A Clockwork Orange – The Humanity of Violence

a clockwork oranges main message can be found within its title king something organic and natural and turning it into something mechanical cold and inhumane Anthony Burgess the author of the book on which the film is based writes a Clockwork Orange has the appearance of an organism lovely with color and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the devil or since this is increasingly replacing both the almighty state and this cuts to the roots of the story’s message the relationship between society in the individual essentially what kind of a world allows for a child to turn into a monster upon our introduction to Alex and his droogs they are seen as the pure epitome of evil they assault rape fight steal and make a night out of all these horrible events they’re enjoying them at first glance he appears to embody everything that is wrong with the world however as the film progresses it starts to paint Alex in a less negative light his actions may be wrong and reprehensible but there’s a certain likability to the character that allows us as the audience to connect with and ultimately feel sympathy for our protagonist this is something that bird just spoke about following the film’s controversial release he wrote an article discussing both his novel and the film in particular focusing on what makes Alex likable despite his horrendous actions first is his use of language Alex speaks in a hybrid language primarily composed of English and Russian stinking chip will come and get one in the Yabo’s although this may seem like a small detail it ends up telling us a lot about his character he’s cultured he has an appreciation for the power of the spoken word and in a dystopian future the spoken word holds a lot of power ideas it also helps separate him from those around him while dim struggles to form a coherent sentence alex is combining language to show his mental superiority if the world wasn’t in such a poor condition Alex would have all the traits necessary to succeed Burgess in addition to being an author was also a linguist and said one of the biggest reasons he wrote the book in the first place was to play around with combining English and Russian Jason won 42 display long stick I don’t catch a say yeah Malan Sheridan all day with Coursera Nouveau elect Pomona Howe next alex is a love of beauty especially with his appreciation of Beethoven he’s an individual and in a dull world of Conformity seeing someone be unique and have a passion for something helps us connect with him he appreciates the good that is left in the world which he finds in Beethoven’s work oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeo certain made flesh compared to Wendy Carlos the score for the film Beethoven’s music is warm alive and humanistic while Carlos’s electronic score although great in a perfect match to the film feels mechanical cold and inhumane finally Alex’s aggressive his acts are seen as wrong but his care to do something is what draws us to him this is a fundamental aspect of every well-written character Pixar’s first rule of storytelling is you admire a character for trying more than for their success and this on a much darker level applies to Alex we care about him because he acts and even though his actions may not be good action is greater than inaction and in a world stripped of humanity Alex’s actions are what makes him human important choisir you know she was here the man but we are not only drawn to Alex because of these three heroic traits we also feel sympathy towards him because of the horrid conditions of his upbringing alex is in many ways a victim he has parents that are uninterested in him or as well being who are willing to replace him once the time comes that’s Jill he he lives here now he rents your room he has a very clear history of sexual abuse from mr. deltoid his probation officer somebody who is supposed to help him meanwhile the world at large around him is just as bad police officers are corrupt politicians spend their nights in the milk bar crime runs rampant and humanity has devolved into the lowest common denominator according to the film Alex himself isn’t bad he was just raised in this horrific world and because of that he is a horrific person who is plainly evil and yet because of him operating on this unconscious level makes you aware of things of your own personality which you then identify with him in fact Burgess suggests he is better than those around him he is a very clear understanding of the world and what he does most those around him are just following orders not acting on their own free will alex is according to Burgess this is what makes him human he writes the real meaning of the name Alexander which is defender of men Alex’s actions are what makes him human everyone around him is just as evil be it his drugs the rival gangs mr. deltoid with a sexual assault the prison guards with their abuse dr. Bannon and dr. Brodsky who enjoy watching Alex’s torment Frank Alexander who enjoys hearing Alex suffering the homeless men every character we see in the movie is evil to one extent or another the only thing is Alex admits that he is evil everyone else tries to hide behind a veil of morality pretending that they are good meanwhile they enjoy the same sick pleasures as Alex he is the defender of men because of his honesty he doesn’t try to hide at what he really is in fact he embraces it that was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultra violent even though his actions may be humanistic it doesn’t mean they can operate in an effective society alex is justifiably jailed for his horrendous actions and then offered a choice freedom for Reformation or imprisonment to remain stationary I don’t care about the dangerous father I just want to be good he can choose to give up his violent nature one of the two things that he loves the other of course being Beethoven and he chooses to be altered mentally to stop being violent after the Ludovico technique goes wrong he is stripped of both Beethoven and violence it’s worth pointing out that his love for both of these is still present and the first thing that flashed into me Gulliver was that I’d like to have a rack down there on the floor with the old in-out real savage however he can not indulge in either of his two passions Society tries to cure violence by creating more of it Alex’s treatment is in many ways barbaric and it all adds to the cycles of violence that made him into what he is he is now forced to walk around as a shell of his former self stripped of everything that made him human this may have worked out in an idealistic world alex is a part of one the violence that he caused still surrounds him taking one person off the streets doesn’t fix a systemic problem he again falls victim to the violence of the world it’s more violence of the imagination of the mind I think the film is very important because the statement it makes is about the freedom of human beings to choose as the title suggests people aren’t mechanic human nature is inflexible we cannot be permanently changed and after Alex’s torment builds and builds he is led to suicide cruel world when people are stripped down to nothing according to the film there is no point in living however his will to live is stronger than the mechanical bindings after waking up he is cured he can think about anything do anything and listen to anything I was killed alright by the end of the film his humanity is restored his individuality is brought back his violent ways are free Burgess describes the ending as a happy one it’s a human finding humanity in a world that has none men’s original sin is a product will he wielded himself and by crook this will is what a rather glorious thing to possess hey everyone I hope you enjoyed what a dark and twisted movie that is executed perfectly in every sense of the word but of course you can expect nothing less than perfection from Kubrick anyway this was episode 100 of the film dissection kind of crazy to think about I wanted to thank everyone for your continued support whether this is the first video of mine you’ve seen or the 100th I wanted mr. say thank you it really means the world to me and I don’t have the chance to say it enough but I just want you to know that I mean it when I do say it and I’m always so grateful that there are so many of you out there supporting me it just really means so much in case you’re new here make sure you hit that subscribe button I have a new video coming out every Saturday in case you missed it I put a link to my last video on the Dark Knight trilogy and some of the philosophies associated with that so be sure to check that video out if you’re interested and I will see you next week thanks for watching [Music]


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