9 Elderly People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Hello everybody what pops into your mind when you hear the word grandma or grandpa You probably imagine an elderly person with gray hair Spending their days at home solving crossword puzzles watching TV and taking care of their plants all at all Elderly business. Oh and they’re waiting for their grandchildren to visit of course because they don’t know how to use smart phones and are afraid of Everything in the world, but not the protagonists of today’s video They are so cool and confident that it’s hard to believe that they exist. Let’s get it on Debbie crawl Dobby crawl has been in fitness for over 35 years that’s impressive. Especially when you find out that Debbie is 63 years old for real It’s hard to imagine that this sporty fit woman could be someone else’s grandmother moreover Debbie crawl doesn’t just love sports She’s a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a retired competitive bodybuilder Debbie appeared in numerous commercials from 1985 to 1993 as well as in several magazines She also starred in the Netflix documentary fearless as the personal trainer for the three-time PBR world champion Silvano Elvis today Debbie is happy to Train different people and our Instagram is like one big Motivational poster seriously just look at this flexible strong and confident woman It seems that she can move heaven and earth and no one can stop her. Not even at her age Lena’s tell me it’s never too late to get on a skateboard Lena’s Salmi from Helsinki is more than 60 years old But she’s ready to destroy any stereotypes Sami started skateboarding at the age of 57 at first She used her bicycle to go swimming at the Olympic Stadium but was afraid that someone would steal it So Salmi bought herself a longboard, it was compact and she could store it in the locker room for years. Later She bought a skateboard and became more interested in skateboarding Lena sincerely believes that sixty-one years old is a great age to start Skateboarding salmi believes that now she’s retired She has enough time to perfect her skills and in a freedom to make a lot of mistakes, of course Sometimes teenagers laugh at Lena when they see a skateboarding, but most people react positively especially in skate parks By the way, skateboarding isn’t her only unusual hobby Salmi has been practicing acrobatics snowboarding and surfing for several years now and recently began to draw graffiti instead of threads and needles Sami carries paint cans in her purse and we admire her hobbies her confidence and her love of life. I like Richard look case Richard look case rightfully holds the title of one of the biggest arm wrestlers in the world he is a hundred and ninety centimeters tall and weighs about a hundred and forty three kilograms Richard as a multiple world champion and former professional fighter known as the giant the rock and the Man of Steel Richard is 62 years old but his age didn’t affect his shape in any way. Richard is a unique person He has huge wide shoulders long and powerful arms with wide palms perfect for armwrestling. He started armwrestling in 1974 and in 1978 He ranked second at the WPA a World Championship after a few more major victories. Richard’s sign a contract with WCW to become a professional wrestler but soon abandoned the sport as the company wanted him to move to Japan Which meant being away from his family turns out even big guys need families in the early 90s Look, he’s left arm wrestling but only to return in 2007 despite his age. There are more victories than defeats in his career Look Keyes is a farmer and sports is his favorite hobby Richard works out five times a week for Several hours in his own gym and also trains his friends and his grandson in addition to sports This incredible person is also an enthusiast of technology and weapons. For example, he uses drones to monitor his farm Dilys price Dilys is more than 80 years old, but she’s completely different from her peers She might look like any retired teacher probably because she is a retired teacher but Dilys has quite an unusual Hobby, which is jumping out of planes This fearless old welsh woman made her first parachute jump at the age of 54 since then she’s jumped 1130 nine times, but Dilys is clearly not going to stop she does it just for the pleasure of doing it However, before her first jump Dilys was petrified and thought that she was going to die But a second later the woman realized that she was flying and now she can’t imagine her life without this mind-blowing sensation But Dilys isn’t just a skydiver. She Specializes in air acrobatics and freestyling. Yes She’s more than 80 years old and she doesn’t think it’s weird Dilys says her mission is to teach elderly people like herself To follow their passion despite their age. We are alive. We’re still alive and were alive until the day we die. She said me only a Californian bodybuilder a Vietnamese origin is known as the real-life Master Roshi because of his unusual resemblance to the popular anime character from Dragon Ball Z Clips and muscular Lee definitely doesn’t look his age Even though he’s already more than fifty years old and is in much better shape than some 20 year olds after moving to the USA at the age of 16 He started working in a nail salon and some years later became the owner of the place However, bodybuilding has always been and still is his main passion Mick Ives 79 year old Mick Ives is probably the best cyclist in the world or at least the most dedicated according to wives he’s been racing since the fall of 1956 despite his age. He’s not going to quit cycling and it looks like he still enjoys pedaling all day Mick rides his bicycle all year round because he just can’t live without it Some of Mick’s classmates from high school are old can’t walk or are already dead the people who know this elderly cyclists are surprised by his willpower and his passion for life, but of course He doesn’t have the same physical shape He used to happiness youth but make it sure that he just needs to train harder as for the aged age is not a problem Like a forty year almost a dime, you know, I just don’t realize how old I am Juwan raucous some bodybuilders look like Greek gods but Joanne Wreckers looks more like a famous Viking from a Nordic legend like a rock with cave paintings all over his body this 55 year old Dutchman looks very brutal and even frightening buts like many big men He has a gentle heart for example He trains people with mental disorders it all began when someone broke his heart and he went on a bike trip around the country on The way he suddenly felt the urge to train and he hit the gym in every city on his route and so after turning 50 the man turned into a real athlete, however Neither his age nor his significant other were an obstacle to Joanne’s love for training and travel Moreover the wife of the Dutch Viking shares all his hobbies including his tattoos John is also trying to make sports more popular by inspiring people with this example By the way The popularity that the man gained online has not affected his lifestyle either the future pensioner often tells journalists He fills the papyrus and navigating the ocean David Cummings After his wife unexpectedly died of cancer David Cummings decided to live every day as if it were as the last one among other things He got into a sport that can be challenging even for young people not to mention the elderly David spent the first three years after his wife’s death skiing surfing windsurfing and kiteboarding It’s definitely not a walk in the park back in his hometown in Ferrum, England He decided to start kite boarding David knows he’s not as agile as before But he doesn’t allow this to become an excuse after all the main thing is passion desire to do something and to live every day Like it’s your last this video was shot when David was 77 years old in 77 and Cummings really looks like an ordinary Pensioner except when he’s on the water David doesn’t simply surf the waves. He literally flies driven by the wind Helmets trouble this body builder is known as the world’s most readied man. Just look at him helmets muscles are extraordinarily Sculpted and he has a minimum body fat percentage. He is 191 centimeters tall and weighs between 88 and 93 kilograms Helmut was born in 1969 by the time he was 12 He was a skinny enclose II boy bullied at school all the time, but he decided to change his life and become stronger he started training using 2 5 liter plastic bottles there may not sound very Inspiring but nothing was going to stop him from achieving his dream Helmets wanted to become a fitness model and a body builder he was only at the age of 16 that he entered the gym for the first time and started working out even harder Strebel says he doesn’t use any steroids and achieves This shape through training and diet the most shredded man has his whole training week planned beforehand and he Consecutively trains it back chest legs arms abs and delts and one day is reserved for cardio training Childhood resentments are far behind and today helmets motivation is to be an example a fitness ideal And Training helps Helmut to feel happy and healthy despite the fact that is already 50 dude, are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and Can’t imagine your life without robots around here then visit tech zone and you’ll find all this and more the link is in the description You interested great


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