6 BTS Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

Good humans! Welcome to another episode of Odd Man Out. That’s right, for all you K-Pop fans out there and the BTS Army: this one’s for you. Super grateful to our sponsors Simple Habit for bringing this episode to you, guys It’s an amazing meditation app. Ien meditates all the time. I do, I’m a busy man. I get frenzied all the time. But when I meditate in the morning, it just calms me down. And Simple Habit is all about mental well-being and being grounded. So it’s a really nice thing to work with them. Now, enjoy the episode! Please, welcome BTS. (screams) BTS! International Super BoyBand. Ellen Degeneres: Biggest boyband in the world, BTS. I literally have a tattoo of my bias on my ankle. You’re joking? V! (joking) Can that be for V or can that be for something else? Okay, you know, I’ll take it. I’ll take it. We brought together seven BTS fans. I’m a BTS fan. I’m a BTS fan. I’m a BTS fan. I’m a BTS fan. I’m a BTS fan. I’m a BTS fan. I am a BTS fan. One is a liar. If the group discovers who the liar is, they’ll split a cash prize. If the liar survives, he or she wins the entire prize. All right, so, I guess we should just go around and talk about how we got into BTS. The first person to start talking I was going to suspect him immediately, right when the buzzer started. She was like, okay guys. I actually started just ’cause I wanted to see what like, the hype of K-Pop was and Soon after, I bought tickets to the concert. It started in February. and I’ve been whipped ever since. So, I got into loving BTS in January. And like, I was, like, digging their fashion. Ever since I’m, like, so obsessed. Yeah, they dress great. But I was, like, I don’t think that’s the reason you become a fan. I don’t know. I just thought it was weird that he said he’s the supporter because of their fashion. So one of my best friends, her dad actually was one of the concert organizers for the Wings Story. And so she was, like, hey, I have like extra tickets and then after that I was like Oh my gosh, like, I have to get into them and it was just downhill ever since then. (laughs) So do you guys, like, all consider yourselves like fans or Army? ‘Cause you know, there’s like a difference, you know what I mean? Darla: I would say I’m Army. Trinity: I’d say I’m borderline. José: I’m Army. Tae: Army. Because I’m a newer fan, I would say fan. Like, actually, I’m not even knowing of this big difference until now. So what do your friends your age think about, like, you being Army? I mean, most being Army, they don’t really care. Do you, like, openly tell them that you’re Army? Tae: Yeah, yeah. Well, Tae is a little, you know, older than us Like everybody else who was in the box And, that kind of threw me off at first I think it’s cool. But even I was, like, kind of a grown-ass man. Y’know what I’m saying? (laughs) All right. We got a minute left the try to figure out (inaudible sounds) Okay, everyone’s bias. Mika: Oh! J-Hope. Jung Hoseok. I love you. (In Korean, in formal way: 사랑해요) I’m double biased. Tae and Hobi (J-Hope’s nickname) So, my ultimate bias is Jungkook, And then, I was bias wrecked by Jimin And then, Yoongi is coming for me. I feel like you bias every single one, and then decide, like, who is your bias is. So, you don’t have a bias? I mean, not really, I would maybe (bias) Namjoon only because he’s a smart but Well, I’ll be Hobi on Baepsae but we got three seconds, so, Lajimolala? (Jimin said this in a Whisper Challenge on a BTS Run episode) Huh? All right. I think I just figured something out. Alan definitely wasn’t giving us as much as we wanted. Trinity. She was like emanating some type of energy next to me. I love you. (In Korean, informal way: 사랑해) I am sorry. (In Korean: 미안하다) Love you guys. Bye. Everybody had a little too much info, easy to slip by as just a casual Army. So, one of my plans were eliminate the baby Armies first. (laughs) I was able to get some indication with the last two seconds of the game. Okay. So if I go, Tony Montana (laughs) I’m not gonna lie. I don’t know that is. I know what you mean. Tae: Exactly. That’s where my delineation of, all right. Now my fear is it might be a baby army or again? I fully admitted to Tae, at the same time as Bryana: That’s my fear. being, like, joining us in February You got an Lajimolala, Tony Montana. These are just inside jokes every Army knows. I had no idea. (laughs) I’m sorry for being uncultured. I’ll fix that after this. I know most of the YouTube videos, which is why I’m actually confused as to why I don’t know that. But, I mean, if I have to whip it out. I will. I literally have a tattoo of my bias on my ankle. Darla: Please, show us, you’re joking. V! And my best friend has one of J in the same place for Jimin. Can that be for V, or can that be for something else? I don’t know, that could be like a janky Nike swish. That could be a whole lot of things. I don’t know. (laughs) So you said, you were, you got into them since February of this year? Yes. What albums have you listened to? I mean, pretty much all of them. I’d say my favorite one is probably, Speak Yourself because that’s like what got me into them. They don’t have an album that’s named Speak Yourself. It’s Love Yourself. So you love this new album, this past album. What B-side do you like from that album? Oh my God. B-side on it. (confused) José: Like, that’s not– Trinity: Like, not the entire track. Like, not Boy with Luv. Oh, okay, umm… Home. Home is my favorite. Who’s gonna be honest? I wasn’t a huge fan of the last album. I wasn’t. Trinity: I wasn’t either, but I liked Boy with Luv. (everyone talking at the same time) Mika: Like, what am I talking about? (laughs) Everyone is like, you and started asking me and I was all: Like, I literally forgot everything, like, you don’t– We want to get anybody who has any type of suspect