8 Possible Evolutions Of Mankind!

From evolutions by our own design, to ones
that we need to do in order to survive, join me as we I show you 8 possible evolutions
of mankind in the years to come. 8. Man And Machine
One of the most popular things in sci-fi television and movies is the concept of a cyborg. Or to put it much more simply, a fusion between
mankind and machine in such a way that they’re in perfect unison and can function perfectly
despite having artificial parts. As of right now, this is indeed science-fiction,
but for how much longer remains to be seen. After all, a key part of the world right now
is that of prosthetics. AKA, artificial body parts that are used to
replace natural ones. The field of prosthetics has grown greatly
over the years, to the extent that they’re working on ways to help make it so that the
new limbs and body parts can work in conjunction with the human brain to work even more efficiently. Admittedly, it’s a slow process, but it could
work eventually, and should it go like that, cybernetics could become a field that is part
of the evolution of humanity. Because eventually, it could be determined
that at birth, children need cybernetics in order to survive as part of the world via
various external reasons. So eventually, mankind could be one that is
outfitted to be Cyborgs, and what it means to be “truly human” could be a question that
no one has the answer to because we’re all cybernetic in our own ways. Again, this possibility is a long way away,
and for you Star Trek fans, we’re a long way from being Borg. But, the best way to fight the frailty of
the human body is to replace it with something that won’t fade as quickly. And cybernetics definitely fit that bill. 7. One Race On Earth
One of the things that humanity is known for isn’t just its numbers or advancements in
technology. But rather, the different race that live within
the “group” of humanity itself. There are aren’t just “white people and black
people” as some people claim. If you look at a person of American descent
and another of Chinese decent, there are very stark differences. Even ones of African descent have subtle differences
depending on the nation they live on in Africa. Or if they live in Africa at all. No matter what though, race helps define “who
we are”, even if we don’t realize it. And the diversification of race is one that
has come via evolution. As mankind started out in Africa (or so the
best theories of the evolution of mankind say so), and then spread across the world. But, now that the world is now “known”, many
are wondering if eventually…races will die out. Not in the sense of everybody dying, but rather,
that through generations of integration, our bodies and DNA will become so alike that eventually,
the lines of “race” will blur out, and we’ll all be a part of a singular race. This theory is called Mono-Ethnicity, and
it’s definitely an intriguing one. Whether it’s possible isn’t known because
of all the diversification in the world today, but over the course of many years? Anything is possible. 6. Non-Muscular Humans
Did you know that on the International Space Station that there are exercise bikes and
other machines up there meant to get the astronauts working out on a regular basis? Do you know why that is? It’s because in space, if you don’t work out
and keep your muscles flexing, they’re going to wither away. Gravity doesn’t exist in space, so there’s
no pressure on them to keep them strong. However, a very similar epidemic is happening
here on Earth. Mainly, humanity isn’t exercising, and it’s
beginning to show. Because obesity is through the roof right
now. 30% of the planet is obese. The rise of technology has literally made
humanity fatter and weaker, and should technology continue to advance, we could find ourselves
in an even more sorry state. So much so that we evolve into a type of humanity
that we don’t even recognize anymore. One that is “helped along” by technology because
we don’t want to do the work ourselves, or are literally powerless to do so because of
muscular atrophy. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? 5. Tougher World, Tougher Humans
One of the biggest factors in the evolution of humanity isn’t necessarily our technology
(though that definitely helps). But rather, our ability to evolve to the world
around us. Throughout history, humanity has had to adapt
to survive. When the Ice Age came, the humans had to build
places to keep them warm, get furs to protect their skin, and build fires where they could. This helped them evolve to remember these
things and be tougher in the face of these changes. While it may not seem like that would happen
to us, our world is almost always on the tip of a needle in terms of radical change. Nuclear war could happen, flood the atmosphere
with radiation, force us underground, and we could evolve through living like that for
hundreds of years. To the extent that if we were to return to
the surface, the radiation may not harm us. Or, if the world got flooded, it’s possible
that the human body could adapt to breathe underwater. Or if the temperature of the world continues
to rise, we’ll adapt our skin so that it’s not able to be burned, and our innards will
be protected from the heat. On and on it could go. The planet doesn’t evolve to us, we evolve
to what the planet is like, and if the planet gets extreme, our evolution will have to get
just as extreme. 4. Strong Medicine, Weaker Bodies
One of the biggest technological advancements that humanity has done in the last 100 years
or so is the growth of medicine. It has truly changed our lives. And in another 100 years? Who knows what else could be born. Life could evolve to one that is fueled by
medicine…but is that a good thing? There are those out there right now who fear
that eventually, the human body will become so conditioned to the use of medicine that
it won’t be able to function without it. Not unlike how a drug addict goes through
