a book review : Bumi Manusia / The Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Hello hi nice to meet you, so today we’re going to talk about this one bad boi right here Bumi Manusia / The Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer So the story is set during the Dutch colonial rule in 19th century in Dutch East Indies the main character is a pribumi, a what’s so called a native Javanese boy named Minki in which I love him at the first read. I I really do despite being a pribumi. He is fortunate enough to atted an elite Dutch school Because he is a descendant of the Javanese royalty but still he faced so much negativism, from either his teachers and his Friends simply for being a pribumi because only the descendant of the European colonizers can expect to attain this level of Education like you guys the level of racism in this era is so scary He later faced much more complex and dangerous challenge when he meets Nyai Ontosoroh a Concubine wait, no, let’s not call her like that A mistress. Yeah a Mistress of a Dutchman and his life became more and more challenging after he fell in love with her daughter Annelies Mellema there is so many things that we can learn from this book. I hold it upside down. Yeah, there’s so many things that we can learn from this book but the utmost the utmost obvious one is education Like for instance Nyai Ontosoroh, who had no normal schooling shee learns only by experience, from books and from her daily life, which is great. I really adore her She went through so many things. Yet shee’s still able to stand on her own two feet in that period it was common for women to become the mistress of Dutchman, they were considered to have low morals because their status as a mistress No surprise she suffers at first because of her low status and lack of Rights, but significantly is aware of the injustice of her suffering and believes that education is the only route by which Her basic humanity can be acknowledged. She believes that by learning. It’s the key to a person to indignity stability and poverty this book everyone is powerfully portrays the reality of the Dutch colonial Government in Indonesia through the lives of each characters. Um Did I say I love Minke at the first read? did I say that? I’m sorry I meant I love Jean Marais (he’s french idk french, sorry if i mispronoun his name;( ) at the first read Minke who I only know the love of my life, Jean No shit So basically Jean is a disabled veteran of the Aceh war he is also an artist, a furniture dealer, a father for may and a daddy for me Minke-who works for him who is also his close friend only seek for advice to him So yeah, who is the wisest man in this book the answer is Jean Marais Yes That’s right. so, long short story May’s mother is an Acehnese lady whom Jean crazy fell in love with, if i’m not mistaken Yes, she killed herself because she has a relationship with him outside the marriage It’s a very fatal thing if you do that, especially when you live in Islamic majority province Mm-hmm. Yeah, especially when you carry a child That’s a no-no. You guys really have to read this one, but I don’t recommend you to read it during your depressive episodes because i’ve tried it and it sucks. It’s getting worse So don’t read it during your depressive episodes, okay? and yeah you Really really have to rip this fun book right here, like what? Why are you doing but you’re like if you haven’t written is on, huh? What a disgrace Stop being a disgrace Okay, I rate it five out of five on Goodreads. So yeah, five it is. Yes, okay Thank you for watching. Good bye. I still love Jean Marais. I really want to marry him. But how how?

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