembles that of the specific time and place in which? Your holy text was written Do you ever wonder why your God looks just like you or the animals with whom you share the planet dear believer is The faith you practice the dominant one within your culture Do you not find it at least a little suspicious that the overwhelming majority of all religious believers Adopt the religion of the society into which they were born Yet remain convinced. They’ve lucked out or been divinely admitted into the one true faith Does it not make you at least somewhat apprehensive that almost every person of faith chooses belief not because of its virtues supporting evidence Moral codes or expression of worship, but rather because it was what they were born into Why out of the abundance of faith choices available? Does almost every believer on the planet choose the faith? That’s within arm’s reach? Are you a Christian because you were born in America or Europe a Muslim because you were born in Saudi, Arabia or Indonesia a Buddhist because you are born in Japan or China a Hindu because you were born in India Can it be that faith is in almost every case just an accident of geography? Do you sincerely believe that had you been born in another country? You’d undoubtedly still be practicing the same faith you now embrace Dear believer is the faith you practice that of your parents and their parents before them Is it the first to which you were exposed? Did you know that nearly all religious devotees end up believing what they were taught to believe by their parents Why is it that we scoff at the idea of labeling a young person a Republican child or a Marxists child or a Keynesian child? Understanding he or she lacks the intellectual discrimination life experience and wisdom to make such a complicated and nuanced decision But we do not raise so much as an eyebrow when a youngster is referred to as a Christian child Surely a choice. No less complex Could it be that. There’s no such thing as a Muslim child just a child of Muslim parents Dear believer you are supremely confident in your faith You know it is the right one and all others are wrong you are literally willing to bet your eternal soul on that very fact and Yet have you ever stopped to consider that there are two dozen major religions and literally thousands of different faiths practiced on this planet Did you know that within Christianity alone? There are more than? 45,000 different denominations each claiming to understand ultimate truth better than all the others Do you realize that each member of every faith practiced is just as devout Just as sincere and their conviction every bit as sure as yours Did you know they to read infallible holy texts have airtight apologetics have experienced miracles feel God’s presence Sense his still small voice obediently follow his perfect will for their lives Love him indescribable and can defend their belief with the same fervency as you do yours And yet since every religion is mutually exclusive and contradicts the others in matters both large and small They cannot all be right right you know you just know your faith is the exception and yet if Every member of every faith feels just as you do What are the odds you’re right? You I’m told you’ve met a trusting Christ pavement on the cross of Calvary to tip you to him now the moment you do this God will give you eternal life just say Lord Jesus I repent of my sins Come into my heart Wash me clean I make you my Lord and Savior friend if you prayed that simple prayer we believe you got to live again God says I will save you if you confess with your laughing, I think everyone who repents of sin and trust in cross Half jesus’s righteousness credited to their account Sirs what must I do to be saved Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved in that house The Church of Rome is the capital of the universal Church the Church of Rome is the very cradle of holy church See she is the mother church in all other churches are but daughters to her The Catholic Church is the one and only church founded by our dear Lord Jesus Christ in the year 33 AD upon the rock of Peter a mystical body of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church are identical one and the same thing and If this is true, which it is and all Protestant groups all Orthodox Groups are not part of the true church and Christ This is the only one who spoke about his own church And we believe that we stick to orthodoxy because it is his own church today the four Patriarchate’s remain intact in full communion maintaining the original Apostolic Faith of the new testament record the Orthodox Church will continue in that challenge until his return That challenge is to spread the good news about the historic church the one that Christ himself established Being sure it is identical to the Church of the Apostles You see we have a life-and-death Message to present to the world Seventh-day Adventists have been raised up like Noah to prepare the world for its final hours We’ve been raised up like John the Baptist to prepare the world for the coming of our Lord There is no other religious movement in the world which fits this pattern I appeal to you to embrace the prophetic calling that Jesus has given To this church his