3rd chartered flight sent to Wuhan to repatriate 170 people

so center third evac flied to Wuhan the
epicenter of the corner virus outbreak the plane is to repatriate roughly 170
people this time including Chinese nationals were immediate family members
of South Korean citizens they’re young he has our top story
a third turn plane left for Han China from Incheon International Airport
Tuesday night to bring 170 people back into South Korea this time Chinese
nationals for immediate family members of South Korean citizens will also be on
board this is because quite a number of South Korean citizens were unable to
leave Wuhan on the previous two flights as family members with Chinese
nationality had to stay behind due to bj’s quarantine policy there are about
70 Chinese nationals wishing to come to they all need to prove their family
relations so we have prepared the necessary documents for them they’ll be
arriving at Kimpo International Airport Wednesday morning those who show
symptoms of the virus will be taken to hospital and those who don’t will be
taken to the Korean Defense Language Institute in each and city county the
province to the isolated for 14 days the number of people evacuated from ohan by
the South Korean government will now add up to 878 total but a hundred South
Koreans still remained in ohan meanwhile on Bloor Tuesday’s charter flight 16
Chinese nationals returned to Oakland as per their wishes there are no flights
operating to and from the entire area of Hebei province so Chinese nationals
who’ve left the country cannot return but today’s charter flight is an
opportunity for those in South Korea to return so we’ve worked on that with
China this includes the Chinese woman who was the very first confirmed patient
of the novel coronavirus in South Korea she has made a full recovery and was
released from quarantine five days ago Liu dong Yi Arirang news


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