hi I’m Steve I can’t find my diamonds
the only way I will be able to find them as if this video gets 20,000 likes So
hurry liked the video before time runs out he’s not here enough hello are you
sick cus I don’t want no sick babe now I’m
okay okay why did you call because that was really offensive
idk did you just assume my gender what is Michelle Obama’s favorite food what
the Rakhal e that’s a good one hi move what did you just say to me
what’s your name I see what is your you know Joe no who’s Joe mama can I make a
request a song no quest can you play put your hands up this is a robbery okay
thanks give me your money hi hi so you want a hooker are you a penguin because
you look like a pink school bus with two feet cool wanna hook up yo mama’s so fat
she has two zip codes yo mama so fat when she wears a raincoat people yell
taxi hello okay what do you want this is a robbery
put your hands up I said put your hands up wallet all right so basically my mother just
got home from college he brought this basketball hoop home we put it up here
but you couldn’t shoot because it was too high up and that wasn’t the way so I
got my old Apple earbuds and some nails got hooked up in I can just sit here what is your name haha okay well Oh stinky
Oh I’ve been I’ve been taking some bites of
seaweed been living the life yes sir I’ll fill you crawled up on the beach
last night laid some eggs came back in I’m doing good what is that dog I think I’ll buy today
is Gabe oh man I’m going in this is my voice one day after listening to play
work on this my boys won’t be at the laser Bible Connie Hey I’m not jumping I feel bad now back up the legs is not
gonna come you died I’m paying Gerald over you wait Montague for today’s video we’re gonna talk about
what would happen if you dug to China you would die hey do a flip yeah let’s buy there danos its doodle


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