remnant Church the seventh-day Adventist Church There is no other organization on earth providing spiritual food like the one that we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints is The only true and living church upon the face of this earth The fullness of the gospel has been restored The power and authority to act for him is present with us The power and the authority of the priesthood Rests upon this church the Lord spoke to those through whom he restored the church in the latter days He said of them that they might have power to lay the foundation of this church and to bring it forth out of obscurity and out of darkness the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth with which I the LORD am well pleased the restored Church of God explains the truths of the Bible with clarity and stands apart from the thousands of disagreeing sects and denominations of traditional Christianity as the restored Church of God’s membership continues to grow and Expanding full-time ministry serves congregations in Pastor, it’s around the world through the work of the restored Church of God Millions around the globe hear the good news of the coming kingdom of God Find answers to life’s greatest questions and learn never before understood routes that produce real lasting happiness The Reverend moon calls his family the true family the perfect family Moon is perfect human being is the only perfect human being from the earth? And he can choose his wife and his wife Becomes perfect as well and so his children become perfect because they are from this perfect man and perfect one And so when moon marries more than a thousand couples at once as he did in New York last June He exhausts them to live the high moral life that he supposedly exemplifies claims to be the one true church Iglesia de Cristo was established in 1914 it is an extremely well-organized set with followers of more than 2.4 million Scattered all over the world. It draws its powers from its ability to generate enormous revenues It’s reported more than 10% of its people’s income goes to feeding the church’s coffers it is also a closed society whose influence expand beyond its membership a solid voting bloc during elections hear politicians compete for the attention of its members One problem is that we have many holy books authored by the creator of the universe and they’re in conflict. You know they’re not it The New Testament makes it perfectly clear that Jesus is the Son of God? Really the Son of God, and you have to believe this Otherwise you’re gonna spend eternity in hell The Quran says twice that Jesus was not the Son of God and anyone who believes he’s the Son of God will spend eternity Hell, I mean this is this offers as much room for compromise as a coin toss So so let’s say, let’s say we just knew that one of those claims were what’s right You know we have a unit now. It’s we flee we’ve eliminated all the other possibilities We’re living in this challenging universe what God has given us a highly imperfect book and asked us to grapple with it but now we have the biblical claim the New Testament claim to the divinity of Jesus and the necessity of believing in it and The qur’anic claim that belief in jesus’s divinity leads to damnation Which is more likely that one of those is right and the other is wrong or that we have these competing tribes who were toiling in the context of just abysmal ignorance about the world and They you know the birth of the cosmos and the and the destiny of any individual soul after death you know I would put my lot in with a wider view of the circumstance, but even if we Granted your premise that no no there’s a good reason to believe that one of these books is perfect We’re still with a a coin toss situation. We don’t know whether to be a Christian or a Muslim and We’re noticing that people are choosing Basically on the basis of accidents of birth. I mean you just accidentally born in Afghanistan, and then you choose to be a Muslim and likewise with Christianity elsewhere It is a It’s a very strange sort of loving God who would have created this circumstance that web Eimear accident of birth You are raised to believe That a certain book was was and let’s say rightly raised to believe that this book was you know the perfect book But if you happen to be born in China. You know you go for centuries without hearing about this it’s it’s a stray a Four I think obvious reasons a totally provincial and and implausible scenario, and yet, it’s the scenario that most people believe I’m curious. How many of you consider yourselves to be devout Muslims? See a show of hands don’t mean to single anyone out, but not many Now you’re all aware of course that the Quran exists and claims to be the perfect word of the create of the universe You’re aware that once having heard this Possibility and rejecting it You’re all going to hell for eternity I Mean needles to say dr. Craig and I are both going to hell if this vision of life is true The problem is that everything dr. Craig has said tonight with a few modifications Could be said in defense of Islam in fact has been said in defense of Islam If the logic is exactly the same we have a book that Claims to be the Word of the creator of the universe it tells us About the nature