feeling: out. Because I trust my gut. I just seriously thought, that there’s no way this dude (laughs) could be a BTS fan. Y’all made me expose my tattoo just to call me fake. That’s so messed up. José: Okay, so, you said you were borderline? Yeah, I’m borderline. José: Why? ‘Cause I just started in, like, 2017 and I guess ‘Cause my, like, obsessive K-Pop phase is behind me. Because I started getting into K-Pop in, like, 2010 I feel like when you are an Army, you are proud to represent So you don’t just say, mmm, I’m iffy about it. Okay, I was knee-deep in the YouTube world and I was so obsessed with BTS So, (giggles) I decided to apply to the airport because I knew that they fly through the airport. To work at the airport? Yeah. I actually got a job at LAX just to see BTS. I know. Tragic. How did you guys feel about the B-Free commentary? Oh, years ago. (sighs) Yeah. How many call them girls and— That whole thing with the rap community and attacking them. Let’s be honest, for the most part, even the Korean hip-hop community or ESPECIALLY the idol community Some of the worst cultural appropriators you’ll ever meet in the world. Mika: Oh, yeah, It’s true. Trinity and Darla: Period! But at the same time you have to understand It’s a country of, like, it’s almost, it’s a homogeneous country The question I asked was, like, deflected so I was like mmmh… okay… Yeah, we gon’ have to keep this going a bit The culture appropriation is just one thing but it’s more so, like, lead them for, like, others Because, again, they’re superficially just taking what they think hip-hop is I feel, like, when they first started out there was just this like adamant, like, I want to be this alpha male. I want to be this. Like, it wasn’t that authentic You know, that was back when he had the perm, but we’re not gonna speak about that. (everyone laughs) Tae: He doesn’t want to speak about that’s just– Like, the glow-up was just- it’s just been immaculate with them, so, yeah She was so vocal in the, like, the first two rounds But then in third round when we were getting really deep She was: Crickets, I was late Tae seemed to know a little bit too much, too many, like, official things, textbook kind of things Bye guys. I feel, like, they’re gone. I feel, like, they’re good. Yeah, yeah, ’cause I have one doubt. I have one doubt, and it’s like… Let’s continue. Let’s do it. I guess I started, uhm, realizing you could still be a K-Pop fan but not be a BTS fan. Okay, what’s your doubt? My doubt was Mika, to be honest. My doubt is you. Because you had no idea when I said Lajimolala. You gave this blank stare. I’m not gonna lie, I feel like she could be like a multi. That’s not– that doesn’t ulti BTS at all. I feel like you’re saying a lot of textbook things. Textbook things? Especially when we started getting into the B-Free thing you immediately started about cultural appropriation Like okay, that’s kind of not on topic, because that’s something that’s evident in all of K-Pop. Like, that’s another conversation. We could talk about that later. What’s your favorite V-Live episode? Oooh. Mmm… Trying to think back to, when he did the album review Okay, what’s your favorite brand BTS episode? or Army Bomb? I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ve seen every Army Bomb, but my favorite Run! BTS probably when they were in the sauna. What was that, five six episodes ago? I don’t remember that. A lot of our fandom knows and loves these videos, we talk about them all the time and he was like, oh I was like, okay There’s so many, just choose one One was when they went to Six Flags in Texas And Hobi was on, one f*cking roller coaster, I don’t remember The other one was when they got scared and they were supposed to go to the zoo But then they ended up getting scared by zombies. You hate to see it. Now, do we feel confident? This game is so hard you don’t know who the mole is It could be anyone, and the only person you could be hundred percent sure of is yourself, whether you’re the mole or Army That’s all you can be. My lord Jimin. My lord Jimin, please, come down on us. (cheerings) I’m happy. (laughs) That we won. I’m so happy, like, there’s no other way. We know who’s not Army. Like, we can sense it. We can feel it in our bones. I knew it! I knew it! Now I feel super betrayed. She walked in, like, uuhh, black Army, black Army Girl (laughs) I am not a BTS fan. I’m an EXO fan. The one thing that I wasn’t surprised about was that she is an excellent fan. I knew you were going to be an EXO-L! Waddup? (laughing and cheering) Queen! The K-Pop fandoms are definitely pretty vicious towards each other and I think especially after today, I think it’s just silly. Everyone was super nice. Really, we’re no different. We just like different groups and it’s dumb to fight over something as trivial as that BTS fans come in all different shapes and sizes and ages and genders and races It’s just a beautiful fandom. Trinity. I got your back, girl If anyone wants to fight, they gotta talk to me first, okay? Let’s just keep supporting the boys. I believe their message is worth getting out to the world. One day everyone could be Army, it’d be a better world I love you. (In Korean, informal way: 사랑해) First time in Odd Man Out history. You did it BTS Army. Do not hate on them all or try not to. Don’t hate! Meditate! Because this episode is actually brought to you by Simple Habit. They have easy-to-use on-the-go features. You can do a 5 minute meditation and 10 minute meditation They also have like specific courses for, you know, specific symptoms like stress, anxiety, public speaking, breakups. Whatever you need, you’ll find at Simple Habit and make sure you check them out It’s simplehabit.com/oddmanout. It’s free. Check it out! As always make sure you like, subscribe and we will see you next time!


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