8 Differences Between Genuine & Fake People

8 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People Surrounding yourself with people that have
good values, a strong head on their shoulders and are loyal to a fault is essential for
moving forward in life. But you have to ask yourself this question:
are they actually the person they portray themselves to be? You have to be on high alert when deciding
to trust people; it is very easy to get hurt. But it can be difficult to sniff out those
who are truly genuine and those who are fake. Someone who has a hidden agenda will do everything
in their power to bring you into their fairy tale, which in this case would be their personality. While you are here, don’t forget to subscribe
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our new videos! With that said, here are some helpful hints
that could help you separate a fake person from a genuine one. 1 Respectful vs. Condescending: Someone who
has a genuine personality will do everything in their power to respect everything and anyone. They take a person’s feelings into consideration
and will do everything in their power to make someone feel comfortable no matter the situation. Someone who has a fake personality will only
respect those who are in power because they always want to gain something out of any situation,
so if they have to put on some acting skills to get what they want, they will. Genuine people care about others around them. They care about other people’s opinions and
strongly believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. Even if a genuine person doesn’t necessarily
agree with another person’s beliefs or views, he or she will be respectful about it. Fake people, on the other hand, tend to be
condescending. They believe that their opinions or views
are the only ones that matter. They will often try to talk over people they
are having an argument with and will be very disrespectful. 2 Seek No Recognition vs. Needing Recognition:
When it comes to making someone happy, a genuine individual will never go out of their way
to get recognition; all they want is for the person to be happy. Sometimes they will keep their actions hidden. Fake people are the total opposite. They will do everything in their power to
help you and tell everyone about it because they want to be seen as the favorite and they
want everyone to know it. Fake people tend to think that they are better
than everyone, and will stoop to new lows to make themselves appear in a good light. A genuine person puts others before them,
while a fake person only cares about him or herself. Recognize any of these personality traits
so far? Keep watching for some even more surprising
differences between genuine and fake people! 3 Hidden vs. Spotlight: Spending time alone
can do wonders for the mind, and genuine people understand that. They have no problem staying in their comfort
zone, even if that means spending hours alone. People around them respect and understand
their decision and will often follow their lead at times. Fake people are the total opposite. They crave attention and will do whatever
they need to stay in the spotlight because they believe that the world revolves around
them. Fake people need attention on them at all
times. They will even lie in certain situations to
make themselves appear better than everyone else. When the spotlight is on someone or something
else, a fake person will do everything in his or her power to get the spotlight placed
back on them. 4 Humble vs. Conceited: It’s nice to be
recognized for special achievements in life, but nobody likes a bragger. That is why genuine people are humbled by
their achievements and prefer not talking about them. They would much rather hear about other people’s
achievements. Because fake people need to be the center
of attention, they will constantly brag about their achievements, you might even hear them
tell the same story more than once. They need to be the alpha of the group at
all times. Fake people love when all the attention is
on them, and will often brag about things to make themselves appear in a much better
light. They will tend to take certain achievements
(whether big or small) and talk about these achievements to anyone who will listen. Fake people tend to talk a lot, and will also
often bend the truth in certain situations so that they can be in the spotlight. Genuine people, on the other hand, are very
humble. If they achieve certain things or reach a
certain goal, they will not brag about it, and will rarely ever talk about it. 5 In Front of You Vs. Behind You: If someone
is a genuine individual and they have something to say about you, they will tell you to your
face. They have no hidden motive and respect you
enough to tell you. They hope that the conversation will resolve
any issue that may have surfaced. Fake people are cowards when it comes to confrontation. They will smile when they see you, but the
second you turn your back, you become their enemy. They love to gossip and enjoy drama. Fake people lie about a lot of things. They will never confront someone face to face,
but will rather talk behind a person’s back. They feed off of drama and like conflict,
but will be sneaky and fake to your face. Fake people like this are not to be trusted. It is best to avoid these types of people
all together. Fake people will also lie and manipulate behind
your back, and possibly even spread rumours about you. Genuine people, on the other hand, do not
like drama. If they have a problem with you, they will
say it to your face and in private. Genuine people are real, and will never go
behind another person’s back. They will tell the person exactly what they
think and feel, and will not be rude about it. 6 Walk vs. Talk: Someone with a genuine personality
will do everything in their power to not break a promise. If they do not follow through with it, they
take ownership of it and do not resort to excuses. A fake person will talk a big game and will
rarely come through. Unlike a genuine person, a fake person will
give you a long list of excuses, and you might even notice that they will constantly use
the same ones. A real person gets things done. They take ownership for their actions and
are accountable for everything they do. If a real person makes a promise, he or she
will do everything in their power to keep that promise. A fake person, on the other hand, will make
promises and not follow through with them. A fake person is not reliable and should not
be trusted. If you ask a fake person for a favor, he or
she will tell you they will do it but in all reality, they probably won’t. A fake person will only consider doing a favor
if there is something in it for him. 7 Imperfection vs. Perfection: Genuine people
are always looking to learn new lessons from others. They are also very gracious and admirable
to people. They know that they’re not perfect and will
thank someone anytime they learn something from them. Fake people will go out of their way to be
critical in any situation. They will constantly be looking for mistakes
people make and will criticize them for it. They feel accomplished when they are able
to spot mistakes. 8 No Ulterior Motives vs. Ulterior Motives:
When someone with a genuine personality helps you, it’s because they want to. They don’t need any recognition or any praise,
they want to make sure that you’re happy and safe. Fake people have that “I scratch your back
you scratch mine” type of mentality. If they help you, they want something in return. If they sense that there is no reciprocation,
they won’t lift a finger. A real person will genuinely want to help
you with something, and will not expect anything in return. Because real people have good hearts, they
want to help the people they care about. A fake person, on the other hand, will not
do anything for anyone unless there is something in it for them. There are all sorts of different types of
people in this world. Fake people tend to think about themselves,
lie, manipulate, and hurt others around them. Real, genuine people are humble and are always
looking out for the best interests of certain people in their life. It’s important to watch for certain signs
and red flags when you first meet someone to determine if they are fake or genuine. Fake people will go behind your back and betray
you, and it is best to avoid these types of people at all costs. Genuine people are good friends, and will
always be there for you, especially when times are hard. If you need a friend while you are going through
a rough time in your life, a genuine person will always be there for you. What are some of the biggest red flags you
look out for when dealing with a fake person? Let us know in the comments below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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