of moral reality and how to live within it Well what if what if Muslims are right and what if Islam is true okay, how should we view God in moral terms How would we view God in world terms or I should say Allah? We have been born in the wrong place to the wrong parents given the wrong culture given the wrong theology Okay Needless to say dr. Craig is doomed. He’s been thoroughly confused by Christianity. Let me just appreciate what a bad position. He’s now in To appreciate the true Word of God I’ve been thoroughly misled by science Where is Allah’s compassion? And yet in a tree He’s on it. He’s omnipotent. He could change this in an instant he could give us a sign that would convince everyone in this room and yet he’s not going to do it and hell awaits and Hell awaits our children because we can’t help but mislead our children Okay, now just hold this vision In mind and at first appreciate how little sleep you have lost over this possibility Okay, just feel in yourself at this moment how carefree you are and Will continue to be in the face of this possibility. What are the chances that we’re all going to go to hell for eternity? Because we haven’t recognized the Quran to be the perfect word of the creator of the universe Please know that this is exactly how Christianity appears to someone who’s not been indoctrinated by it Our scriptures were written by people who by by virtue of their placement in history have less access to scientific information and facts and basic common sense than any person in this room Okay in fact there’s not a person in this room. Who’s ever met a person? whose worldview was as narrow as the worldview of Abraham or Moses or Jesus or Mohammed and most of these people with a few exceptions Had had a moral worldview. That was more or less indistinguishable from that of an Afghan warlord today Okay and yet dr Craig insists that the authors of the Bible knew everything they had to know about The nature of the cosmos and about how to live within it to guide us at this moment Okay, I want to suggest to you that this vision of life can’t possibly be true Okay, but just as there’s no such thing as Christian physics or Muslim algebra there can be no such thing as Christian or Muslim Morality whatever is true about our circumstance in moral terms and in spiritual terms is discoverable now and can be talked about in in language that it is not an outright affront to Everything that we’ve learned in the last 2,000 years Okay, what remains for us to discover are the facts in every domain of knowledge? That will allow the greatest number of us to live lives truly worth living in this world how is it that we can build a global civilization a viable global civilization of now destined to be 9 billion people With a maximum number of people truly Flourish that is the challenge we face sectarian moral denominations Okay a world shattered balkanized by competing claims about an invisible God is Not the way to do it apart from the fact that There’s no evidence in the first place. That should be compelling to us to adopt that view The only tool we need is honest inquiry And I would suggest to you that if faith is ever right about anything in this domain it’s right by accident You will not get to know it was by trying to prove it archaeologically or by DNA or by anything else in my judgment just pick it up and read it and pray about it and You will come to know religious truth is always confirmed by what you feel The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth if we will Study pray and listen to God’s voice This will help us strongly establish our seventh-day adventists Identity folks the Holy Ghost has been telling me to lay hold of that truth And every time that I walk the street and the enemy comes in with a lie Every time he comes in with a temptation every time he comes with discouragement fear shame whatever it may Be there has to be something in your heart And you asked the Holy Spirit stop if you have to and say make the proclamation to me again, Holy Spirit And you would hear the proclamation of the Holy Spirit because he abides in you as the spirit of the son So this spirit this Holy Ghost. It is the Holy Ghost every Church in the denomination claims it Everybody seems to be in touch not at your beck and call you press the button and is there You ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses say yes, we have it as the Roman Catholics. They caught it Uh-huh the Jimmy Swaggart you see his product everybody has it and they are all going in different directions So one spirit taking you all into opposite directions from God When he the spirit of truth is come he will guide you both, I said that spirit of truth this Muhammad Muhammad is the Prophet? We say, Asahikawa. Do I mean the Prophet was faithful truthful? prophet Sudoku word Allah mean the truthful the faithful. He is the prophet of truth Spirit of truth is the prophet of truth Muhammad and he guided mankind into all truth all your problems I’ve often been told that my unbelief is a guarantee of missing out on heaven and Ending up in hell but whose heaven Whose Hell? I’ve often been told that I should Just to be safe except God After all what have I got to lose But who’s God? Given so many options Aren’t I more