withdrawal because they don’t have their “medicine” in them. Many fear that our immune systems will slowly
de-evolve while medicine evolves. So we could be “medically ok”, but also have
bodies that are too weak to support themselves without it. Which could leave our society in a very sorry
state. 3. The Matrix
Let me tell you…why you’re here. It is the wool that has been pulled over your
eyes to blind you from the truth. The truth…about the real world… Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s from Morpheus from The Matrix. A film about a world where humanity for the
most part don’t “live” in the real world, but rather, live in a computer simulation
that is attached to us physically through our bodies and minds. Yet we don’t know about it until we’re “unplugged”. This is another thing that may sound like
“high sci-fi fantasy”…but it’s really not. There are many out there who feel that the
evolution of man will soon become so impossible in the physical sense that it must evolve
into the mental stages, and that leads most to thinking that people’s brains will be scanned
and inputed into computers. Again, not as far-fetched as you think. Brain scanning is already possible, and there
are some artificial intelligences that are based on the real-life scans of real-life
human brains. So imagine advancing that technology to such
an extent that you could put yourself into a computer simulation and basically be immortal. Or, if that isn’t appealing enough, you could
live, die, and then be reborn in “the program” and basically live a life of reincarnation
as long as the systems stay up. There are many in the world right now who
feel that we actually live in The Matrix. And in a few thousand years, we may actually
do that. 2. Selective Legacy
Let’s continue into the sci-fi realm now. Imagine being able to have such technology
at your fingertips that you would not only be able to live happily, but be able to pick
and choose EXACTLY what your offspring would be like. Sounds like a dream right? But many scientists think that should things
keep advancing, this could be possibly. And our evolution would not be one of random
genetics colliding, but rather, choosing what our legacy will be. This notion came from Geoffrey Miller, who
is a evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico. And he feels that eventually, two people could
choose which traits to put into their child: “Parents could basically choose which Sperm
and egg get to meet up to produce a baby based on genetic information about which genes contribute
to which physical and mental traits,” he said. If you think about it, that’s a lot of power
in the palm of your hands…so to speak. Picture it. Imagine you, a brunette, want to have a child
with your partner, a red-head. A “model” could be put in front of you, and
you could pick and choose EXACTLY what your child would be like in terms of traits. Would you want them to have brown hair? Or red? What about eye color? Should the child be tall like the father,
or average height like the mother? What about their build? Should they be strong? Lean? A bit plump? Strong constitution? Average constitution? And on and on it would go until you have your
“perfect child”. If you’re curious how this is an “evolution”,
it’s because we’re evolving BEYOND the need for random chance, and putting the fate of
our race into the minds and hearts of those who are already living. 1. Humans Can’t Evolve Anymore
I know, after all I’ve talked about in this list, you might find it out that I’m saying
that humans might not evolve anymore. But it’s not me saying it, it’s actually very
accredited scientists pointing out that evolution requires very specific things to happen in
order for evolution to come over time. And their logic is that because humanity doesn’t
have these stimuli (as of yet), that we have reached our “peak evolution”. “Because we have evolved, it’s natural to
imagine we will continue to do so, but I think that’s wrong,” anthropologist Ian Tattersall
of New York’s American Museum of Natural History said. What’s his logic behind this? Well, it’s not so much the world around us
changing (as I outlined the possibility earlier), but rather, if the world DOESN’T change in
the extreme sense, and we continue to live as we are right now, there will be no NEED
to evolve. “Since the advent of settled life, human populations
have expanded enormously. Homo sapiens is densely packed across the
Earth, and individuals are unprecedentedly mobile. In this situation, the fixation of any meaningful
evolutionary novelties in the human population is highly improbable.” Tattersall said. “Human beings are just going to have to learn
to live with themselves as they are.” Another way to look at this is to talk about
Charles Darwin’s notion of “Survival of the Fittest”, which many speculate is why Homo
Sapiens won out over their Neanderthal cousins in terms of evolution, because they could
do more. On Earth right now though, Homo Sapiens are
all we have. Plus, we’re so advanced that we have better
medicine, better living quarters, easier ways to get food, etc. Animals (in this example non-humans) in the
wild have to evolve in order to stay alive because of the plethora of other creatures
that are out there. Or, because their prey/predators have evolved
to get even better. At present, nothing can match the human. Nothing challenges us in the “survival of
the fittest” way. So at present…there’s no need to grow, there’s
no need to evolve. We can make ourselves better in non-evolutionary
ways, and that’s why in evolution sense, we may not evolve anymore. Thanks for watching everyone! What do you think about these potential evolutions
of mankind? Do you think that any of them are possible? Or even very likely? Which ones stand out the most to you? Do you know another that might be in line
per se? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next


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