likely to choose incorrectly might not I be better off wagering on no God rather than on the wrong God You put it to me. What if you’re wrong But what if you are wrong? What if rather than Jehovah Allah is the one true God or Shiva or Wooten? Or some God on the other side of the planet you’ve never even heard of yet The truth is you already know what it’s like to be an atheist in regards to every other faith, but your own It’s clear to you that adherence to other faiths are mistaken deluded or deceived But they think the same of you the way you view them is Exactly the way they view you Every devout Hindu has embraced his faith for the exact same reasons you have embraced yours Yet you do Not find his reasons compelling nor do you lose sleep at night fearing that if you die you’ll wake up in his hell Given this is it so hard to see why some of us just take our atheism one God further Dear believer I Wonder if religions aren’t just ancient constructs In which early humans attempted to both explain and control the chaotic world around them though irrational and content their emergence certainly isn’t We do not blame our ancestors for inventing religion There is no shame whatsoever in stumbling when you are blind or failing to properly construct a puzzle in the dark But we no longer live in the dark Science is ablaze in our world and illuminates our way Dissipating shadows and exposing even the deepest of crevices we no longer live in the cave We have crossed the valley scaled the mountains and have begun to make out the Magnificent Vista on the other side We no longer require comforting stories to make us feel safe or valued is It not time that our beliefs match our discoveries Is it not time that our ideas? reflect our new perspective There is equal. If not greater off in reality than there is in fantasy Perhaps it is time to stop telling ourselves that we are the reason the universe was made That our culture is somehow better than other cultures that our tribe was chosen over all other tribes it Is time to learn how the universe really is? Even if that deflates our conceits wounds our pride Humbles our point of view and forces us to admit that we do not have all the answers Believer If you honestly value the truth above all things as you claim as I truly know you do You must confront these fundamental questions The world’s religions conceived of god or gods in so many Contradictory ways that they cannot all be true in particular the concept of God in Islam and Christianity is So different in crucial respects that both religions cannot be right for example Christians believe that God is try personal that the second person of the Trinity took to himself a human nature That Jesus of Nazareth was there for both man and God that in his human nature He died to pay the death penalty of sin that you and I deserved, but that God raised him from the dead Thereby showing his sacrificial death to be effective Muslims deny all these things we cannot both be right we could both be wrong Maybe it’s the Buddhists. Who are right, but we can’t both be correct Thus every one of us whether Christian Muslim Buddhist Hindu? atheist agnostic or what-have-you Needs to ask himself what reasons we have for thinking our persuasion to be true Otherwise we run the risk of being self deluded can’t all religions be true or can’t all Religions at least have some of the truth, and none have all the truth, and this is quite often Illustrated by the six blind men and the elephant you ever heard this parable This is what professors often use to try and convince students that You know religions don’t really have the truth They’re kind of share the truth But they’re not really one is not really more true than the other they think they have the truth But they really don’t and it’s illustrated this way there are six blind men and One feels the ear of the elephant and thinks it’s a fan and other fields the side of the elephant and thinks it’s a wall Another grabs the tail and says you know. No. This is a rope another one grabs the leg and says now This is a tree another grabs the Tusk and says this is a spear and another of course grabs the trunk and says now We’ve got great snake here now these six blind men are all supposed to represent The major world religions they think they have the truth, but they don’t really have the truth They may have a piece of the truth, but they don’t really have it Now How do you? Basically refute the conclusion that no religion is the truth here’s the question to ask? What is the perspective of the parable teller? The parable teller can see everything he can see the whole picture The parable teller has an objective vantage point so once you have an objective Position you can really see the truth so what’s the moral of the story the moral of the story is once I was blind, but now I see and We can do the same thing when it comes to religion if we take off our blindfolds we can discover the truth And that’s what we try and do we try and discover the truth, which is giving evidence for what you believe How did you come to that conclusion? How did you come to that conclusion have you studied world religions for yourself? What are most people gonna say at that point Probably no they’re not gonna. They’re probably not gonna have studied that right you will find that most people in our culture today Have a worldview built on slogans Maybe not most but a good number of people and they put all of these Slogans together, and they go this is my worldview never realizing any of the evidence behind any of those slogans any of the real particulars behind any of those slogans and they go skipping through life thinking I Really know what’s going on as soon as you question them on it, though They run short of intellectual justification in about three seconds you say how did you come to that conclusion? Have you studied the manuscript evidence for yourself I’m not yeah, you’re not being mean here You’re just trying to find out where people are coming from never once a while You might find somebody who thinks they’ve studied it and has the truth You don’t have the obligation to refute what somebody else says They have the burden of proof to support what they’ve just said You’re on earth I Created all the gods yes, but I myself am NOT a God I am Humanity and I created you because there were times when I felt scared and alone There were times when I grieved There were times when I felt aw and wonder Yet, didn’t have the answers. I so desperately wanted but most of all There were times When I wanted to control other People and in all these things the creation of the gods was most useful You may have been a necessary evil, but Humanity is growing up and the time has come to put away childish things It’s all ridiculous, it’s not that you know being a Muslim isn’t ridiculous, but being a Jew is Everything’s ridiculous being a Catholics ridiculous being a protestants ridiculous being a Baptist or being a Buddhist is ridiculous Being in anything is ridiculous You attach yourself your mind to any ideology you’re gonna be on a road and that Road may or may not leave you in a good direction But you’re gonna stay on that road if you’re attached to an ideology And it could be a terrible road problem is no one knows You cannot know you can have your own beautiful personal experiences You could have been the person that was actually touched by God And it’s not that you know yoga is the answer or mushrooms or the answer? There’s there’s just questions? The human race is stuck in a giant quagmire when it comes to our behavior and our thinking about our, baby and Until were honest about that. We’re never going to evolve For a lot of people man religion can give you some inspiration But there comes a certain point in time when you have to pop the training wheels off and you have to recognize that all this Morality that you’ve developed is good because it’s good to treat other people good It’s good to treat other people the way you would like to be treated yourself as I’ve been golden rule and there’s a reason for and that reason is that we’re connected in some strange way that we don’t totally understand and Unless you are good to other people around you unless you are kind and friendly And warm and loving you’re not going to enjoy this life You’re just not you’re gonna be Problems everywhere you go you’re gonna have problems everywhere you go you got to figure out a way to enjoy life It’s not because of Jesus. It’s not because of Moses it’s not because of anybody that may or may not have ever existed It’s because that’s how you fit in better in the world. That’s how you stay positive Most people would say that life is hard Tough decisions always seem to take forever the legislative process is beyond slow and regularly corrupt International diplomacy is often deadlocked trade deals are often infested with greed All of these things are true in our current environment, but it is not beyond us to change things for the better in reality positive change does not require countless hours of debating it requires common-sense firm action and mathematics I Have a vision it may appear as a utopian dream to many, but it is actually quite achievable However, there is not enough time to explain all the mechanisms all I can do right now is just give a few pointers Consider my words carefully though never doubt your ability to have an impact you Can make the world better We can make the world better if we all stand together People should be humble Rather than arrogantly pretend to know all the answers they take from a book written by ma’am my vision for a better world Would be one without countries. No borders. Where everybody works together as one for a better future My world would also be educated on scientific facts and not religious superstition If you’re just joining us this morning Electric surprise rescue crews making their way to the scene in all of us unfolding and one of the busiest places in the world recent events such as 9/11 would never have happened if mankind Abandoned religions long ago the bloody history of religious conflicts is too long and must end My time friends to a few rinses non-existent I resisted the faith-based claims can’t go the distance the reasons are gonna stand up for reality or surrender to the fantasy But either way don’t care people mad at me my criticism so much bigger than religion miss Ibaka fact that they’re lacking in total Skepticism these days it kind of seems like being skeptic is a negative so my position is to face a type of mental Sedative the type of things I rap about I’m really not cerebral There’s just an overabundance of really stupid people who get offended when I challenge all that sacred shit first and complaining But then abstain from debate in it. They won’t be suppressed I’ll be trying to say that I’m obsessed that need your reaction whenever they hear my views expressed Same uncle buns they ain’t but I said on the sidelines too scared to offend But then defender who’s done lies you really think you still see you in a different light because you’re the type this pass of your Favorite boy. It’s not this site You really think they think that you and I are not alike it that they don’t imagine you burning hot in the afterlife To dump you just a sacrilegious blasphemy I tried to be a heathen who doesn’t respect this. Holy majesty my contention You are respected on condition that you never contradict them will speak against their convictions So this way I’m making my stand and now regardless with like you know how they get mad spider must the doc fix a lady over to plan You gonna swaddle until I’m freaking my hand So listen while state official policy no matter how threatened with hell didn’t ever silence me I know that you don’t see this as imperative but you used to lose and let the stupid friends an error there sceptic me so much more than being an atheist and Until you accept that you won’t relate to this that cognitive dissonance that you Experiences when there’s things you claim to believe in but ain’t living it most of you say you are attached to crush everything until I hit a Conspiracy theories that you hit the ring and when I lose an eye for things you try to say your lives Expose your sources and suspect. I see your logic dies some still believe in pseudoscience engage your special Reasoning Arrested Simo for us to tell me exactly just what the difference is I skip without the ability to analyze just Cuz will probably accept a lot Just as long as the verifies all the spiders since the poor and the to is knowledge fool And then he’s diving in so I’m not saying something spirit is not exist I’m just saying that a lot of dump on some bullshit swarm I call a spade a spade no matter who assertion nobody’s perfect and just my life that it’s all perverted free knife and curtain so That’s a display the only ways the question itself and all the things you say start the day We can rise above engage samples for others to emulate that’s the way we win this battle So this way I’m making my stand and now for Karla something like you know how they get mad Slaughter us the young picture laid and go with the plan. I’ll be beating on this wall until I’m forgive my hand Listen while state official policy no matter how threatened with hell. They’ll never silence me I know that you don’t see this as imperative, but I refuse to lose and let the stupid frame that narrative Raise consciousness to the fact that to be an atheist is a realistic aspiration and a brave and splendid one You can be an atheist to his happy balanced moral and intellectually fulfilled That is the first of my consciousness-raising messages In January 2006 I presented a two-part television documentary and British television channel 4 called root of all evil From the start I didn’t like the title Religion is not the root of all evil for no one thing is in this of all anything But I was delighted with the advertisement channel for put in the national newspapers It was a picture of the Manhattan skyline with the caption. We imagine a world without religion What was the connection? the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were conspicuously present Imagine with John Lennon a world with no religion Imagine lo suicide bombers no 911 no 770 no Crusades no witch-hunts hey Gunpowder Plot no Indian partition no israeli-palestinian Wars no sir co-op Muslim massacres, no persecution of Jews as Christ killers No, Northern Ireland problems. No honor killings. No shiney suited blue forehead Televangelists fleecing gullible people of their money God wants you to give till it hurts Imagine no Taliban to blow up ancient statues No public the headings of blasphemers no flogging of female skin of a crime of showing an inch of it Incidentally my colleague Desmond Morris informs me that John Lennon’s magnificent song is sometimes performed in America with the phrase and no religion to expurgated one version even has the effrontery to change it to and one religion to We are staggeringly lucky to find ourselves in the small large amount however brief our time in the Sun if we waste a second of it or complain that it is Dow or barren or uncharged Boring wouldn’t this be seen as a callous insult to those unborn trillions who will never even be offered life in the first person Because many atheists have said better than me the knowledge that we have only one life should make it all the more precious The Atheist view is correspondingly life-affirming and life enhancing On at the same time never being tainted with self delusion Wishful thinking or the whinging the self pity for those who feel that life owes them something Emily Dickinson said that it will never come again Is what makes life so sweet?


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